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March 25th 2010
Published: March 25th 2010
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So for those of you who do not know April 25th is World Malaria Day - 1 month away! This is an extremely important cause, and one that hits home seeing as how I survived a near deadly case of malaria 2 years ago. I was really don't think that I would be here today if I hadn't been at home in the States. My body had completely shut down as I had the worst form of malaria - the type that leads to cerebral malaria which is the #1 killer of malaria victims. If my parents hadn't been so insistent on bringing me to the hospital (after I was hallucinating, unable to walk, vomiting, high fever and racing heart - I didn't have healthcare what can I say?!?!!!!) I needed blood transfusions and lots of expert care - something I would not have been able to receive where I had been living in Africa. So I ask that you please help me in supporting this cause my donating to Nothing But Nets - an organization that delivers malaria nets to those in need. My goal is to raise $1000.

My birthday is coming up, April 6th, and I'm asking that instead of sending me a gift or $ that you please donate my gift to this cause. I'm lucky enough to still be here, celebrating another birthday...millions of others are not because they were not fortunate enough to have access or funds for proper medical care.

Thank you!!

Love to all,



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