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July 1st 2009
Published: July 1st 2009
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Just a couple weeks late in posting this...

News cameras and journalists flooded the hostel to interview the residents trapped inside the morning the quarantine was finished. They were definitely trying to find a story that would set them apart from the rest of the news agencies. I overheard reports asking students "Were you scared?" or "Were the living conditions horrible?" etc. The students honestly responded saying that they weren't scared and that they were provided with good living conditions. I wanted to respond to them "It’s only the flu, not the Black Plague!"

What annoyed me with this entire situation was the fact that it had no logic or structure. Certain people would walk in and out of the building, while all the residents and service workers were quarantined! But it's finally over!

Once we were released there were many people who were still worried that they might contract swine flu. I saw people in the supermarket and subway wearing masks! When other customers saw Americans, they covered their faces with their veil or tissue. I heard stories of taxi cab drivers pulling over and telling the rider to get out of their car because they study or work at AUC (and the driver was worried that he would contract swine flu)! However, less and less people are wearing masks or covering their mouth. It will just take some time for people to forget.

Apparently, procedures at Cairo International Airport are disorganized. The authorities are screening everyone that is flying into Cairo to see if they exhibit any flu-like symptoms. I experienced this when I flew back from Beirut, Lebanon.

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Reporter interviews American studentReporter interviews American student
Reporter interviews American student

"Were you scared?"...seriously!?
Students sunbath during the quarantineStudents sunbath during the quarantine
Students sunbath during the quarantine

I don't think they are "scared."

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