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July 24th 2012
Published: July 25th 2012
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Hello readers!

How has your day been? Mine was great, again! I can simply not explain why. Well, allow me to at least try.

We went to Gizeh and met up with our Indonesian friend from Cairo in Khan-Khalel, which is a big "souk", simply a market. First, we went to Gizeh and visited the pyramids.

Rule number One: Be patient!

As the quote above says, be patient. Those so-called guids push you till you agree with their prices and everything they say. We were stalked by a guide who wanted us to pay 60 Egyptian Pound each for a camel ride! The prices are at least 50%!h(MISSING)igher than the original price. We knew, so we were straight to the point and lowered the prices the same amount of percents. I am a Christian, but when those people want something from you and they keep pushing you, something inside you starts burning.

Eventually, we rode on a camel for 30 Egyptian Pound each, which equals about 3 Euro. Two Bedioun men offered us their camels for that price. They asked a lot about us.

Rule number Two: Lie.

Yes, I came up with the idea to lie. I wasn't in the mood to explain everything about me and my mother, so I lied. My name was not Regina, but Emma. I was not my mom's daughter, but her niece. This was so funny. I said to the man whose camel I rode that she was my mother. My mom ended up saying to her man that I was her niece. But the ride was nice though. Oh and something else...

Rule number Three: Never accept drinks for "free"

This old man came to us with his donkey while we were making pictures. He had three bottles of soda and just opened them and gave it to us. His hands and face expression made us believe that it was really free! Guess what! It wasn't! If you really want to have a nice view of the pyramids, only take the camels, not the guide! Also, don't go inside the pyramids, there is nothing to see and you only walk in the dark.

After that, we met up with our friend and walked through the souk. We had to wait too before he came. So, we just said there and of course, a lot of sellers showed us their stuff. They just talk to you. Never talk back and avoid eye contact! Also, if they really bother you and you're female, scream at them! It's not usual for ladies to scream at men, unless there is really something going on.

And there was our friend. We walked through the souk and I learned to never look seller's in the eye, as I said.


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