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Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé April 23rd 2019

Returning from a business meeting and with a couple hours to spend before the windy road back to the Yaoundé airport we were looking for a unapologetically quick act of tourism. We had been holed-up in the Hilton Hotel and needed something a short distance away. Fortunately, the musee de blackitude is tucked away on a side road only five minutes walk from the hotel. This museum is the kind of thing that makes travelling in Africa such a joy. It is an unexpected gem housed in a rather rudimentary setting. The museum comprises an eclectic collection of costumes, musical instruments, masks, furniture, sculptures, utensils. A reconstruction of a village kitchen and a royal chamber. It is a result of personal passions and is testament to one persons desire to preserve a heritage. This private collection ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé July 2nd 2012

Monday July 2 I sat up front with Denise for the drive to the capital, Yaounde. Still being obsessed with 'The Meat Man', we found a good one for lunch, huddling close to try and stay out of the rain. It seemed to stop and Denise and I went looking for a bathroom when it began to pour. Within seconds we were soaked through, needing a change of clothes. It was an easy drive along good roads and we were on the outskirts of Yaounde when a tyre burst. Pulling over, I jumped out to help Suse reverse a short distance to a petrol station where we could turn in and change it off the road. The directions into town weren't overly helpful as there seemed to be several new roads to choose from. Taking a ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé January 16th 2009

Typing using a French keyboard so difficult to use... will keep it short. We just traveled 12 hours by van in two separate middle of the night trips to get from Nkambe where the well project was completed to Bamenda and then back to Yaoundé where our flight departs at 2340 hours tonight. Legs 1 & 2 of the 6 leg journey complete. Next up is Brussels, New York, San Francisco, Truckee to Tahoma. I cannot wait to get home. Was an amazing experience, but I am missing John (and Kenya and Webster too) and home where my heart is. That shower at home is going to be the world's greatest. Travel is somewhat arduous with much heat in the cities, bumpy dirt roads, too much dust, crazy drivers and less energy than on the way ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé January 1st 2009

We made it safely to Yaounde' Cameroon after almost 3 full days of travel. We had two overnight flights and had some restless (seated) sleep on the planes. Exhausted to the point of brain damage. Tantoh, the man organizing the work we are conducting and community leader from the village we will visit, is an amazing personality. He is very animated, lively, and is excited that we are here. He has mentioned that the TBI program he participated is finally creating impact by all of us arriving. Bryon VL would be so proud and excited to hear him talk about the impact the program has had (even if it is 1.5 years later that the major impact is felt!). All of our luggage made it safely except for Cathy's personal bag. I feel terrible for her ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé February 8th 2008

Have to cross a bridge to get to Cameroon and soon as we entered we were in for a long arduous drive as potholes are everywhere on the dirt track, the only consolation is it is through dense forest, lots of tree and we saw some wildlife as well, monkeys and hornbills among others. A few small villages we passed through kids yelling out White, white, white or white people at the truck and waves at us enthusiastically. We stopped at a small town to buy food for lunch hardly anything, Our group is cooking tonite but we have to do truck lunch meaning whatever we have in the truck, tins and what not we made sheperds pie or a variation of it, Jo was not well so Dave and I did the cooking, apparently turned ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé December 16th 2007

Leaving Douala The day started early, at 06:00, since the bus to Yaoundé, the capital, was leaving at 07:00. My brother went to Zépol, a sort of bakery where they have all sorts of croissants, pizzas and other edibles. There are several express services between Douala and Yaounde, and they do a non stop trip. This offers extra security for your luggage, since they do not open the lower compartments before arrival in Yaoundé. The busses are quite comfy, with airconditioning. We had chosen "LeCar" for this particular voyage. The ticket was 6000FCFA. After arguing with the loaders as to how much extra we should pay for the luggage, we boarded and off we went. The trip takes around 3 hours, at break-neck speed. You will no doubt see some spectacular overtakes and driving. They are ... read more

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé March 14th 2007

march 14th I am leaving for Ongola (joke) today. Ongola is the former name of the city of Yaounde, the actual capital of Cameroon. It is a very admisnistrative town. the trip from Bafoussam to there fetches between 3 and a half to 4 hours by bus over a relatively good road of 287 kms (I calculated that distance). Yaounde is in the center of the country heading the ''province du centre" (Centre province), which is a landlocked province within the country. The Bus arrived at destination (Tongolo - Etoudi) at around 1pm. Yaounde is a hot place with much humidity in the air. A taxi was stopped to cover the remaining distance to home (I have family in Yaounde also). The rest of the afternoon and evening was allocated to a deep rest. march ... read more
Essos area
Ahmadou Ahijo omnisport stadium
Training Spot in front of Ahmadou Ahijo stadium

Africa » Cameroon » South » Yaoundé February 5th 2005

Este fin de semana también salí de paseo me fui para la capital de Camerún que se llama Yaoundé esta a 3 horas de Douala, esta ciudad si que es diferente de las mas ciudades, Yaundé se divide en dos mini ciudades Yaoundé1 y Yaoundé 2, hay mucho progreso, grandes edificios, calles sin rotos, limpia, el clima es frió, hay 3 universidades grandísimas, Yaoundé se caracteriza por que es la ciudad de la política. En esta ciudad se encuentran los ministros, presidente, embajadas es igual que Bogota, pero la diferencia es que Yaoundé no es una ciudad económica, no tiene muchas industrias a comparación a Douala, pero controversialmente tiene mas progreso Yaoundé con respecto a Douala, por ahí hay una frase que me dijo un camerunense "Douala trabaja y Yaoundé come" entonces Douala soporta económicamente a ... read more
Museo de Yaounde
German, Sandeep y yo
German, Sandeep y yo

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