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October 3rd 2007
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Hey everyone!

I now moved into my house with a lot of excitement and frustrations. I like the place, it's big. I dont really live the African way lets say. But thee owner is not really nice to me. She told me the first day she doesnt like white people. Dont ask me why. So for sure, she sees "nassara" and she charges the price. People in the neighboorhod told me and my friend that the house wasnt worth 200 bucks a month. Not in that neighboorhood. I tried to ask her to reduce the price but she didnt want to.

I also asked for 3 rooms to be painted again and that was hard to deal with too. She didnt want at first but she ended up doing it. I'm happy she didnt ask me to pay for it cause i would have been angry.

And then, now that i'm in there I realize that there is a window missing and that the air conditioner in my room doesnt work. She also told the gard to leave and quit and ask for a lot of money. That really pissed me off. I'm telling you guys. Like in Africa as a white person sucks, they always think that white equals money. I mean I know we have more than they do and stuff but I dont get paid the big bucks to be there you know.

But yeah, the house is very empty right now. The only thing I have is the fridge, the stove, and 2 matresses. We just bought the living room set today but I will receive in on saturday, the time for them to do it. I dont need luxury or anything, but i do want my living room to be nice. Cause that,s where i will receive people and I dont it to look like shit. if you all know me, you know I like to be good to my guests. The neighboorhod is okay. I liked better where I was before next to the hotel cause I knew where to go to get stuff cause Belko introduced me to the whole neighboorhod and they respected me. But now where I live, it's new for both of us and even him has a hard time finding deals or finding where to go to get my stuff. He,s a great help though. because he speaks the local language and stuff, he gets everything at the local price so people dont screw me over and charge me more. which is good. :°)

I cant wait to be all installed. I'm still in the process of undoing my luggages and stuff. I dont have food in the fridge yet either and all my kitchen supplies need to be washed too. I'm telling you, it's rez all over again, but in africa.

I didnt start working yet either. I was suposed to start on Monday but because of the delays with the house and me not knowing who was paying and stuff, I couldnt get settle before that. I need to call them though just so they know that I,m still there and will slowly be coming.

It's kinda weird, but I dont want to start working. Like has been pretty exciting so far and everyday was a new adventure. Me and Belko always had a list of stuff to buy and we were always on the road. But man, as soon as I start working, I will hit a wall. The routine is going to kick in and I wont really have much tasks either at the beginning. I guess I,ll have to get used to it enh. That,s what I came here for enh. I just travelling and meeting people too much. Working abroad is not my thing. But then again, I cant really say that cause I didnt start yet ahahhaha

But anyway. I wanted to say that I love you all and I miss you all too. I miss my old life and knowing everything and where to go and what to do. It,s a confort i,m telling you. When you get into a world and you have no clue where to buy a garbage bin or soap or whatever, it's hell. it's part of the adaptation process and of the learning process but gosh does it take energy out of me. But I'm really lucky to have Belko there to help me with all that. First, it costs me less and it goes way faster. If not, I would still be wondering around, lost and not knowing where to go and what to do. I probably would have been depressed by now actually. ahahha

But yeah, life is coming along. I also have a maid now. It,s belko's sister; the one who did my hair. She used to work for other expats a couple years ago and really liked it. She offered me but I didnt really want to cause she lives on the other side of town. But then, when we discussed her schedule, we realized that she was only available wednesday to friday. I wanted her for 3 days a week to do market shopping, house cleaning and laundry and ironing. But Since she's available ' days in a row, I offered her to sleep at my place for the 2 nights. So I bought her a mattress. She doesnt even have one at home. It will be luxury for her actually. She lives in very poor conditions and her son is starting to be sick. He,s so cute though. I was teaching him how to juggle the other day. I hope he will be able to do it properly by the end of my trip.
She also bought me an african suit to thank me for all the money i gave her when she did my hair. I just wanted to help her and her son and also her mom. So she bought me a suit. I was so happy and thankful. We get along very good. It will be nice to have someone at home a couple days a week too. Just so I can have someone to talk to. it,s going to help her a lot too. I will probably give her some of my stuff when I leave as well.

But yeah, lots of stuff going on. I need to call another canadian volunteer who,s been here for a year. he said he found me a guard for the house. But since the one I had quit , I have to get another one as soon as possible.

I miss my lover too. My dee dee d'amour, like we say in french. It's hard to be away from the one you love like that. But i think it's even harder for the person staying, cause their life has no meaning now. I get busy and my whole environment changed. But even then, it's hard and lonely sometimes. But for some of you out there who might be in that situation, I can tell you that communication is key and honesty as well and that is going good between Dee and I. We talk on the phone at least once a week. Might cost of lot on the long run but man love is not worth money at all. If we end up breaking up because we didnt put the extra 100 bucks of communication, I will never forgive myself. A true love is a true love.

I am also happy that my friend belko knows about her. The first day we met we even had a conversation about homosexuality. And as soon as my trust with him builded up, I told him and it was fine. So at least I have someone to talk to about that and I can share my feelings. It was scary for me to actually hide a big part of my identity in Africa. But so far it,s good. 😊

But yeah, that was a long blog wasnt it?

I will go now and write you all soon again. I realised that I need to put my pictures on my usb key in order to donwload them on the computer. So now that I know, pictures will be coming soon. ( I know I keep saying that put you gotta be patient people!!!! it's Africa time!! aahhaha )

See ya


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