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October 6th 2007
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Hey everyone

I finally got pictures, but got an hour to spend on internet and I know it will take a while to donwload them on the blog. So i'll only put pictures today and come back to tell you more about my life either later or tomorow.

See you all

Additional photos below
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This a picture on top of Niamey, Niger when I was in the plane

This is the tiny airport of ouagadougou

This was the street the hotel i was staying at was on
Gondwana restaurantGondwana restaurant
Gondwana restaurant

This is a very expensive restaurant my friend emanuele told me about. Very nice ambiance and food
My friend BelkoMy friend Belko
My friend Belko

This is the guy I met on the 2nd day and barely left since then. He's a huge help and got me all settled. He's like a brother to me. I am also hiring his sister as my maid

When I got my hair done. Shitty picture but anyway. I took them off today. It was too itchy
The clinicThe clinic
The clinic

This is the clinic I work at. This building is for women giving birth.
The clinicThe clinic
The clinic

This is the other building when parents bring their kids for consultation
The villageThe village
The village

THis is where the population i"ll be working with lives

A mom and her sick daughter
Inside the clinicInside the clinic
Inside the clinic

A consultation room in the clinic. Very basic. There is no electricity expect solar electricity for light at night. There is also no running water. I dont think that helps with sanitization.
My houseMy house
My house

Finally the one people were waiting for. this is the outside of my house. Nice patio and yard. I love it, but I pay the price for it too
The guard houseThe guard house
The guard house

This is where the guard will live when he starts on monday
My living roomMy living room
My living room

This is the living room but i dont have the furniture yet. It,s coming tonight actually
The kitchenThe kitchen
The kitchen

My big kitchen. Finally i can cook
The maid's bedroomThe maid's bedroom
The maid's bedroom

THis is one of the 3 room where Belko's sister and her son will be staying 3 days a week
The bathroomThe bathroom
The bathroom

THis is 1 of the 2 bathrooms. They are both the same so 1 picture will be enough. The other bathroom connect directly to my bedroom. Luxury!
My bedroomMy bedroom
My bedroom

This is where I sleep!!
My bedroomMy bedroom
My bedroom

Again, there is a fan and the air conditioner. But it,s not working for some reason. Gotta call the owner about that
My crazy hairMy crazy hair
My crazy hair

I took off my braids today cause it was itchy. That's what I looked like right after. AFRO WOMAN

7th October 2007

so you did get to gondwana!!!! that's GREAT =) hihi glad to know you're doing better and enjoying ouaga (i knew you would) it's great reading your blog, keep it up! did you meet catherine and sultan yet? let me know what's upppppppp! ém. xx
18th October 2007

yeah for pictures! It sounds like you're loving life. I'm so glad that you've been able to meet some people and are starting to get settled. Keep the updates coming! - Nicole

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