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June 29th 2008
Published: June 29th 2008
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Elephant HerdElephant HerdElephant Herd

Elephant herd with 2 week old baby between mother's legs.

Animals, they're everywhere, they're everywhere

So after 3 days in the Delta with no immenities i.e. water, toilets, showers etc we headed to Chobeo National Park in Botswana for our last night in Botswana. By this time in the trip patience is running a bit short and a few meltdowns happened (Kirsten and Chester). 3 weeks of putting up and taking down tents repacking and sitting on a bus can get to you , not to mention no hot showers for the last week. But after we got out tents up we were off on a boat cruise on the river that no one was really interested in. Much to our surpirse, it was one of the best 3 hours we spent. We saw every animal there was except a lion. Starting with Baboons and Kudus. Then a pretty docile crocodile. Take off and we almost ran over a crock. As Kirsten screamed to point out the croc , he opens his mouth right at Lynn's arm and the entire boat screamed. This an aluminum flat bottom boat and not high off the water. So hearts a pumping we were off again. There were hundreds of elephants along the shore and
Cape BuffaloCape BuffaloCape Buffalo

Snot nosed cape buffalo. Doens't it look like Pippie Longstocking or the girl from Wendy's?
in the marsh water area on the island. All sizes, only only a few weeks old that was too small to drink out of it trunk. Also saw herds of hippos and cape buffalo similiar to water buffalo but a bit smaller. At one point just before sun set we had a hippos about 20 feet ahead of us almost sitting on a crockodile with cape buffalo in background on island. Other side about 10 feet away a heard of about 10 elephants with wort hogs and baboons roaming around and Kudos on hill side. It was AMAZING. We ended the ride watching the sunset with an elephant sillohette in the background.

By this time the travel company had confirmed that our final days at Vicotria Falls Zimbabwa had been cancelled and we were going to have to go to see the falls in Zambia instead. We were all a bit dissapointed but at least we were going to see them.

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Sunset at ChobeSunset at Chobe
Sunset at Chobe

Charlie's Angels watching sunset on the Zambezi River with elephants roaming in the background.

30th June 2008

Wow Ladies! What a fun trip! But no water in the delta? Ah! Chester, you do NOT have an office mate for next year; the new hire is going to Jeff Blair's office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and call when you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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