Day 20: Maun - Okavango Delta.

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August 31st 2012
Published: February 13th 2013
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Today we were heading into the Okavango Delta. We were up quite early today to pack all of our stuff onto boats. I mean everything: tents, cooking supplies, EVERYTHING! We had about a one hour power boat ride to the Mokoro station. A mokoro is a dugout canoe. Some were actually made of fibreglass though. Erica and I ended up as Mokoro buddies which was nice, as it meant the 3 odd hour Mokoro ride wouldn't be boring. It was such a peaeful boat trip that both of us (as well as many others) fell asleep. The only distraction was the beautiful surrounds, and the wet reeds slapping you in the face as you floated through the Delta. It was amazing.

Once we arrived we set up our camp and had a quick bite to eat. Our polers took us down to a safe spot in the Delta to swim. It was really nice, not at all cold or gross. However when a bunch of blokes go swimming together, mayhem is sure to follow. Kim, Brendan, Ray and Shin spent the afternoon terrorising the girls, making sure that each of them were dunked in the water at some point.

We headed back in the late afternoon to go on a game walk. It was actually really nice to get close (around 20m I guess) to animals without being in the truck. It just felt so much more real. We got close to some Zebra, Warthog, Babboons an an Elephant.

After dinner (which Ray cooked, nice and spicy, damn his love affair with Tobasco!) Some of us sat around and played bullshit by the fire. After a while we heard some commotion coming from the toilet area (and by toilet, I mean a hole in the ground, about 20m behind camp). There was a herd of Elephants (about 16 acording to the polers) were crossing the path to the toilet, stripping the trees as they went. We kept really quiet and could see trees shaking and shadows passing. I think it must have been prettyrare, because even the polers came around to have a look. Funnily enough, it wasn't actually scary. I felt pretty confident that the polers knew what they were doing and would keep us safe. After that drama I went to bed, though I think a few people had a more restless sleep than I did after that commotion.


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