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July 5th 2008
Published: July 5th 2008
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Zebras at Watering HoleZebras at Watering HoleZebras at Watering Hole

Zebras tended to travel in herds. This is at sunset at watering hole.

Everything but the Lion

Trying to pass along the best pictures and as the highlight of our trip was seeing all of the animals. We saw every animal that we had hoped and some we didn't even know existed except the elusive Lion. But if we were not so lazy and had gotten up at 4AM we could have seen the lion at the watering hole in Etosha Namibia. But it was too cold and sleep sounded pretty good at that time.

The pictures are just the big animals. There were birds and small animals of all kinds as well. But just too many to remember.

It was like being at the zoo on steroids everyday. Made it hard to sleep on the bus sometimes.

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Mountain ZebraMountain Zebra
Mountain Zebra

We saw 2 types of zebra. This is the Mountian Zebra.

This is the second kind of Zebra. Don't remember their name. They were on the side of the roads like we see cattle in the US.

This is an Oryx or Gemsbok. Pretty cool animal and tastes good as well.
Wildebeest and OrxyWildebeest and Orxy
Wildebeest and Orxy

Many of the animlas we saw were mixed and mingeling together.

Quite a few and another tasty item on many menus.

These are like little foxes, but as annoying as racoons. You could hear them all over the camp site in Etosha Namibia brushing against the side of the tent at night, knocking over trash cans. And if you are Lynn you dream about them biting your arm off at night.

These are just wierd ugly animals
The RhinoThe Rhino
The Rhino

Didn't see a lot of these but a few at the watering hole.
Springbok PlayingSpringbok Playing
Springbok Playing

Springbok are EVERYWHERE, inlcuding our dinner plates on many nights. They are like the deer of Africa. They look pretty cool when they run and spring like a toy through the grass.

Saw quite a few of these and also ate them. The horns on the male can be pretty cool.

More Kudu that didn't make it to our plates.
Herds of elephantsHerds of elephants
Herds of elephants

There were more elephants than you can imagine everywhere on the trip. All sizes and ages. Really cool animals to see.
Elephants DrinkingElephants Drinking
Elephants Drinking

These are desert elephants and can go weeks without drinking. You could hear them sucking up water and shooting it into their mouths when they were drinking.
Watering HoleWatering Hole
Watering Hole

The watering holes were a great place to see lots of variety. If I were a lion I would hang out here.

This one was in captivity, but we saw an even bigger one that we scared the crap out of running through the bush. When their quills are spread they are huge and fast.

Enless jokes about loosing things in our first car the "impala"

These were pretty docile crocs. But awesome to see
Croc MouthCroc Mouth
Croc Mouth

Well maybe not that docile.

Monitor lizards eat the crockodile eggs.
Cape BuffaloCape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo

These are like water buffalo but a bit smaller. They drool and foam at the mouth a lot.

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