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July 3rd 2008
Published: July 3rd 2008
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Pictures our of Travels

Well we have all arrived back home safe and sound and are enjoying our hot showers and comfortable beds. Chester and Kirsten tortured our friends and family with an old fashioned slide show of our picutres a few nights ago. So now that we have a better connection thought we would upload some of the better ones. We will spread this out of a few blogs. Hope you enjoy.

We'll start with how we traveld and where we stayed just to give you an idea of what we had to live through.

Additional photos below
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The BusThe Bus
The Bus

This was our home for 21 days. It took us everywhere and we spent A LOT of time in it. Very cold in mornings as there was no heat and not the most comfortable on all roads.
Inside The BusInside The Bus
Inside The Bus

Fortunately we have a small group and could all get a few seats. We did rotate them. So this was our position for many long hours on the bus.
Camping with TentsCamping with Tents
Camping with Tents

This was our second home for the entire trip aside from the bus and 3 nights at a hotel. These are nice tents but after taking them up and down for 3 weeks we were ready to burn them.
Charlie's AngelsCharlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels

Snug as a bug in a rug. Although they were 2 man tents, we decided to use one tent to sleep 3 of us and one for our backpacks. 3 people helped keep tent warmer, but there were many nights that the tent was a dutch oven. Not pretty from 3 grown women.
Showering FacilitiesShowering Facilities
Showering Facilities

This is a typical shower block. Sometimes you had hot water and sometimes you didn't. Most were very clean and some really cool with slate, stone, marble. You could usually see the stars if you took a shoer at night.
Shower BlockShower Block
Shower Block

This is a really nice shower block in Namibia. Lets just say it is nicer than most of our bathrooms. All slate as it is native to the area.
Camping LodgeCamping Lodge
Camping Lodge

Most places that we camped had a lodge with bar and restaurant. This one was in Namibia. The location of our infamous night that only Chester can recall.
At the LodgeAt the Lodge
At the Lodge

Picture of group. Traveled with 11 plus 3 guides and drivers. We were all just having a drink on the patio watching the sunset and waiting for dinner to be cooked at the camp fire.
Our GuideOur Guide
Our Guide

This is our guide Charles. Yes that is his real name ironically. He was from Zimbabwe and had the greatest laugh. The guides could never quite figure us 3 out.
Victoria Falls SunsetVictoria Falls Sunset
Victoria Falls Sunset

Many nights once we set up our tents we would go to the bar, watch some of the most beautiful susnets we hsave ever seen and have a few drinks while we waiting for the guides to cook dinner.
Lunch on the GoLunch on the Go
Lunch on the Go

Most days we were driving during lunch so we would pull to the side of the road, open the truck, pull out the table and start making sandwhiches. Hence why we do not want a sandwich for the next 3 months.
Lunch by the side of the roadLunch by the side of the road
Lunch by the side of the road

Althought they did not have many restrooms along the routes, they did have nice shaded sites along the road that we could stop and have lunch.
Dinner by campfireDinner by campfire
Dinner by campfire

Usually dinner was cooked over the campfire as well as one propane grill. After dinner to stay warm we usually sat around and talked and laughed. This is in Victoria falls our last night. We never did find graham crakces to make smores.
Waiting for DinnerWaiting for Dinner
Waiting for Dinner

Another night at the bar after dinner in South Africa near the Orange River.
Yet another night at the barYet another night at the bar
Yet another night at the bar

As you have figured out we are out of the middle of nowere with these camp sites so not much else to do at night but sit in the bar. This is camp site near fish River Canyon Namibia.

3rd July 2008

Oh Chester, that head lamp DID come in handy!!
4th July 2008

July 4th
Really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures.You all looked like you were having as good a time as I did in NAM.Sadly back to earth now with a big bump...have a fantastic July 4th celebration tonight!

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