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Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi October 31st 2009

Apart from hitching, there's no sensible transport option for getting from Maun to Windhoek. The senseless options for this ~800km leg include flying or taking an overpriced shuttle bus (~$170). Though hitching has little appeal, more because of its unpredictability than any safety issues (especially with it being a common way of travelling in Botswana and Namibia), I realise I'll have to exercise my thumb for at least part of the journey. However I can get a bus from Maun to Ghanzi, just over half way to the border, and I'm told the best approach will be to overnight there then catch a bus to the border, where my hitching thumb will have to make an appearance. Windhoek should be doable in two days via this method. The morning of my departure sees the heaviest rain ... read more
Butterfly in my tent
Bird sculpture
Street cricket

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi August 1st 2008

It seems like a lifetime ago but I did my first game drives in Etosha. We had a great amp site that was near a waterhole that was permanently light during the night. Tourists can sit there and watch animals come and drink. I was fortunate enough to witness a giraffe drinking. They look so unco when they try to drink he he he. On the game drive we found another waterhole that had zebra, springbok, Kudu and giraffe. Suddenly this lion apperaed from nowhere and all the animals moved away very very quickly. We sat and watched her for hours. Our tour driver, Captain Patrick said that the lion was hungry and wanted food because of the way she was looking around. I don't know.... i think he knows what he is talking about.... either ... read more
The Hunting Lion
Giraffe Drinking
Ghanzi Hut

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi June 23rd 2008

Headed into the Bush Hello all, we are headed into the Bush of the Botswana Delta. This is going to be quite the adventure. Tomorrow we will canoe into the Delta with just our day backpacks and toilet paper. Charles, our fearless leader, has been holding back on some important information concerning our next two days in the bush. It has been cold in the morning but it heats up quickly during the day. The bugs have not have been that bad, but I have a sinking feeling that is about to change. The past several days have been filled with game drives through Etosha Park in Nabimbia. We have seen a ton of different animals. So far we have seen elephants, giraffes, zebras, spring bok, oryx, rhinos, porcipines, lepards, cheetah, wart hogs, merkats, baboons, hords ... read more

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi June 11th 2008

After my daring jumps from the Vic Falls bridge we headed from Zambia into Botswana. The border of these two countries is the Zambezi River. This is the only border crossing in Africa where you can take pictures. We left Zambia and boarded a small ferry to cross the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers into Botswana. The two rivers converge at the crossing before heading for the gorge and Victoria Falls. We ended up leaving our truck on the other side as the ferries had a "breakdown of service" meaning it couldn't get across for a few hours. So with little money in our pockets we took taxis into town and then to the campsite. We arrived at the campsite still without a truck so we headed for the sunset cruise hoping our sleeping bags, tents and ... read more
Travelling like Africans
Drinking at the Chobe
 In the reeds

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi March 30th 2008

Dawn broke - but was fixed in time for my alarm to go off at 06h45. I’d slept well, my sleep punctuated by the constant singing of the grasshoppers. After a hot shower, I donned the same set of clothes worn yesterday and headed to breakfast. Never having been to Namibia before, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was rather surprised by the sumptuous feast laid on. Unfortunately, after several days of eating a very odd times, I really wasn’t hungry and simply had two pots of coffee, a bread roll and two fried eggs and some bacon. Alfred was already waiting for me at the table and commented on the shirt I was wearing; well, it was his! My two fellow travellers arrived, completed their breakfast and we all headed back to our rooms ... read more
African Monarch Butterfly
Impala - an expected desert artifact
King Cricket

Africa » Botswana » Ghanzi District » Ghanzi January 23rd 2008

Crossing the border into Botswana from Namibia, we made our way to our campsite near the town of Ghanzi. Here we stayed in grass and mud huts overnight and the next morning were met by a group of Kalahari Bushmen (and women), also known as Khoi-san or "San" people. The San are thought by some scientists to be amongst the earliest (if not the earliest) modern humans. The San people originally occupied much of Southern Africa until their territories began to be squeezed by the migration of the Bantu peoples which took place starting from around the 14th century. Over time and particularly with the arrival of Europeans in the Cape area of South Africa (which was a major location for the San) they retreated into the more remote desert areas which is where they largely ... read more
Mud and Grass Hut
Bushman Tip Jar
Us with the Bushmen Elders

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