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June 23rd 2008
Published: June 23rd 2008
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Headed into the Bush

Hello all, we are headed into the Bush of the Botswana Delta. This is going to be quite the adventure. Tomorrow we will canoe into the Delta with just our day backpacks and toilet paper. Charles, our fearless leader, has been holding back on some important information concerning our next two days in the bush. It has been cold in the morning but it heats up quickly during the day. The bugs have not have been that bad, but I have a sinking feeling that is about to change.

The past several days have been filled with game drives through Etosha Park in Nabimbia. We have seen a ton of different animals. So far we have seen elephants, giraffes, zebras, spring bok, oryx, rhinos, porcipines, lepards, cheetah, wart hogs, merkats, baboons, hords of jackels (which have caused Lynn some severe nightmares), everything but the elusive lion. Okay, we could have dragged our butts out of the tent at 4:30 in the morning to go to the watering hole, but it just didn't happen.

Last night we stayed at Zelda's game park and watched them feed a couple of animals. We then headed to the bar to be served by the worst bartender ever with the worst jokes around.

With a week left in our adventure, we are eating well and sitting on the bus, a lot. We can all honestly say that we will not be visiting a Subway sandwich shop anytime in the near furture when we return to the states or putting up or taking down a tent in the next 6 months.

After the Delta, we will head to Zimbawe for the elections and Vicotoria Falls. We are still hoping to have the time to download some pictures, but we only have a few minutes while we are in town to drop a line before our guides finish buying coldcuts and cheese.

Have a great week and we will blog soon.

Charles' Angels
Lynn, Kirsten and Chester


25th June 2008

Hi Ladies, Sounds like your trip is going great! What an amazing opportunity! Can't wait to see the pictures. Be safe Carol
26th June 2008

Hey Chester!
Chester, I missed your birthday but would love to celebrate when you get home! Thanks for sharing all the stories...can't wait to hear about it all when you're home. Enjoy and be safe!

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