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June 18th 2008
Published: June 18th 2008
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Photos to follow

So Kirsten made it back and just typed up her expereince and we were hoping to download some photos while we are here. However, the internet cafe closed on us so we are now using the lodge's crappy internet cafe and they won't let us download any photos. Bummer. Give us a few more days and hopefully we can get to another civilized city and add more entries and pictures.
We are all doing well and not starving to death. We are eating 3 meals a day, mostly prepared by our guides. Breakfasts are easy, cereal, fruit, toast. Lunches are canned meat. We have had SPAM, salami, Texas Meat Surprise, bologna, lots of mystery meat, but the cheeses have kept us regular. Dinners have been mostly at restuarants or the campsite. Both of which are excellent. Charles has made us chicken, mixed veggies, and potatoes; lamb; and spagetti.
A few other events to mention: Chester was serenaded by the waitress last night at her birthday dinner. She wanted the "Light of God to shine on you, Happy birthday to you." It was very sweet. She must know that Chester needs all the help she can get.
Everyone here doesn't understand why 3 women at our age are traveling without husbands/kids. It's easy, we don't have them. But we confused them all when we set up our tents, and we all three got into one, and stored our backpacks in the other tent. Titus, our driver, was flabbergasted to say the least. Then we were started laughing in our tent, he couldn't image what we were doing in there, all 3 of us. Basically all that happened was that Chester farted in the tent and then proceeded to beat Lynn in cards. Kirsten's knee brace is another source of conversation for the guides. They thought she hurt it during the raucous night in the tent.
We're off tomorrow morning to some remote area, Etosha, and we have our first game drive tomorrow. Secretly we are hoping to get chased by lions and tigers and hippos, o' my. But Kirsten will be satisfied if she gets to see an elephant give birth. Until next time, caio.
Kirsten, Lynn and Chester


18th June 2008

What Fun!
It sounds like you are having a great time. I can't wait to see the photos.
25th June 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!
It sounds like you ladies are having a great time. I am super jealous of all the adventures you are having! Can't wait to see all the pics and hear all the stories. Glad to hear Howley won the contest to ride with the hot canoe man. Did she work her magic???

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