Travelblog: Once in a lifetime : Chapter 5: DAYS

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July 2nd 2004
Published: July 2nd 2004
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Title: Travelblog from Schwann-at-sea - Chapter 5 - Days

Wednesday 10th Day 4: Just another peaceful day. No transits, just some trance. Getting to know the ship, the crew, and my fellow passengers. Got a good connection with Willy, the 2nd engineer, who says he’ll try and get this journal out via email tomorrow, so I’ve been preparing a movie to amaze and astound. Eat this blog from deep Atlantic, a.r.k.!

Thursday 11th Day 5: Another peaceful day. I worked in the afternoon on my book, and, like this ship, it is hopefully going somewhere. I should note that being at breakfast with the Captain and my fellow passengers at 8.00 AM in the morning is, IMHO, an ungodly hour of the morning for pleasantry and I have therefore given notice to Russel, my cabin steward, to include me out for breakfast tomorrow. Tried watching Charlies Angels but when they crashed out of a plummeting truck from a dam wall and jumped into their helicopter, which had also fallen off the bridge to escape their pursuers that I decided that it was too fantastic - even for me. I mean Cameron Diaz is lovely to look at, but there are limits. Then I tried watching ‘13’, but saw a young girl cutting herself with a scissors when I rewound the tape so I didn’t care to watch any more. I’ve been sleeping well, so this isn’t a problem.

Friday 12th Day 6: The endless novelty of sea and sky continues. I skip breakfast as planned and spend most of the day trying to get a character in my book offworld in my cabin. Read the excerpt from 'Lost Planet' here.

Saturday 13th Day 7: Did breakfast today because there was a safety drill at 10.20 AM and I didn't feel like waking up to the sound of that emergency hooter again. After returning from breakfast I laze out on the couch before leaving the cabin attired in my life vest. On third deck they call out our names and tell us what we have to do in case we have to abandon ship. The lifeboats take more than sixty people each but there are less than fifty peeps on board. After the drill I go up to the bridge to check our position and monitor the situation. We're doing 21 knots today, which is the fastest we've been since we left. The sea is a pond. No change. Tonight I believe that we're going to eat supper on third deck, which will be a pleasant change from the dining room where you can't see the sun setting. It's Saturday night so maybe they'll open the container full of dancing girls? Meantime, I'm starting to look forward to getting to Tenerife, where the solar observatory is located near the main vent of the dormant volcano. I have a letter of introduction from SALT (South African Large Telescope) so this should be a cinch😊

Ends: Saturday 1.00PM

(Chapter 4, (a repeat) for those of you that may have missed my first post from the ship)

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