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November 16th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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A bus from Quito scheduled at 5.00 morning, so obviously I was waking up, hurrying, … the bus arrived at place 5.30 so I got a chance to smoke a cigarette, socialize with people 😊 Trip to luanda was long, but not hard, 12 hours I ate bananas, slept and was reading a book. It was starting to go dark, which meant I was kinda braking rule “Never travel at dark”, but it was not a choice. Two people tried to get a lot of money from driving me, but finally I managed to catch a minibus which took me to the point I needed, even got me a person to help out to another bus, there are many good people in Angola. So here I was changing one time and another and another again, finally the last one dropped me out close to ADPP, but the “close” means 5-7 kilometers, so I went straight to a little cafe house with glass walls, where I asked how could I go to ADPP and how far is it … and one citizen who speaks English took me on his way all the way to ADPP.
All in all the impressions and experiences are nice, I would not say it is a second India, cause many things I am aware, not so much lost, neither with mind nor with actions. I go straight, talking in that poor Portuguese so if not from 3rd time than from 5th time I manage to make myself understandable. One of the best things of traveling alone is the absence of shared responsibility, the dialogue, freedom to think and act :D I LOVE IT
Life in my school is quite good, in comparison with other colleagues, running water twice a day, quality toilet, food not that crappy and most important, teachers and students arre really friendly and good organized. Maybe an accountant with gardener are a bit slow, but even that is not a big problem to deal with.
Usually I am not getting overtired, except some times if we have a week of math, then from early morning to late evening we are cracking those fractions and multiplications, it is a lot of fun, since I am specializing on individual work, very often you can hear AHHH, OHHH, EHHH. Its when they finally understand what is what and how. If any student is making a theater that he does not need math or fractions, I make a funny theater back and continue working. Some pop girls have annoying vampire style, but no worries jokes and Preach “Profesor do futuro” works like a miracle.
Somehow I cannot manage to get English under control, seems like no matter I do we always ending up bored, which means NO ENGLISH.

Oh we have many papaya's, but not enough for 180 people, so one colleague suggested I would start cutting them in small peaces and distribute it once a week. In practice because of lack we do it once in two weeks, but it is so great to see everyone eating some fresh yellow food instead of boring rice, beans and sticky porridge 😊

Little by little I am trying to implement environmental plan – to plant trees, but due to slow gardener and his powers (meaning keeping all the material locked, and when he is away no one can get to it) process is a bit slow, but soon it will go faster even with him 😊 We already have 220 bags ready for seeds and around 50 very nice looking seedlings. We shall plant, papaya, marakuza and ahh yes soy :D
Practical actions for a change are going great, first I am fixing all kind of electrical instalation and electric appliance. It is sometimes funny, because from practical perspective I do not make magic, it is just some lamps and loose cables, but the value is great, two classrooms got light and electricity, so teachers were screaming from joy, no more long cables from one class to the other !!! Then freezer in the kitchen, ohh this is one of most funny stories ever. I open the cable box of freezer and guess what, bunch of cockroaches are looking at me, apparently the managed to short circuit the cables and freezer could not start. So a can of poison spray did the magic 😊 Whatever I touch springs on again, it is wonderful!
-it will be more


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