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Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers December 26th 2013

I must confess... It was something of a relief to be leaving England on Boxing Day, 2013. Much of the countryside had been inundated by the incessant rain of the week leading up to Christmas. Although the temperatures had been mild for the most part, the rain literally put a dampener on most activities. It was living up to its colloquial name marvellously well: mud island. I jetted out of Gatwick Airport at a modest 0930 hrs (we had been delayed an hour by the shear amount of baggage the Algerian-dominated passenger contingent was trying to take aboard) and I took a shot (photo section) with my phone - in flight mode of course - looking west along the southern coast of the UK just to the east of the port city of Southampton. During ... read more

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers » Ain Benian May 12th 2011

We are still having many technical difficulties and Intenet struggles, but we are attempting to send out some photos from our last entery. I am not sure which is more frustrating, the lack of reliable Internet services or getting excited about finally accessing Internet only to find the keyboards are so different that typing consists only of hunting and pecking! Hope this works...hope all is well with you... ... read more
Power Brokers
The Dining Room at the St. George
The bar at the St. George

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers May 12th 2011

Mark it off the bucketlist...We ventured into the Casbah and wandered the winding alleyways. We chatted with the locals (well, probably more just appreciated their hospitality since there was not a soul who spoke English). We explored some of the buildings and participated in the holy service (yes, I wore a head scarf). And even had lunch on the Mediterranean (if pushing fish heads around on your plate to make it look like you ate lunch counts as "having lunch"). The young boy in the one room school house would have been proud. He could have imagined the battles being fought in the Algerian Revolution, the camels hauling merchandise from the spice routes and the intrique of spies. Not much has changed among the cobblestone walkways and narrow passages. Residents still live in small quarters stacked ... read more
Casbah's version of the community watering hole
Don't get lost...
Mediteranean views under the hot African sun

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers April 19th 2011

They say just hearing a song can transport you to another time, another place...That lyrics can evoke emotions or memories...A tune can transport you... Well, leave it to some straight-shooting, no nonsense Midwesterners to take this sentiment literally! It never fails. Whenever we tell someone we are going to Algeria and Tunisia we get "the look." The look is part "why would you go there? I expected you to holiday in the Carribean;" part "are those real places? Am I being punked?" and part "it can't be safe. I hope I don't see you in the news." Inevitably, "the look" is accompanied with a big, fat "why?" as though we are like Magellan heading to a never-explored land. Even though it is a common response to most of the trips we plan, I still get a ... read more

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers September 11th 2010

The flights from Kuwait were pleasant enough which is just as well ,since we went via Dubai and Tunis.After an overnight in Tunis and a close body search at the airport on departure, Philip's Tunisian money was confiscated. Those Dinars were only returned after some smart talking-no mean feat considering the conversation was in french. Pulled aside on arrival in Algiers,the luggage was singled out for close attention-the xray seeing something suspicious. Minus one pair of binoculars and a GPS we left the airport with a piece of paper to collect them on return. Then there came the tussle with the taxi drivers-No amount of haggle made a difference- Just a shrug of the Ramadan weary shoulders. What a beautiful place is Algiers-perched on the side of hills with roads winding down to the port and ... read more
Algiers Kasbah
Algiers George Hotel
Algiers Ike's Room

Africa » Algeria » North » Algiers July 18th 2007

Tombés pour elle, l'Algérie Première expérience de voyage inchallah, nous débarquons dans la cohue du port d'Alger, pas un dinar en poche, à peine quelques centimes retrouvés en fond de sac et impossible d'utiliser nos cartes bancaires ... pas de panique c'est qu'on est débutants. Et pour se faire une expérience inch'Allah il n'est pas de pays plus propice que l'Algérie. Les voyageurs français ne courent pas les rues des quartier algérois d'el-Harrach ou d'Hussein-Dey et pourtant, on se sent attendus par un peuple d'inconnus qui ne veut que nous offrir le meilleur d'eux même, leur fierté, leur patriotisme, leur force et leur piété. Avec Alger, nous n'oublieront pas Fatih l'étudiant, premier contact inch'Allah, sa mère Farida et Hamza leur jeune voisin; nous nous souviendrons des parties de foot sur le vieux terrain du quartier de ... read more
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