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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 3rd 2010

Some of you know, but for those that don't, I'm on a 3 month adventure in south America! I am in chile for 3 weeks, Argentina for 3, then peru for 4. The last two weeks are unknown but that's half the fun... Not knowing where I'll be, who I will meet and what I'll be doing. For 8 weeks I am taking Spanish lessons at a school called ECELA. What started me on this journey is a number of things. I didn't wake up one morning and just decide to pack up my life and come down to the bottom of the world. I had always wanted to travel, but things, aka life, always just got in the way. But it's always been a goal of mine to learn another language. So I figured why ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia December 31st 2009

Happy New Year from Santiago, Chile! I want to say hello again to all my friends and family that followed me on the crazy year abroad in Germany, and also welcome to all of the new kids on the block. I hope that you all enjoy sharing these travels and adventures with me as I make my way through South America. :-) I left a rainy and cold Austin, and barely made it out of the snowy Dallas area (global warming, haha right) to arrive in sunny, warm Santiago! Luckily with the new restrictions in air travel I was traveling out of the United States and not into it, they don’t seem to care much what you do once you are out of the country I guess. We had an uneventful flight on a relatively old ... read more
The other way

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 10th 2009

First of all, brother Evan had a baby boy on Friday at 5 am, an hour Evan has rarely seen. They named the boy Waylon. My attempts to get Montgomery and Ulysses into the mix were quickly rebuffed. This disappointment came on the heels of another; Broc crumpled at the 9th hour and failed to name his boy Thor. Nevertheless, nice work to all of those who have successfully reproduced. In Chile, I spend much less time grappling with baby names and more trying to understand the bewildering aray of acronyms that permeate life when living in the zone of influence of the United Nations. Unfortunately, the idiot level ones (WTO, IMF, UN, EU) make up about .01% of the total. Consequently, when happy houring with folks from CEPAL (Commision Economica para America Latina y el ... read more
windows at CEPAL
through the library door
glamorous office of a UN librarian

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia August 23rd 2009

Choosing which university to study at for my year abroad was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but I never had any doubt that I needed to be in South America, Spain just wasn’t an option for me. I finally settled on Chile for three reasons, firstly, the guidebook told me that I could be at the beach within an hour and a half and skiing within two hours, secondly there are penguins and thirdly, and most importantly, I, nor anyone I spoke to, knew anything about it. When anyone mentions South America most people think of the drugs war raging in Columbia, the Rio carnival of Brazil or just extreme poverty, little attention is paid to the long, thin country on the west coast despite the fact that it has been ... read more
la playa at paseo a la playa
Jamming on the beach
The view when stading at the foot of San Cristobal

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia March 7th 2009

I just logged on - after Geoff badgered me - to post a new blog and realized it has been 39 days since I last posted! WHERE has time time gone? It's bizarre actually that it was over a month ago. I have to renew my tourist visa after three months. When I arrived, it seemed like it was forever away and now, I realize that I only have 2 more weeks to do so. So, I will be taking a lovely weekend trip across the border to Argentina (Mendoza - the closest city to Chile) to renew it. The process of renewal is simple - just leave the country and return! Well, it's a good excuse to visit another country and see Barbara's homeland (my Argentinian friend from Boston). What else is new? Well, I ... read more


South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 2nd 2009

So much has happened since we last dropped you a line it is hard to remember everything. I guess first things first.... - Hope you all got what you wanted at Barclays - Owen, Happy Birthday (it is soon), have a fantastic day and lots of cake. - Bux, Jon, Chris, this is when the sleepless nights begin so good luck fellas. I am sure number 2 will be easier than number one (mind you i have no idea how hard number one was). - Come on England, it is about time we took that 6 Nations back where it rightfully belongs and stopped letting these made up teams think they know what they are doing. So, from the Dolphins of The Bay Of Plenty (sooo good) we travelled the short trip to Auckland where we ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 27th 2009

It's been a while since I have posted. I have been pretty busy actually. We are starting to come into the end (or winding down of) summer break so at the institute, we more students enrolling, thus more classes. I picked up another 4 classes, so I am up to 9. I still have a pretty nice schedule - with a few hours here and there. I have the afternoons free, usually from 11am-5 or 6pm. I like work though, it' fun. I had a surprise the other day when I went to work and found out that one of my new classes was a KIDS CLASS! AAH! There are two kids (private classes through the institute) one is 9 and one is 11. Neither of them want to be there and the boy has severe ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 9th 2009

Nothing too notable has happened the past few days, so I will just quickly fill you all in on the most notable events of the past few days. First, I was in the shower and . . . the hose broke! EEK!!! So, I went to buy a new one at Fallabella (a department store) and not knowing the word for 'shower hose or whatever' I explained I need ''la cosa de que puede duchar' - the thing with which you shower. She got it, thank god -and informed me it's called a manga! Great, I have a broken manga on my hands - sounds like I need an antibiotic not a hardware store, right? Well, I walked down to the local Ferreteria (hardware store, NOT FERRET STORE) LOL! Anyway, all is well - I got ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 7th 2009

Well, I finally started work - after 19 days off! I was starting to get bored . . . and spending way too much money to stay entertained. Anyway - I have a pretty sweet training scheduled. For the next two weeks, I go in at 2:30 for 2 hours of training, then I observe two 1-hour evening classes from 7-9 . . . not bad, eh? The actual teaching seems like it will be fun. It basically reminds me of hosting a housekeeping meeting - talking very slowly and over-enunciating - so, I should be good at that! The course material is perfectly outlined and structures, so there is very little prep work that goes into teaching. Luckily, I am able to be as creative as I want to present the material as long as ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 1st 2009

Happy 2009! I had a pretty fun night, although I am beat today! The latinos sure like to stay up late! I went to Juan Carlos' house with Pauline and Juan's parents. Various other people popped in throughout the night. It was sort of bizarre because everyone in the apartment complex where he lives kept their door open and people just walked in and out the whole night . . . strange! And, everyone had music playing very loudly until about 5AM - - - obviously quite time isn't high on the list! Anyway, that's about all I have to report - nothing too exciting. I attached two pictures. Juan is dressed in all white with Pauline, the other younger looking lady and Juan's parents - then some random guy who kept trying to talk to ... read more

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