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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 4th 2012

No tapas, no empanadas but a lovely polo dish and a great Chilean dark beer, Kunstmann bock. I forgot to mention the temp in concorse J of the Miami airport. IF YOU EVER HAVE TO BE THERE, BRING MITTENS, EARMUFFS AND A BLANKET. According to the ground personnel and the restaurant servers it is always like that. I didn't fully warm up until I landed. My hotel, The Orly is a boutique hotel in the middle of the Providencia district, one block from the Metro. While small, my room is comfortable and clean, the bath spotless. After breakfast I headed to the ATM and then the Metro. The subway stations are decorated with art, the trains clean, quiet, timely and CROWDED! It is the best way to get around to the area I wanted to see, ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 3rd 2012

At the risk of boring you to tears, here is a brief syompsis of my travel day. Other than a small snafu at LGA and a minor melt down because a 1) curb sheck in could not find my reservation, 2) Found it but it was too complicated for him to handle and 3) there was a duplicate revervation in my name, I arrived in Miami on time. To get from AA domestic gates to the International gates, I had to exit the terminal and trudge with the air of people movers to the opposite terminal. It must have been a mile. Then it was a trudge through the concorse to the very last gate. Did I ever mention that my gate is usually the very last gate? It was two hours to flight time so ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 23rd 2011

Santiago reminds me of the old computer game Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. It was a game designed to teach school kids about geography and used to play it on an old Apple that had green type on a black screen. I remember Santiago seeming so exotic and far away! In reality it is quite a European city and it is really easy to walk around and explore which is nice. I arrived at around 7am and headed straight for my hostel in the upmarket Providencia area. I wasn´t able to check in until the afternoon so had a shower, and after some chatting and gmail checking headed off to explore the city. A girl called Elodie that I met at our hostel accompanied me and showed me the way into town, ATM´s etc ... read more
Inside the main cathedral
Mercado central
Anyone want to buy a shark? Mercado central

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 22nd 2011

well we've made it to our final destination here in santiago. we've been on the go constantly since we left buenos aires, with little sleep, at times little food, and most of all scarce bathrooms! we spent two days in mendoza, arriving this past sunday. cute city with smaller streets, shops, and again friendly people. our hotel, on the other hand, was a different story. we walked into a great looking place, full of marble floors and leather chairs...then we walked into our hotel room, full of scuffed up walls, a shower curtain that barely covered half the shower, and floors that weren't even meant for feet. we'd sucked it up the best we could, and did what anyone else might have in the situation...drank vino. that day alone, we'd gone through multiple beers, and 4 ... read more
fourth bottle of vino

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia August 8th 2011

7th August – We arrive in Santiago airport, and get a cab to Providencia, a suburb in Santiago, to go to our apartment. Thank Christ there is a key for us at the door!! The owner of the apartment we have rented for the week, Fernando, has been so obliging. We have arrived to a bottle of red wine (good man), and Shane takes off to grab a bite to eat. He comes back with a bag of potato chips from the local servo, as it turns out there is nothing else open here until tomorrow. Have awoken in daylight to see we are surrounded by the snow capped peaks of the Andes!! Today, Fernando has paid us a visit to check that everything is ok- we have free Wi-Fi, mobile phone, and even free calls ... read more


South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia July 25th 2011

I've been spending a long weekend in Ward Colorado. My boyfriend is doing some work on a friend's house and I am using the time to write. Inspiration abounds in the mountains. The first day I found myself going through all my old writing, dating back to 1998, when I was a creative writing student at Colorado State University. Those have been interesting, if not funny to look at now. I stumbled upon what is to follow in a notebook. The first four moments were written on January 25, 2004, while I was still living in Santiago. The rest were written yesterday. Moments in Santiago 1. Dan and I walk down Lota and see a motorized bicycle riding down El Bosque. We both look at each other and laugh. Dan comments on the speed in which ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia July 11th 2011

Chile Our flight into Santiago from Auckland went off without a hitch (despite this route having been cancelled for about 1 month before our departure due to volcanic ash – lucky us!). We spent 2 weeks in Chile going north to La Serena and then back down to Santiago via Vicuña. Highlights of Santiago include: 3 day Spanish class with Nastling (managed to just about understand how verbs worked in that time); 2 earthquakes (we were all set to panic given any slight look of apprehension from the locals – none came, we survived); trip up the funicular to the top of Corre de la Virgen; and the Santa Lucia hill walk. North Chile highlights include: trip to the Humbolt penguińo reserve (great trip – we managed to see a handful of these miniature penguins, 2 ... read more
Santiago Cathedral
Inside Cathedral
Only in England - oh hold on, Chile?

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia July 3rd 2011

Hey everyone... well one more time, cheers to all the people who took a couple minutes to write me a few words ! Last time I wrote I just got back from Rapa nui (Easter Island) with my dear sister... When I look back on it I realise the chance I had to go there... wow it's fucking incredible ! Unfortunately, I couldn't do any more travel since that trip, for mainly 2 reasons, the lack of time ( I have school almost everyday but I realised it's not such a big deal if you skip class... The thing is I came here to study so I don't really feel like missing it too much) and, like every backpackers, the money is slowly becoming a problem... And i'm trying to save it for my last month. ... read more

Hi All, Well we´re safe and sound in South America. The flight from Oz was long but as yuo saw from the last blog at least we got to get off in Aukland and make use for the facilities there. Then it was a 10 hour haul and bodies that really did not want to sleep so by the time we got here we were zonked. We had arranged to get picked up at the airport and this all worked out very well. We were met by a driver and a guide who then gave us a running commentary as we drove into town as well as a security brieifing that would rival anything I had while working at BG Group. Anyway we have been warned and plan on being careful. After a couple of hours ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia March 17th 2011

Happy One-Month Anniversary to Santiago and I! We got off to a (predictably) rough start, but our relationship is certainly improving with time. With the coffee issue resolved and new pillows on my bed, I'm sleeping better and mornings are sweeter. If only I could block out the perpetual, grinding-on-my-nerves noise of traffic, life would be great. Today, March 13, is not only my one month anniversary of arriving in Chile, it's also my two-week anniversary of living in my new apartment. Without further ado, here is the GRAND TOUR (see photos). We have a spacious living room, dining room and kitchen. Both my roommates have their own balconies off their bedrooms, so the balcony off the living room is mine. We do have a washer in the apartment, but no dryer, so we hang everything ... read more
Dining room
The kitchen

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