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South America » Brazil » Amazonas » Manaus January 30th 2006

Okay this is from about 2 months ago, i never published it. For all my newer photos and writting i am mainly using another website: its got about 500 photos on so far so feel free to get really bored and/or maybe jeaous.......... So on from jeri we took a bus back to Fortaleza then a plane (luxury) to the city of Belem at the mouth of the amazon (well not the amazon as such but may as well be). We spent only 1 night in belem as we were on tight scedule to get to Manaus then to bolivia and onto Peru for the charity work to begin. Belem Belem itself is a large river port and and not very remarkable the amazon around it is long gone and there are few things to ... read more
sao luis2 colonial architecture
sao lis 3
sun rise at parrot island

South America » Brazil » Pará » Belém January 29th 2006

Been in the jungle. There were:- * armadillos - quite cute * spiders - big and very scary, especially above my hammock * dolphins - pink and grey * piranhas -I caught one and it tasted very good which for someone who doesn't like fish is interesting * crocodiles - the guide caught one but he wouldn't let us eat it * brazil nuts - they really do come from Brazil * quinine trees - very handy for the G & T * lots of birds - macaus, ospreys, cormorants, humming birds, toucans, etc * lots more plants and stuff I can't even start to name Went to see a local village, tiny, all subsistence farming, pineapples and mangoes in the back garden. It rained again, difficult to convey how much water appears here in such ... read more
Local housing
Croc catching
Transport local style

South America » Brazil » São Paulo January 29th 2006

Hi all, I've left Patagonia but intend to return another time. Beautful part of the planet. Would like to do more hikes on & under the glaciers. I am now in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Staying at a very cool hotel ( . I met the most inspiring young Swiss lady during the week. She is 95% blind ( can see siloettes against the light) and has succesfully treked her own way around South America for the past 8 months!!! She climbed a 16000 ft volcano in Ecudor, was robbed in Chilie, climbed glaciers in Argentina, paraglides & snowboards in Switerland!!, and has skydived from 12000ft in Australia (On her last jump she didnt hear her audio-altmeter and was saved by an auto-emergencey shute at 300ft!!!!!) She has overcome all fear and life is a true adventure ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife January 28th 2006

Hey allemaal!! Ik woon al sinds dinsdag dus in mijn huissie hiero. Heb de postcode niet bij me, ik geef t wel de volgende keer aan jullie. Is iets met Fernado Vieira ofzo. Ben nu in de Shopping Boa Vista jullie aan het mailen. Het is echt veel te warm buiten. En helaas ben ik nog steeds niet echt bruin geworden...nog niet genoeg vin ik. De rest al wel :( Gister waren we naar een Cubaans tentje geweest waar ze Salsa en Merengue draaiden, geen bachata helaas. Het was heel gezellig maar errug druk. We gaan zo ff kleren (proberen) te wassen. Geen idee hoe dat moet, mama hellluupp!!! Daarna gaan we koken, en naar een vriend van ons om daar nog een keer te eten, daarna DANSENNN Gelukkig hebben we een schoonmaakster, die ons helpt ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Serra Talhada January 27th 2006

Hello Everyone! After 4 hours of sleep we were back on the road for another adventure to visit Felipe’s parents in the city of Serra Talhada which is 430 km directly west of Recife. This time there were ten of us going in two cars, but not Samuel’s car since it had the A/C problem yesterday and we didn’t want any problems on this trip. I don’t remember much about the drive because I was so tired I slept for most of it. I did learn that it isn’t good fall asleep in a car with your arm hanging out the window when the sun is out - It ended up a little red. Serra Talhada is named after the mountains that surround the town and has a very beautiful cliff face where the mountains end. ... read more
We named him...Ben Junior
The Natural
A dusk worth a thousand words


South America » Brazil » Pernambuco » Recife January 24th 2006

Boa noite! Het is heir half 1 in de nacht, jullie slapen allemaal. K had ook n stuk geschreven voor ik wegging hier naartoe, maar heb t nu pas gepublished op de site, had er toen geen tijd voor maar goed you get the picture. Heb er niet alle foto´s op kunnen doen die k wilde helaas. Nu kan k ook nog geen foto´s plaatsen want heb nog nie helemaal door hoe dat moet. Iwan kan jij me nie helpen dan?! :P Anyway...als t goed is ga k morgen t contract tekenen voor mijn huis hiero. Mooi gemeubileerd huis op de 8e verdieping. Het heeft wel 1 kamer voor mij en Rish, maar dat maakt nie veel uit. We hebben dan n keuken met een barretje, eettafel, douche, en toilet, tv, telefoon etc. Het gebouw heeft ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Botafogo January 23rd 2006

January 23nd, 2006, second day in Rio de Janeiro, Bresil, day 17 of our cruise. We are at the cruise ship dock of Rio, minutes from downtown, safe because the tourist police have a station at the gate. Rio is one of the most beautiful cities that I have had the privilege to visit. Yesterday we went up Corcovado Mountain on a cog railcar to see the city and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Back at sea level, we visited the new, cone shaped cathedral, San Sebastian, which can hold 20,000, it was built with openings in the walls and large doors that slide open to let the breeze in- making it cooler in church than outside. The digital thermometers on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches registered a high of 42 degree Celsius and the humidity ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Jericoacoara January 21st 2006

From Recife we traveled to Natal and then onto Fortelaza, both cities are based on tourism offering awesome beaches and night life. Not reallytoo much to say other than we spent a lot of time on the beach or out in the evening, sadly though not with any other gringos as it seems impossible to find them. The next big destination was jericoacoara which should really be renamed as the place of wana be pirates and hippies. Jeri is a wierd kind of a place, it takes over an hour in a 4x4 traveling over beaches dirt tracks and sand dunes to get there. When you get there you are greeted by a large village, made up of hotels, hostels, bars and restauraunts. There are no roads as such just streets of sand. We spent 4 ... read more
the lagoon
the lagoon 2
fortaleza beach

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » São Luis January 21st 2006

"On the road again, goin' places that I've never been, seein' things that I may never see again, and I can't wait to get on the road again..." Fortunately today we are only heading 300km northwest to the town of São Luís. We enjoyed our time in Barreirinhas, but we were glad to be heading to a different location. So without further ado… January 21, 2006 Day 7 - Jesus Juice São Luís is the capital of Maranhão and is located two degrees south of the equator. The city is full of history, it is the Brazilian capital of Reggae and has many old buildings that have been well maintained, so well that São Luís was named a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Our first stop in town was to eat some lunch and Samuel ordered ... read more
Hmmm...Full bodied...Yes, this is a very good year
You guessed it...more car troubles
Our last sunset in Maranhão

South America » Brazil » Santa Catarina » Blumenau January 19th 2006

Hello Again.. from Sunny, warm, tropical... Blumenau, Santa Catarina. I have been a little busy and have not had time to get online and due this blogg things so I apologize. I finally moved from the wooden card board box type house where I stayed for 2 days with the maid and her son that worked at the hotel. They were very nice people. And asked me if I wanted to stay there until I found an apartment here. So i swallowed my pride and stayed with them. The only thing I did not like were the Mosquitos and them asking me everyday if I wanted some Maconha ( Weed). Can you believe that the Mom and the Son smoked Maconha ( weed) together? I know people wanna be close to there kids but I call ... read more

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