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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 8th 2010

So the start of this entry takes me back to 23rd November, the afternoon that I arrived in Praia do Forte. Dani had told me all about the resort and I had looked at many photos back in the dreary office in England , waiting patiently for the time to come when I could actually visit. I was interested in the place as it seemed a relatively new resort with a focus on sustainability, so I thought it would be an ideal environment to teach Yoga. Well actually, the pull was a lot stronger than that for a reason that was soon to become apparent, and three days after I returned from Itaparica, I was there. As a very close friend once said to me, once I have made up my mind that it is, I ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 8th 2010

06/12 So today we decided to set forth and head to Pelhourino, the old town in Salvador, to go and look around and see some churches. Everyday we're here seems like a new entertaining challenge - and today was no different. We made our way, by bus, into the centre of Pelhourino and got some spectacular views - the city is on two levels, high and low and the city is serviced by some giant lifts - as soon as we arrived we saw a slightly odd brazilian woman dancing in front of TV cameras - we weren't sure where to look - she never stopped. We decided to head down to the market which involved taking the big lift down to the lower level of the city - needless to say that Tasha's fear of ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 7th 2010

04/12 Before I start discussing today's highly amusing adventures, I wanted to cover something I have only briefly touched on since I left home, Christmas. Christmas in S America is, I am finding, a very odd phenomenon - the concept of a hot Christmas makes me feel slightly uncomfortable and uncertain. Arriving in Salvador has further compounded this. Our hostel is really near a shopping centre, in the middle of it was a massive Santa's grotto - and I mean MASSIVE. There was one Santa, several very attractive brazilian elves, a huge Christmas tree, candy canes and SNOW. The irony of the snow is not lost on me, given that many of you haven't been able to leave the house for several days - but it's strange to think that many of the kids visiting the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 5th 2010

03/12 - 04/12 For the first time on this trip, Team 897 made a trip/adventure and successfully completed a task. Got my stuff back at 2am this morning and got up at 6am to begin our getting the bus to Salvador challenge. We got a taxi and made it to the right bus station (much simpler) and found the Itapemirim window where we successfully bought tickets for the bus which departed from Rio de Janeiro an hour later - we filled in th forms, got our baggage weighed in and on we got. It was the most smooth of the Team 897 adventures to date. As soon as we got on the coach it was apparent that the air conditioning was not going to work - NIGHTMARE - panic ensued given that Amy is prone to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 5th 2010

Ola! Just a quick update from the last few days! Rosies missing luggage finally arrived in the early hours of Friday morning so we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the coach station (the right one this time). With our limited Portugese we booked three tickets to Salvador and hopped on the coach. From the offset we were the only non Brazilian travellers and for many this wasnt a problem. However, a certain rather scary Brazilian woman took a bit of interest in us. After many attempts of trying to talk to us, despite our faces showing complete confusion, a lovely Brazilian family we had befriended tried to explain to her that we were English and therefore didnt understand her. Cue a bit of casual racism from the lady, as she kept ... read more


South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador December 4th 2010

so i have already completely lost all concept of time and date, but i know that i am offically rubbish at this and am determined not to be lazy and get into writing this thing- promise! i am currently in salvador made it here after a long and at times bizarre 29 hour bus journey from rio. Rio by the way was a bit of a blur and i didnt really get to see the city all that much apart from a excellent but useless trip to the city bus station, imagine those of you from sheffield a hybird of sheffield interchange and castle market and you will have a fairly good idea what it was like. After Rosie got her bag delievered as it didnt arrive with us (long story) we decided to wait to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 23rd 2010

Schools out for summer! I managed two weeks at the language school and as nice as it was, I got itchy feet and had to get out of the classroom, so my Portuguese is still terrible! I'm back dating a few blogs as I haven't written for a while... Two weeks into this trip and I hit my first brickwall, provoked for a number of reasons; upset tummy, it falling on a Sunday when I usually seeing my parents every week, and the reality hitting me about what I am actually doing. All I could think, was that ‘you are definitely not in Kansas anymore Dorothy’!. But I wasn’t daunted, compared to the mountain I had climbed to get here this obstacle in front of me now seemed pretty pathetic. There had been a fundamental shift ... read more
Club Med Itaparica
Begonia the Warrior
My new profession

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 16th 2010

Sorry sir but, 'There's a first time for everything', is not going to convince me to participate in buggery Bloody deviants. This last week has been an eventful one but not so much in terms of having done anything out of the ordinary; asides from work I attended one Capoeira class, went to the beach and finished 'The Da Vinci Code' Portuguese edition, to the relief of my extremely well-thumbed diary. My near homosexual experiences tally however has increased fivefold. I can only think of one close-call before now, at a gay club in Leeds. Some friends from Arabic and I had made a poorly thought-out promise to a colleague (those that know him would agree that colleague is far more appropriate than friend) and accompanied him to a gay haunt in town. There, a once ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 15th 2010

which means that next week there will be some new people and to them it will seem like I know everything! Well that is how it seemed when I started, when all I knew was how to get to the shopping centre and to class. Now I know, erm well, how to get to the beach and how to ask for a coconut water! I am really enjoying learning Portuguese, the pronounciation is very difficult, and confusing for those of us who have learnt Spanish but it is a fun and expressive language. It is very frustrating not being able to communicate properly and I want to be fluent now. But that is just my nature and I have to be patient and not give myself a headache. There are just three of us on the ... read more
Mini replica ship
All aboard
Salvador coast

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador November 7th 2010

Yes really, I have found some Brazilian cupcakes! So I thought this mini adventure was worthy of a blog! I'm starting to get used to things after my second little outing on my own, this time to the shopping centre. I have everything I need to survive now. I was reading a book last night by a Yogi, Max Strom, called 'A Life Worth Breathing', and it said how we subconsciously notice things that we think about, so for example, if we buy a new car, say a Golf, then suddenly we will notice all the new Golfs on the road and so today, hidden in the back of the supermarket, I found my cupcake!!! And for the bargain price of 35p. It's all about The Power of Thought! I'm sure it won't be as good ... read more

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