Photos from Potosí Department, Bolivia, South America

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Reflection in the Green Lagoon
Dali Desert
Same Llamas, Different View
Llamas by the Springs in the Morning
Red Lagoon
Iconic Rock Tree
Close up of Yareta
Enjoying the Desert
Ollague Volcano
Rocks and Volcano
Enjoying the Desert
Railroad Tracks Through the Desert
Dusty Road
Volcano in the Background
Fields of Quinoa
indigenous Carnival dancers getting sprayed
Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) and poor neighborhoods
political mural recalling dictatorship
incredibly detailed carving on facade of San Lorenzo
gilded cathedral ceiling
San Fransisco steps used to repair roof and for us
Ojo del Inca Hot Springs
long shadows and an endless horizon
salt flat hexagons to the horizon
Ojo del Inca's warm, turqoise waters
street with Cerro Rico and the tower of San Francisco
in from the country, selling textiles at Carnival
an artificial geyser, one of several used to generate energy
Rare James Flamingo, one of three types on the lakes
Being swallowed by the Catcher in the Rye
San Francisco--what could be better than walking on a roof
women selling flower petals for Dia de las Comadres--Godmother's Day
colorful Bolivians dancing
The salt hotel
Giving mojo the boot
Singani anyone?
Gullivers travels
Cooking Salar style
Balancing act
Once you pop....
Salt Crystals
Looking for salt crystals
Cruising on the Salar de Uyuni
Isla Incahuasi
Chanchilla on Isla Incahuasi
Isla Incahuasi
Sunrise on the Salar de Uyuni
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