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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 9th 2014

Hello following another restful Sunday sailing on the Tasman Sea. The low today was supposed to have been 66 and the high was 76. It was cloudy early in the morning, but mostly sunny the rest of the day. This was fairly low key day today. We had breakfast at the buffet and then went to a few of the shipboard activities. Janet spent part of the morning with her Knitters and Natters friends. She brought along two different projects, so today she worked on the second one with her friends. David went to watch the Fruit Carving demonstration and then stayed for the Martini Demonstration. Both of these were held on the steps of the Grand Piazza and David was able to get a nice close place to view from. Unfortunately he did not get ... read more
Another Fruit Carving
Pyramid of Martinis
Janet & David

We spent the day at sea today whilst the boat slowly sailed, manoeuvred and meandered back to Miami, Florida. This was one of the days that we were slightly worried about again, but the time just flew by. Our worries were needless. Whenever a ship is at sea for the day, there is a major entertainment and dinning programme in place to prevent any chance of boredom at all. Following our ship tour (shown on a separate blog), George went for another special upper back massage which took in 90 minutes. These treatments do seem to have helped reduce the Sciatica pain. Theresa completed the packing alongside some chilling / personal time and relaxation. We have had all our detailed dismemberment information through in some detail, and it sounds like the easiest option is to leave ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 8th 2014

Most Carnival guests are aware that behind the scenes of a cruise vacation there’s a bustle of activity to deliver fun memorable vacation experiences, but few have gotten an up close look at these inner workings. The ship tour was an exclusive opportunity to experience an array of ‘back house areas’ that are vital to a ship’s daily operations. We were to be given a unique opportunity to explore way beyond the public areas with visits to the ships Bridge, engine control room, main galley, staff dining areas, storerooms, laundry and other spaces for a rare insider’s view of many areas typically seen only by the ship’s crew. The tour was extremely exclusive, it was only offered once during the cruise, on the last day, and only to the first paying 16 passengers. The group was ... read more
Tour group at front of ship with our guide

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 8th 2014

This morning we woke up to the sound of the ship’s horn booming about 6:20. We’re not sure why they did that, but it was a very effective alarm clock. It did follow a good night’s sleep though, so we declare ourselves fully adjusted to the time zone changes. We rested a little longer and then got up for a fresh day at sea. We went to the Regency Dining Room for their sit-down breakfast, instead of the buffet we will probably have during most of our days in port. Janet had found out on the last day of our Baltic cruise that she could have ordered Eggs Benedict any day in the dining room and she didn’t have to wait for it to appear as the “special” on the morning menu. It turns out to ... read more
Pool Area
Internet Cafe
Janet at High Tea

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea March 8th 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014 This will be my last blog entry for our cruise to the South Pacific. On Sunday, we disembark and fly home to Houston. In typical fashion, I was woke up super early this morning, not to run, but to work on my blog in the Royal Promenade. There are a few other crazy people on the ship that are also up early. Cindy also was up early, however not until 6:15am. I truly enjoyed sitting in the lovely Royal Promenade in front of the Irish bar each morning, drinking a cup of coffee, and writing about how much fun we are having on our trip. We are very fortunate to be able to experience this. Cindy and I ate breakfast in the dining room this morning. The food is much ... read more
Cindy and I on the ship
Cindy and I posing in front of a car located in the Royal Promenade
Cindy and I when we first boarded the ship


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea March 7th 2014

Friday, March 7, 2014 Today is the second of three sea days on our way back to Australia. Today we wanted to explore a few new areas that we have not seen since boarding the ship. We ate breakfast in the dining room this morning. Each day we have gone to the dining room for breakfast, they put Cindy and I at a table for 10 people. Today, all our table mates were from Australia. This is exciting because we get meet new people. Breakfast was pretty much the same as prior days, Todd ate Eggs Benedict and Cindy had an open face veggie omelet. Cindy and I both ate fruit flavored yogurt with granola. After breakfast, we headed to the High notes bar to work on the Internet to start using up our ... read more
Our Bingo card
Todd getting ready for our Bingo game
19th Hole bar

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea March 6th 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014 Today is the first of three days at sea as head back to Sydney, Australia to end our cruise, L. Cindy and I were up fairly early this morning, you think being a sea day we would sleep in more, not today. We ate in the dining room this morning. The last few days we ate in the Windjammer buffet. Cindy and I ate the ham/cheese omelet. One thing I have done a lot of during the cruise is eat a lot bread. This morning I ate a croissant. Our table mates for breakfast were all from Austrulia. I believe I mentioned in a prior blog entry that a majority of the cruise is from Australia. One of our table mates was two older Australian ladies and they were here ... read more
Quilt display on the ship
19th hole bar
19th hole bar

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 3rd 2014

Today was the day that we were not really looking forward to as we were not sure how it would feel being confined to the ship. As it turned out, the time was gone before we knew it. We had a small lay in to be rid of any remaining jet lag following our three days of travelling, but were excited to get on with whatever the day had to offer. We had a walk around the ship and tried to familiarize ourselves with the vast layout. We found it would be initially easier to just use a map when we wanted to go anywhere. It was very easy to get lost on board. We made a visit to the Guest Services desk to find out how the internet works in case we need it and ... read more
We are out enjoying the ship
Many people enjoying themselves - Aft end
Dress code advise for restaurant

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 1st 2014

Saturday, March 01, 2014 Today is our second day at sea. We had no big plans for today. Today’s blog entry will be fairly short. I was up early and back to his normal morning hours, 5:00am. I found a prefect place this morning to sit and write blog entries. It is located in the Royal Promenade, outside the Irish café and it has an 110V plug, many of the plugs, outside our room are 220V. From 5:00 until 7:00am I sat in the same spot. I must have had 3 coffees and into between writing I spoke briefly to some of the other early morning risers. No running today, I need to get back into the routine of running, however it real tricky with the sea being so rough and trying to keep ... read more
Three story dining room, La Boheme
Music trivia with our table mate, Rob and Liz

Oceans and Seas » Pacific February 28th 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014 Today is our first of many sea days. To our surprise, Cindy and I slept in until 7:00ish. This is huge for me, Mr. up early in the morning. We cleaned up, got dressed, and then headed to breakfast. We did not want to eat upstairs in the Windjammer, instead in the dining room. It is nice to be served to instead of preparing you on meal. We arrived a breakfast just before 7:45am. The dining room staff seats you, just like we are used to on other ships. The only difference is they wait for a group of 10 people and bring you to a table. We sat with a table full of Australian ladies. They were super funny and seemed to be traveling on their own. They had ... read more
Royal Promenade
Cindy and I having a Martini in the High Notes Lounge
Cindy and I posing during our first formal night

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