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Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 28th 2014

Hello from someplace in the Coral Sea, sailing south back across the Tropic of Capricorn. Yes, we have left the tropics and are back in the ordinary Southern Hemisphere (latitude 26S). It was very rainy this morning so it was fortunate that we did not have any port excursions today. But the rain stopped about 11:00 and the temperature got up to the high 70’s by mid-afternoon (although it was overcast all day). We received a question last night about our blog, so we are going to make it into a TRIVIA QUESTION: “ Read the results of the competition regarding the number of days one cruised. You indicated you two weren’t close, but how many days have you sailed?” So the trivia question is HOW MANY DAYS do you think we have sailed. Watch for ... read more
Part of the Galley
Janet & David
Kim with Baked Alaska

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 27th 2014

I guess I’ll head north now… I stood on the back deck and watched as Ushuaia vanished into the drizzle. The mountains were gleaming with fresh snow and the greenery was shining in the early evening light. The Beagle Channel was lumpy and strong winds howled across the decks. Gulls followed in the wake of the ship as we headed towards the open ocean of the ever–grumpy South Atlantic... It was eerie being on a ship with no guests! Empty rooms, quiet hallways and decks, no restaurant, no bar, no lectures – nothing! It’s ideal for getting stuff done though! I’m on the ship with Niki, my work colleague, for stage one of the repositioning phase of the ship - a four day stint up the coast from Ushuaia, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay. ... read more
Black-browed Albatross
Black-browed Albatrosses
Muck Boot Army

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean March 27th 2014

Last Blog for this voyage! It’s hard to believe but this 49-day journey ends tomorrow morning in Ft. Lauderdale. The Captain in his midday announcements stated that he expected to pick up the harbour pilot tomorrow morning at 4:15 and that we would be at the pier by 5:30. Our disembarkation time is set for 08:15am and a short trip over to the airport for a 11:51am flight home. We expect to be back to the house by early evening. You will see that the following notes cover a full week of days at sea and shore excursions. Our internet connectivity has been intermittent, especially in areas close to the equator and a number of island ports. It was explained in one of the daily “Today On Location” bulletins as follows: Possible ... read more
Looking back!
Pilot boat and floating plant mass
Animal Towel Zoo

Oceans and Seas March 26th 2014

Hello from the Coral Sea. We left Port Douglas yesterday evening and cruised east, back out through the barrier reef. Now today we have been cruising leisurely south and we will enter back through another passage in the reef and will be back on shore tomorrow. But that means that today is a day of rest and leisure. David woke up early and went up to the Fitness Center for some treadmill work. He tried something called an elliptical machine, but it was a bit more exercise than he wanted and settled for the treadmill. Then he went to the Promenade Deck and did a few laps there. He got back and found that upon leaving the cabin he had not awakened Janet. We got cleaned up and were ready for our Sea Day. One thing ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea March 24th 2014

Never heard of Willis Island? Don’t be too surprised because many of the Australians we talked to hadn’t heard of it either. But first things first. This morning David got up early and went up to the Fitness Center to try out their equipment. Today he stuck to the treadmill and did a mile while watching the view out the front of the ship as it sailed ever northward. Then he went to the Promenade Deck and did 3 more laps around the ship before going back to the cabin. Janet was up and after we both got cleaned up and dressed we went to breakfast in the Regency Room. Today’s special was something called a Farmer’s Breakfast. We both had this big breakfast, along with fruit, juice, and pastries. So we got our energy recharged ... read more
Willis Island - Zoom in on Highlight
The pools were very popular today


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Philippine Sea March 24th 2014

Queen Mary Day 11 - who knows where we are. Woke up rather late as sun did not rise until after 7.00 a.m. Looked outside and saw quite a few fishing vessels and fishing buoys for their nets. We had a late breakfast enjoyed with a couple who boarded in Southampton and who return to Southampton in May, a total of 113 days. They said the trip was to escape the English winter. Just wandered around the decks this morning before lunch. After lunch a trip to the gym for Phillip after which he went to an Apple MAC presentation which was quite educational. Dinner was magnificent as usual, and afterwards a piano recital was held in the Royal Theatre. Beautiful playing and enjoyed by the audience. The boat is rocking a little and seems like ... read more
QM2 Day 11
QM2 Day 11
QM2 Day 11

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea March 23rd 2014

Hello as we cruise north along the eastern coast of Australia. We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn about 8:30 this morning. By the end of the day we were somewhere around 21 degrees south latitude. It was partly cloudy (means mostly sunny) for most of the day and the high temperature was about 84 degrees. There has been a slight breeze all day but not enough to make the seas rough or anything. We are really enjoying the great weather and hope it’s not too bad for all the folks back at home. We got an e-mail from Elizabeth last night that she will be changed from a Contract Employee to a Regular Employee at Chemir starting on March 31. We are very happy for her. J Just to correct something from yesterday. There are many ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 21st 2014

Today we are sailing northeast from Sydney, heading toward Brisbane. Tomorrow we will be in port, but today was a very restful sea-day for us. The temperature was in the mid 70’s today but we had intermittent rain showers, so it was more of an indoor day. Janet went to the late movie last night and did not get back to the cabin until about midnight – David had already gone to sleep. She slept in this morning and David went up to the buffet for breakfast about 7:30. When Janet woke up, he went back for “second breakfast” like a good Hobbit. Since this is Friday, it had to be a meatless breakfast, but there were still plenty of choices. David went to the 10:00 presentation about what to expect in Brisbane tomorrow. It has ... read more
Sushi Bar
Ship's Casino
Lotus Spa

Oceans and Seas March 19th 2014

Hello from somewhere in the Tasman Sea. Actually the navigational report at noon had us at 36 degrees south latitude (forgot the longitude), with a 12 knot breeze, 74 degrees, and sunny with mostly clear skies. It is back to being very pleasant weather again. Tonight will be another “first experience” for us. Almost everyone else will be leaving the ship tomorrow so they have to pack their bags and prepare to leave tonight. Although this cruise is almost over, we will be staying aboard (even in the same cabin) for the next cruise beginning tomorrow afternoon. So if you were worrying that the story was coming to an end, then don’t fret mate as our adventure will be continuing. But that is getting the story out of sequence again. We began by sleeping in this ... read more
Cabin C632 - Sitting Area
Main Atrium - Decks 5,6 and 7
Princess Theater

Oceans and Seas » Pacific March 18th 2014

Today we are on our way back to Australia. It is a two-day cruise back and provided us with a nice restful time to relax and enjoy the sway of the ship as it moved over the waves. Actually, the Tasman Sea has a reputation for being a bit rough sometimes (contrary to what we experienced at the start of our cruise), and we did hit some bumps in the sea today, especially during the morning. There must be some remnants around somewhere of the storm that was blowing the past couple of days. By mid-morning the sky was clear and the temperature up to mid-60’s – just breezy. See the pictures of waves in the pool today. Today we slept in fairly late for us. We didn’t get up until almost 8:30. We had a ... read more
Water flowing back into the pool
Cooking Demonstration
Parade of Baked Alaska

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