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10h d'avion certes dans l'A380, le plus gros que j'ai eu l'occasion de prendre et où on est quand même un peu mieux que dans certains autres, mais ça reste 10h d'avion puis pas en première classe...Quand j'ai vu ça sur le recap' de mon vol je me suis dit que ça allait être lonnnng mais lonnnng! J´ai visualisé à nouveaux mes 8h consécutifs lorsque je suis partie à Bali puis les 9h pour la Nouvelles-Orleans...Alors j'ai fait le plein de bouquins en tout genre, des guides sur l'Ouest américain en passant par le développement de l'économie depuis l'Antiquité à nos jours => et même pas de Closer ou Biba pour une fois :) J'avais de grandes ambitions culturelles pour mettre à profit ces 10h de vol. Mais le bébé d'environ 1an qui était assis à ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean June 22nd 2014

11:42 And my baby girl is sleeping for 20 minutes already. She is completely worn out and overwhelmed by everything. Let me start by saying something about the Disney cruise in general, you pay a stiff penny for it but ... wow! When we entered the ship there were several crew members standing at the door applauding while over the ships intercom sounded "Welcome Gardner family to the Disney Fantasy!!" Can you spell awkward? Neither can I, but this sure was it. We waved to the crew people and ran! Anyway, everything is incredibly well arranged. When we went for dinner (thank heaven our time was changed to 5:45 because there was no way in heaven Jade would make 8pm) there was a high chair set for Jade, a kiddy cup with water with her name ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific June 4th 2014

A very quick update as internet access is somewhat limited in these parts.We are currently in Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. The Islands are amazing and very laid back. I am unable to post photos at the moment as the internet connection is v slow. We will be going from here to Papeete in Tahiti and should have better comms.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean May 14th 2014

While, it has been awhile since our last entry our lives have not been short on adventure. We have gotten ourselves into world of boating, so now we get to travel...and get paid. We have got to enjoy the Island life and fit not surprisingly very well. Most of our time has been spent living in the Virgin Islands where Stacy met the love of her life and newest member of our travel blog Chris. Next week he and I are off to tackle South America.... read more
Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Our final days at sea since leaving Israel have see us call at Naples, Palma de Mallorca and Lisbon. We have been to Naples & Lisbon so did not do any organised tours and as we are coming to the end o the World Cruise decided to take things easy. We met up in Lisbon with the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Victoria and we are now sailing in convoy to Southampton I will post some pictures when we get home of the last three ports of call. It has been an unforgettable voyage Hope you all enjoyed the blog!! We arrive back in England tomorrw - the 9th, it only seems like yesterday we sailed.... read more


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea May 4th 2014

Almerimar and back again Almerimar is a huge marina divided into about 4 bays containing some really nice buildings and developments that have been built but remain vacant. It is a real shame because the Marina has a really nice feel about it the beaches look manmade without character, are super windy and are lined with large hotels in various states of decay, new retirement villas are being built which are immaculate but the streets that surround them are uninspiring and empty. Unless you have a car there is little to do but it had a large supermarket which always gives us hours of entertainment trying to guess what is in the packaging when your dictionary only seems to contain the words you won’t ever need. Stumble in and Stumble out tours Booby man giving up ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic May 2nd 2014

It towered above me – a gleaming white marvel of modern engineering. Hundreds of bags were waiting to be delivered to the nearly 1500 cabins. For some strange reason I was anxious about my first cruise – but that is my usual reaction anytime I undertake an entirely new travel experience – whether that be my first steps in Europe, Africa or Middle East. Thankfully, I shared a taxi with two cruising veterans who assuaged many of my concerns, Raymond and Margaret had approximately 40 cruises behind them and had previously cruised on the Celebrity Eclipseso they provided a comforting background on the ship, staff and activities on offer. The Eclipse was launched in 2010, and part of Celebrity Cruises flotilla of Solstice Class of vessels. This was an incredible ship of 317 metres in length ... read more
Moonlight Sonata Dining Area on the Celebrity Eclipse
Friendly Alphonso at Zion Baptist Church - Nassau, The Bahamas
Crater lakes of São Miguel island - Azores

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 29th 2014

we wake up being sad knowing that we should be getting on a plane today to head to India. We decide to make the most of a sad situation. First we go have a nice breakfast down by the water, then we come back and decide to head to one of the beaches for the day. After getting ready, we went downstairs to find how to get to the beaches only to find out all the beaches are controlled by resorts and the cost is $130 per person. Well since we had to pay $400 for the hotel for the night, we really didn't want to pay that since it would just be what we did for the last week on the sail boat. Instead we decided to just hang here at the pool and just ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 28th 2014

Our sailing trip ended Sunday morning. We were deposited at the airport where our Hotel picked us up. We're staying in the same hotel we stayed at before the sail trip. We were allowed to check in early and got to the room. we then immediately went over to the Indian Consulate. The door opened at 9 and we were the first ones in only to find out the counters inside don't open until 9:30. we wait. At 9:30, we are first in line and try to talk with the lady. she is very hard to understand and just keeps saying no, no, no, don't come back. We do see a sign that says you can only pick up visas between 4 and 5. So Shelly takes off to surf and I chill in the room ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian April 27th 2014

We had our final day at sea. Shelly took the kayak in the morning and went over to the surf break and did a little kayak surfing. She did cut her leg a bit on the coral but had a blast. The captain then took us to an island that had showers and bathrooms,... and we spent 4 hours there. We got some great pictures with the palm trees. We snorkeled some and Shelly tried to surf kayak some more. After that, it was 3 hours back to the Male area. I wish we could have stayed somewhere else the last day and just motor'd in early. Instead we were in the harbor with all the other boats and in the flight path from the airport. We had dinner and just a lazy evening. Jamin and ... read more
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