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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island February 7th 2014

3rd - 7th February – Ascension Island Stayed a few days longer than originally planned at Ascension as Luuk from Boomerang had an operation for his hernia and we wanted to make sure all went well there before departing. He was diagnosed in St Helena and John and Debby were going to have it operated on in Caribbean, but decided (and advised) to get it done sooner rather than later. Ascension is a breeding ground for turtles and now is nesting time, so every morning we can see turtle tracks on the beach. Apparently at this stage there are too many turtles nesting so sometimes another next gets dug up accidently as the turtle is digging her new nest. it's very different from St Helena, but then again, guess it had a different purpose. It is ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 6th 2014

Yahooooo - Wake up......another fabulous day is calling. Today we are back sailing....time to begin the seafaring journey home. Not wanting to miss out on any of this opulent luxury, we ordered a light breakfast from room service. Here the four of sat on our adjoining balconies, sipping our coffee, snacking on pastries, laughing from our hearts as the world floated by under us. Can this truly be real or am I still asleep in that heavenly bed? We are a very happy foursome with so much to appreciate. My mind and eyes are having a difficult time taking all of this in. It is truly sensory overload. We have been taken to a new world that never existed for us before. It has been overwhelming. We are in awe of it all and so grateful ... read more
Promenade Parade
Promenade Parade

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 5th 2014

Ring, Ring....Wake's breakfast time again. We ordered room service (living large 100%)not realizing we should debark the ship earlier than planned for our next island visit. Actually, we thought today was going to be another cruising day but surprise: put on the old hiking shoes and get moving: we are docked at St. Maarten. Left a note on our door "Thanks but No Thanks" for the room service and off we sped to the dining room for our sit-down breakfast service. I'm loving this ALOT and not quite sure how I am going to return to the real world. It won't be easy or pretty. Sated, we rolled off the ship and into another wonderful, fantasy land. The Island of St. Maarten is part French and part Dutch. It looks similar to St. Thomas with ... read more
Oasis of the Seas
Welcome to St. Maarten
Cory & Policeman

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 4th 2014

Morning brought our arrival to the dock of St. Thomas Island. What a gorgeous picture it made....postcard pretty. Ooooooo, Ahhhhhhh. Enough beauty ogling. I still think it is terrific how we go to sleep in one location and wake in another. What a way to travel and see the world...or at least a part of it. But now it's the breakfast hour which we must attend in order to provide us with stamina for the busy day ahead. Once we debarked and set foot on the island, we found our way to the taxi station. These are not the usual yellow cabs. Although, there is a lot of yelling and hollering for cabs as in any city. The "cabs" have a front end of a pick up truck with what might look like a safari wagon ... read more
Lulu on her ass + taxi cabs
Load 'er Up. Matey
Rum to Resting Spots

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 3rd 2014

Another wonderful day in paradise. Breakfast was at the Windjammer Cafe. So tasty and sooooo filling. Enough food's making me sick. I thought a brief seminar about the upcoming 2 islands would be interesting and helpful. Sam said no one wants to hear it so he opted to go watch a movie. We should have listened to him because it was just a sales pitch on buying diamonds and jewels on these next two islands. Cory sat with us for about 15 minutes ....then he had enough and went on to the casino. Since I am not a big gem connoisseur, Sandy & I quickly followed in his path. We thought we would check out a presentation on digital photography but left before it even was about helmet cams which is not on our ... read more
Two Cupcakes
At the Aquatheatre
The Show Begins


Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 2nd 2014

Already, I'm finding it challenging to keep steadfast to this blog. You have been faithful to me and my ramblings so I must stay steady. So many things to do and see limits my blogging time. My memory isn't as sharp as it used to be plus I am faced with sensory overload while on this jubulient, floating castle. I've now resorted to old fashion note taking to use in preparing my blog. Housekeeping note: remember I am writing this blog while on our journey but not publishing it until we get home (no Internet service on the boat unless I want to pay $10 for 1/2 hour).... You're worth it but I'm not sure my blog is. So, today is actually Super Bowl Sunday (and we are back in the real world in our RV) ... read more
Our Cruise Ship
We've Arrived!
Lulu Loves Pirates

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 31st 2014

EN ROUTE TO SAN FRANCISCO 31stJanuary 2014 Just to let everybody know, we are slightly behind with the blog. Currently sailing NNW up the west coast of Mexico to arrive in San Francisco. As I write this at 1600 hrs its 80°F, calm seas and no wind, Hopefully I’ll get caught up before San Francisco. BLOGS to come Limon, Costa Rica Panama Canal - AMAZING Puntarenas, Costa Rica... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena January 27th 2014

28 Jan – 3rd Feb Most of this trip we had very light winds in fact, we used the MPS (Multi-purpose sail) for 4 days straight – even carried it overnight. First 2 days of the trip we were wing and wing, and sailing 6kts or more, but then we lost the wind. Boomerang had left a day before us and Frida were sailing behind. Can’t see them but know they’re both out there. Phil got a massive fish on the line, it took heaps of line straight down and there was nothing Phil could do to get it up, eventually it just stopped, and even then he couldn’t pull it in. Then suddenly the line snapped and both were free. Not worried about losing something that big – don’t want to even try and land ... read more
Having 'church' on deck
otherwise known as pretty coloured sail
Hello Ascension

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Saint Helena January 24th 2014

25 – 28 Jan ST Helena Absolutely LOVE St Helena. Had a few days here, pottering around and exploring. A little ferry boat comes out to collect yachties on the hour as there is no dinghy landing. It costs 2 pound per person return trip. Top biggest highlight was swimming with the whale sharks. We just hopped in our zodi about 4pm and headed out about a mile off to sea. Then, when you see the dorsal fin and tail, you head towards it, jump in the water and try to keep up. The one we swam with often returned back to check us out, so we really didn’t have to swim very far. The first time I jumped in, I was following it around (and boy they can move fast although it looks slow) so ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific January 14th 2014

Aw...gotta love the day at sea. Truthfully, we did not have cheeseburgers the entire time...I guess I thought it would be a cuter title than "Day Two" ... then again I guess I could quote another Jimmy Buffet song "It's 5'Oclock somewhere" as a catchy, yet, cliche title. Anyway, I did not realize until we had gotten back that I did not take any aerial view type photos of the ship. No pics of the decks or pool or pool well. I think Im trying to get away from the era of "take a pic of anything" type days just to document my entire second on earth... Plus I think in the grand scheme of things, some people do not want to scroll through 1,000 pics of mine to look at a trip they did ... read more
Getting Ready
Wine in the Piano Room

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