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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 15th 2013

Oh my gosh. Five days at sea have made us so lazy, but we did have the honor of crossing the equator and going from polliwogs to shellbacks (and have the papers to prove it!) plus we went to sleep on Sunday night and woke up on Tuesday morning! That's been really interesting to try to reconcile to our gadgets! But we've had nothing but calm seas and balmy weather until Tuesday when it was cloudy and rainy all day. Love being south of the Equator though.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian October 12th 2013

After 2 1/2 weeks we had to move on. Time for the next 1300 nm to Thailand. Not quite as nervous as the first time, though graeme was worried about the weather pattern since they are so different than what he was used to. Because we didn't have much internet it was a bit hard to get a good weather forecast, everybody else who left from here wasn't all that worried, so we just had to do the same. wind was always coming east south east the whole time we where there and since we where going north it all looked good. We sorted everything away, closed all the draws, made sure nothing is on the loose,even had our ipod dock ready upstairs. Always nice to sit up in the cockpit with a bit of music>. ... read more
booby bird
the real fish
can't say much about this

Oceans and Seas October 5th 2013

Just realized a whole blog entry didn't get published, so this is an update to what the delay did to our travel itinerary. First, since we were a day late coming out of Seattle, we were a day late in LA. This means that we have missed our berth date in Hilo and therefore we are not stopping there. So we will not have a chance to see and visit with Hal. We got in touch with him yesterday from LA and we're all very disappointed that we won't be stopping! Now the ship will be stopping in Lahaina, Maui, instead and then we will only have one day, instead of two, in Honolulu. We were lucky we got our excursion to the Arizona/Missouri changed to that day, because we had originally scheduled it for our ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 4th 2013

Now I've changed to the Coral Sea although we're not there yet, but it's in the right direction, at least. Don't know why you can't publish a blog without having to choose a sea in the Pacific. We're just heading for the big middle! Anyway, got to Los Angeles at 8 a.m. yesterday but didn't get permission to disembark for another 2 hours. Glad we had cancelled our LA plans and just stayed close to the ship. We did get off and walked down to the USS Iowa, that is berthed nearby and that is now open for tours. We didn't go aboard because of our visit to the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri in Honolulu. Those are our beginning WWII and ending the war visits on this trip. Further to our sea wildlife sightings ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Coral Sea October 2nd 2013

Due to the delay, we have had a big change of itinerary. We are in Los Angeles a day late, and then we will miss our berth date in Hilo, Hawaii, and will have to skip that stop. We are stopping instead in Lahaina, Maui, and then only have one day in Honolulu, Oahu. I hope we will still get to see the Arizona Memorial and the Mightly Missouri on our scheduled tour, but we won't know until later this week. Otherwise, the sailing now is much calmer and it is sunny outside. We hope we've left the bad weather behind. Still having 8-10' swells so caution is still needed in walking around the ship (like a drunken sailor if you know what I mean). Did have a great experience at lunch. We were next to ... read more


Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Bering Sea October 1st 2013

We are finally at sea! And not the Bering Sea but I had to pick one to get this blog to work. Anyway, we left Seattle at noon and left the Str. of Juan de Fuca about seven and hit 15' swells. Thankfully the dramamine is working!!! Walt has good sea legs and seems to be immune to mal de mer. The show tonight was a very good illusionist much to Walt's delight. Now I'm going to sleep to escape Walt's repeated "Shiver me timbers!" Hopefully tomorrow will find us sailing smoother waters..... read more

Oceans and Seas » Southern September 22nd 2013

Et voilà c'est fait, j'ai quitté Annecy ! Un premier pas vers la suite... Après quatre belles années passées dans cette superbe ville, ça fait quand meme un petit pincement au coeur de laisser tout ça, ces montagnes, ces gens, ces émotions, ces souvenirs. Fini Polytech', fini les études, fin d'une époque pour débuter une nouvelle Aventure, un nouveau voyage, de nouvelles découvertes. Maintenant place au monde réel ! Et quoi de mieux pour débuter qu'une année dans les îles Kerguelen ? Mais dis moi Jamy, c'est où les Kerguelen ? Eh bien c'est tout simplement un archipel de près de 300 îles plus ou moins grandes, situé dans le sud de l'Océan Indien, entre la Réunion et l'Antarctique. Elles font partie des TAAF (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises) dans lesquelles sont réalisés de nombreuses étu ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Indian September 20th 2013

Waking up at cocos was like waking up in paradise, palm trees and coco nuts everywhere! ! Got awoken up by the Federal police to check in, there where already 15 other yachts there. Out of them one other aussi, all the others where from Finland ,Holland , Germany and so on. Police came on board to check our papers, strife was not all that happy about it and barked-. We were told dogs where not allowed on land , the majority of the population is Muslim and they dislike dogs. Not the end of the world they just have to deal with it Anchored, dinghy off and land here we come. We anchored at direction island with all the other yachts , dinghy-ed over to home island to have a look whats there. Where is ... read more
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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Yellow Sea September 18th 2013

Wednesday- Day Twelve Sailing from Busan South Korea to Tianjin China in the Korean strait and Yellow sea. 2am this morning our clocks went back an hour to get us back to China time, so at 7am I had run out of sleep and we were ready for breakfast before 8am. We thought dining at Carmen's today would be nice with fresh pastries, tomato juice, omelets, and nice fruit on offer which is not available in the casual dining area. Little did we know we were to experience something akin to Fawlty Towers. 45 minute wait for cooked food, all without some ingredient we had ordered, and the waiter wiping his brow, looking harassed and finally telling us "the kitchen had fallen to pieces". Not sure what had happened but by 9-30am we gave ... read more
The Bridge "Voyager of the Seas"
Iceskating fun
exercising and keeping up the fluids

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Sea of Japan September 15th 2013

Sunday- Day Nine at Sea on route to Nagasaki We had been warned that we were traveling into a storm building into a typhoon and by midnight you could feel a distinct rocking or as the captain put it "Motion in the Ocean" We awoke to nasty grey skies, dirty looking seas and whitecaps, and for me a distinct queasy feeling. No tai chi was having enough trouble walking upright with the swaying never mind balancing. Our cabin attendant Hitesh was looking a lovely shade of yellow, he's Indian, and was feeling very sick and sorry for himself. This is his first trip on this boat, I'm not sure if he has worked on any others. Breakfast soon fixed me although the scrambled eggs took a little bit of encouragement to stay down. But ... read more
4-6 metre swells
A day of indoor activites
shopping time

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