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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast January 14th 2006

After all the activities of the last week it is definitely time for some R&R. We are now in Maraehake Bay on the East Coast at this super relaxing hostel. It is in the middle of nowhere. We can see the sea out of the bedroom window! It is about 5 paces away. We have been very lazy the last couple of days. We have filled our days with walking on the beach, looking in rock pools and some kayaking. They had free kayaks here so we decided to paddle round the bay which was lovely. Off to the Coramandal Peninsula tomorrow for some more beaches and fun in the sun. ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast January 9th 2006

Well after leaving Napier for Lake Waikaremoana we encountered firstly the return of the killer biting thingys around our ankles and secondly a juicy gravel road for Frank to get his teeth into. Lots of fun with drift, ditches and not being able to see very much for the 68km drive to get to the start of our walk. Once we had loaded up our supplies we were driven around to the start of the walk and got strainght into a 600m climb through the forest. Also lucky enough to get intermitent views of a staggeringly picturesque lake. Managing to smash the recomemkded walking time by a half (go us) we eventually got to our home for the night - a very small looking hut perched on the top of the mounatin overlooking the lake. Afetr ... read more
Lake W

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast January 9th 2006

Today is the Birthday of the worlds best Mum - well done you. lots of love. marc... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast January 9th 2006

hey guys! am writing on borrowed time here as the internet cafe hasnt noticed we've run out of credit! Things are great in new zealand, today has been taken up with recovering from the huge walk we did which marc has told you about. it was really really beautiful (king kong style 'beautiful' for ay one that has seen it!). my favourite bit was waking up on the last day in our camp by the lake and jumping straight in for a very chilly swim with the mountains towering over, ducks swimming by and a hot chocolate waiting to be drunk. Recovering from the jaunt now, seemed to have picked a cold up from somewhere but planning to eat as much as i can to get over it! Going to get familiar with some history of ... read more
Nice place for a night!
dirty and tired but happy
The southern hemispheres longest concrete wharf

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 6th 2006

Now back in Napier on my way to first tramp..... Please don't allow me to go to an auction on my own again! Although it probably would be easier a second time..... For a start the independent mechanical checks were not available as they'd closed for the Christmas break (uuntil an 9th!!) - I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised after Mum, Dad and I drove around Wellington trying to find a restuarant open on Tue evening - after 10 attempts we finally found one. So, back to the auction - meant I had less info than I would have liked. That peturbed me, tried to get help from sales assistants, one of whom did try is best, also said he would help me bid (unfortunately he was busy at the time).Now, I have got ... read more


Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier January 4th 2006

Greetings from the east coast - wine country. After hot footing it from Wellington after our return from the batch we headed out to the Taraua range of mountains where scenery is free and everything else coasts lots of cash - lot. Called the millionaires row of NZ. We were ucky enough to go to a wine tasting at a very snazzy wineyard where we decided is pretty near impossible to tell the difference between a $10 and a $60 bottle of wine - well almost. Anway the cheese platter and the wines were all very tasty. We then drove out into the mountains fo a spot of camping and were met with perhaps the most rain i've ever experienced in a tent - still with a very British stiff upper lip we braved the storn ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Opotiki December 21st 2005

Opotiki to Gisborne Firstly, a word of apology about the photos appearing as they do. Don't ask me why but it is impossible to sort them properly so they appear in the wrong entry. Sort it out yourself I suppose and guess where they are meant to go. Then we got to Opotoki from where we did a full day's cycling in good weather to Maraetai Bay. The hostel here was great, right on the beach a sprawling wooden construction with outdoor fire. It was run by a generous spirited and enthusiastic Maori guy and son. It was tempting to stay another few nights to dive and chill but instead off at the crack of dawn to Hicks Bay. We were drenched a few times on this one and went on to the Kawakawa Hotel in ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier September 26th 2005

So Robs arrival today which im sure hell tell you about including losing to me at pool - first blood! Long way to go though. Unfortunately have lost my partner in crime and fellow blogee Gem who is now Lamb sitting at her parents. Hopefully though she'll share her experience of kawaka?? bush trek which was pretty awesome if you like heights and hot pools etc and an update on returning to normal life yyyuuuuckkkk. Anyway ill end on the competition winner of the kleidoscope ...................................................... Big Bro and his girls - yes cillit bang, well close enough, so the star prize will be winging its way across the world with Gem soon- congrats! pictures will be updated and ill finish with Rob and his colourful report! managed to meet up with gypsy wiseman who was ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier September 25th 2005

Hello from Napier, NZ. We are currently visiting the east coast of the North Island for a day. Napier is considered the Art Deco capital of the world (rivalling Miami). The town was destroyed by an earthquake and completely rebuilt in the early 1930s, the heyday of art deco architecture. Yesterday we visited Rotorua, kind of the Disney Land of New Zealand. The tourist draw is the geothermal/volcanic activity, that creates lots of geysers, sulphur vents and pools of hot boiling mud (downside: entire town smells like rotten eggs). Woo! We visited a spa and had mud baths, a sulphur bath and an hour long massage. The massage was worth the trip by itself! Earlier in the day, while staying in the coastal town of Whakatane ("wh" is pronounced like "f", so it sounds like faka-tah-nay, ... read more
Wai Ora Spa
White Island
Mt Manganui

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » East Coast » Napier September 5th 2005

On the advice of a local resident who was visiting Westport, they recommended that we should visit Hawkes Bay and the East Cost of the North Island rather than the West - and I think it's safe to say that we're glad that we did! Spent the day visiting the National Aquarium of New Zealand which was a really lovely place, sharks, rays and even a huge turtle! We were lucky enough to get there for feeding time and see the diver hand feeding the fish in the Oceanic Tank. We then went to Marine Land which was a whole different story, really sad and depressing although they rescue and help to mend poorly sea creatures - seals, penguins etc; the whole place had an air of sadness with lovely dolphins swimming around their tank and ... read more
Ocean Tunnel

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