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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles July 2nd 2013

Yanchep (north of Perth) has proven a good base for exploring the region as well as being handy to the family for weekend activities and close to the house they are building. Tuesday awoke with a broad sunny smile and the forecast was good so we decided to do a day trip north from Yanchep. Guilderton is a small coastal town on the banks and mouth of the Moore River. The river forms a large protected lagoon before crossing a very white beach into the radiant blue Indian Ocean. Once again the beach here is protected by a couple of off shore reefs making it good for both swimming and fishing. The 1000 m gap from beach to first reef is apparently a great fishing trench and was being trolled when we were there. Guilderton has ... read more
Who made this sculpture?
Moore River Lagoon
Tranquil Waters

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles April 22nd 2013

We had a long weekend (25-26th Jan) a while ago now which I forgot to write about but shall fill you in now. We took the van up North to a small town called Lancelin. On the way we stopped at Yanchep National Park to see the Kangaroos and Koalas. It was boiling hot so we only walked a short way but it was nice and we hadn't seen kangas properly before and it was really cool to see them. They are so beautiful and impressive. We made it to Lancelin in mid afternoon and spent some time in the pub garden listening to a guy and his guiter. Amazing view of the beach and very relaxing. The Australian Open was on that evening so we stayed in watching it with a bunch of pommies. I ... read more
Sleepy Head

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles March 1st 2013

It was time to leave Busselton, not a bad town but full of ignorant drivers who dont give way to pedestrians and who have no idea how to use an indicator properly. We drove north towards Bunbury before joining the South Western Highway at the town of Harvey, so many pretty towns but no where cheap to eat or drink. We passed through a number of similarly lovely towns as we travelled north toward Armadale where I pulled over to set up my GPS device which proved really useful in navigating Perth's poorly designed highway system, I couldnt believe how many traffic lights they have on their highways. Eventually we made our way onto the Great Northern Highway arriving in New Norcia an hour or so later. New Norcia is certainly unique, established by Spanish Benedictine ... read more
The town's hotel
Religious Art

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles December 2nd 2011

Finally got the campervan, 2011 model car, only done 15000km... If you guys ever need hire campervans, we recommend going onto the backpacker campervan website and have a look, our camper sleeps 4, even has a fridge for beer and a microwave. Fun driving... First stop, Pinnacles, 250km from Perth... Pinnacles has a ranger's office, 11 dollar entry fee for car, over 5000 ancient stones, all naturally formed, noone really know how they got there, against a dessert like background... Geraldton was another 350km up North, we decided to bunker down there for the night, right by the beach... shame we didn't read the no camping sign... got woken up by the ranger... So lesson learnt, rangers do NOT go away by TRYING TO ignore them, they knock even louder to wake you up... always read ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles October 16th 2011

Hello again from Western Australia! I apologize for the lack of updates last week. After my power converter caught on fire, it took me a little while to find a store where I could buy a new one and thus my camera was unable to be recharged for about a week. Thus I had no pictures to share! So, I'll just combine the past two week's worth of activities into one blog post. Last weekend, I went to over to Claremont and did some shopping and sightseeing before going over to the Perth Mint for their gold-pouring event. I went on a tour of the Mint and attended lectures on the history of the mining industry in Western Australia (yes, I am just confirming my status as a big nerd for those of you who don't ... read more
Out with the FaceLab!
Koala at Caversham Wildlife Park
Being ambushed by kangaroos


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles September 19th 2011

There are strange events, strange people and in this case, a strange desert. There is no consistant explanation from geologists for this bizzar land scape. Some of the pinnacles have the appearance of petrified forests, others not so. Either way, aging is agreed as quite young, that is thousands of years, not millions of years. We walked through about 1/4 of the desert and enjoyed our time here. The location is a little south east of Cervanties, and there is good parking for all types of vehicles. The coast is a few ks away with more bright white sand. This appears in some of the photos as it contrasts so strongly with the golden tone of crumbled lime stone that lines the desert. The area is not entirely lifeless with reptiles, spiders and some bird life. ... read more
Pinnacles 2
Pinnacles 3
Pinnacles 4

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles July 21st 2011

I hopped on my tour van and we picked the rest of the group up. There are 10 of us in total, so a small group. Everyone is pretty cool. I started off calling everyone by their country instead of their name because I couldn't remember their name and then everyone started doing it haha. So I was obviously Canada, there was Team england, Team germany, Frenchie, Team Taiwan and Japan. We headed north of Perth and our first stop was the Pinnacles. These are rock formations formed thousands of years ago and are all over the dessert near the ocean. To me, they are very phallic looking. We walked around a small area of the pinnacles taking pictures and our tour guide, Ryan told us all about how they were formed. It really is a ... read more
can you find me?
phallic or what?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles December 20th 2009

Sunday 20th December We are now back home. We took two days to come back via Wongan Hill. As we always do when we are on that particular route, we stopped at "Goomaling Caravan Park", it is a shire park and it is unrated, however, it would put to shame some of the rated park. The service is great and friendly, the facilities are superb, and you can even exchange books freely in the laundry, there are plenty to choose from. A bonus: it is only $10.00 per night per van- pets are welcome This year, Goomaling Caravan Park is having a get together for their clients on Christmas day and a big meal will be provided in the park's kitchen. We loved Jurien Bay and we will go back, hopefully when the wind is not ... read more
Christmas at the caravan park
Salt pan Goomaling

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles December 14th 2009

Monday 14th December Very little to write about, the heat is not as bad, about 32 degrees today, not much wind, in all a very pleasant day. John was bitten by a red back and felt some pain and discomfort, I took him to the medical centre and he is now on the road to recovery. Even the dog feels the heat after a long walk!!! As for me, it is goodbye for now ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles December 10th 2009

Thursday December 10th So much for the rest day that I planned to have on day 3. We decided to leave Cervantes and go to Jurien Bay. The caravan park at Cervantes was terrible with the road works inside the park and the dust was incredible, so much for all my effort with cleaning the van inside out before we left, I was left with having to wash everything again.Fortunately, we did get a refund as we had paid in advance for 10 days, we should have been told when we booked a month ago that there were to be heavy machinery and the like happening in the park. So, once more I packed everything , including Rosie (grrrrrrrrrrrr she is so heavy!!!! and my right arm is feeling it!) We arrived on Wednesday the 9th ... read more
Molah Hill Look out
Sand Dunes
Jurien Bay Foreshore

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