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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 30th 2014

Day 47 and we arrive at Cable Beach Broome. Check in at the Cable Beach caravan Park and meet up with the Ashton's. Whilst setting up another couple arrive to set up opposite us and it's Gus and Julie from the Karingal footy club, small small world. Spent the afternoon swimming at the beach which is pretty nice, watched a great sunset and returned for a BBQ dinner and a couple of quiet ones. Thankfully no tyre issues today. Day 48 and took the car onto Cable Beach for a drive and then stopped and spent the morning on the beach. This part of the beach you are allowed to drive on is also the nudist beach so there where some sights to be had. Some people should remember no to bend over when naked on ... read more
Cooling the ankles
Driving on Cable Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 30th 2014

Day 50 and after putting the van in storage off to Middle Lagoon with the Ashton's. Hit the Cape Leveque Road and for the next 85kms, its red sand corrugates. Back on the bitumen for awhile and then at The Middle Lagoon turn off, another 35kms of rough sandy road. Made it to set up camp right on the cliff top overlooking the water, a pretty impressive place and well worth the drive in. We are only staying one night but have decided to return and stay another 2 after Cape Leveque. Set up our 2 new tents and realize I don't fit, but that's alright I'm on holiday and it's all good, I'll sleep a little folded. Went out for a trolling in Troy's tinnie but no luck, but good to be out on the ... read more
Harry at Middle Lagoon
Tam. Lily and Sophie

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca July 28th 2014

July 2014” Since our ‘The Wrong Way Around Trip’…well…basically I have been ‘slack’! Yes, we have done a few trips, but, I have not completed any Blogs for you all to follow us, sorry! Mostly our trips have been within Victoria and centred around the High Country and the Murray Valley, although one trip we did should have been written up and that was to the Birdsville Races last September, (Schoolies Week for over 55YO’s without high rise buildings to get into strife on!) . This was a fantastic trip with a number of highlights for us. From home (in Echuca) we headed north to Hay and onto Wilcannia, a historic town on the Darling River. It is hard to believe when you look at the state of the mighty Darling that this was a busy ... read more
Warri Gate

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 23rd 2014

Day 39 and into WA. First stop is Lake Argyle with the famous infinity pool. After getting set up the kids thought they would go for a dip in the pool and it was freezing. After a quick dip back out we went for a look at the dam wall which separates the lake from the Ord River, followed by the homestead. That night we got a dose of home with wind and rain. Day 40 awoke to grey skies and after deliberation we decided to go to Kununurra, no beautiful sunsets to be seen. Got into our caravan site went and restocked and afterwards at the caravan park the kids met up with some other kids they had met at Ayers Rock and ran around like goons Day 41went site seeing. Went to the Sandalwood ... read more
A little fresh
The Ord River
Ivanhoe Crossing

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 23rd 2014

Day 42 and off to Wyndham. Change that, drove into Wyndham, walked on the pier and drove back out again. Stopped at The Grotto which is a gorge at the bottom of steep cliff, for a dip after walking down 140 steps in a cliff and then off to El Questro. Amazing the amount of gorges and waterfalls in this part of the world. About 20kms of dirt/gravel driving and 3 river crossings with the last being the Pentecost River. Looks like a pretty good spot to set up camp for a few days. Lucky enough to get a camp spot backing onto the river. Day 43 headed out to the Zebedee Thermal springs which range between 28 and 32 degrees. The kids took their goggles and Poppy caught an ear infection. After the Springs we ... read more
Crossing The Pentacost River
H kickin it
Us swimming at Emma Gorge


Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 23rd 2014

Day 46 and here come the Griswald's. Leave El Questro heading towards Broome. 100ks down the road and BANG there goes the left caravan tyre, completely shredded. No worries we have a spare, so swap them over and off we go. Think I will be able to get a new tyre in Halls Creek, but it's Sunday and aint nothing opened. 200kms down the road and Sal is driving, BANG there goes the spare. This happened on a sweeping bend with steep embankment so we are in a pretty dangerous spot. Luckily for us, our saviours, Laurie and Pauline stop and without a second thought lend us their spare tyre. Amazing. So after a quick tyre change and phone number swap as they are heading to Broome as well off we go. Reluctantly leaving them behind ... read more
Anyone got a tyre repair kit?

Oceania » Australia » Victoria July 19th 2014

Thank goodness, I had no trouble in the airport upon arrival in Melbourne Australia. My visa was waiting for me…I applied for it on line about a month ago. But I didn’t find accommodations before I arrived and everything was closed down by ten p.m. There seem to be no mid-price hotels. There were conventions this weekend and all the prices are inflated. I did some photo editing for most of the night and the next morning I talked to a nice young man at the Travelers Assist desk and I got a hostel in the heart of the city. It is huge, over 750 beds. I am in a four bed mixed dorm room, which costs $30 Australian. This hostel is huge, clean and impersonal. (There is nice music on in the common room here.) ... read more
Sculpture at Queen Victoria Market
New Friends
You can't see me.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 15th 2014

Day 36 and off from Darwin we go. Oops, hold that thought, flat tyre on the caravan, valve has broken. After getting it repaired we hit the road around lunch time for Litchfield National Park. As we head for our camping spot at Wangi Falls we are overtaken by a fellow traveller on the road just before the campground. We pull in behind and he parks up ahead. We have a look around and there are no caravan spots left. But wait, what's this, a car park, that will do and so we set up in the car park. After waving Mr Overtaker away we ventured down to Wangi Falls. Beautiful and after swimming across the waterfall, we climbed the rock wall and there was a small warm pool of water 15ft deep in the rock ... read more
Sal and the kids
Thru the Moonsoon Forest

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston July 14th 2014

Day 33 we hit the Darwin Museum for a bit of education, (this is for the Derinya teachers) The kids got to learn about Cyclone Tracey, see Sweetheart the Crocodile and a host of other interesting things. That afternon we hit Howard Springs with the Uden's for dinner. Howard Springs has a park for the kids and a large billabong where the kids got to hand feed Barramundi. Day 34 we hit Crocodile Cove. We got to see some massive crocs up close and personal as well as the kids got to swim in a tank next to the saltwater crocs. Afterwards we put some meat on a line and fed the same crocs. That evening we ventured down to the beach and put Shaun's tinnie in the water. He took us out and we got ... read more
Lori, Grubba and Shaun
The kids enjoing a snag
Poppy looks confident

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ringwood July 9th 2014

Lost a day somewhere - bloody date line. Flight pretty good, if you consider sitting, lying, moving for 14.5 hours good. Had a feed when we got on the plane, watched a movie, then went to sleep. Much easier when you can stretch out, even better, at one stage I had my feet up on the bulkhead and was almost horizontal. Woke up and went for a walk, got some more water and snacks then back to watch another movie. Off to sleep again, then woken up with a sandwich and banana snack. More walks then more sleep, so all in all I reckon I might have had about 4 to 5 hours sleep - not bad for me on a plane. Woken up for breakfast, then we land pretty much on time. Off and into ... read more

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