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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Torquay April 24th 2014

Hi blog followers. Sorry I haven't added any blogs for a few weeks, but we have been spending a couple of weeks on the Mornington Peninsular/Rosebud (and spending some quality time with our daughter Erin in Melbourne) and then another week on our friends (Ian and Sharon Storm ) hobby farm at Sunbury. I must say a big thank you to Ian and Sharon for letting me get a much needed workout on the farm helping to do some renovations, whipper snipping the creek banks and general farm hand work. See photo's. Now that Easter is out of the way, we have continued on our merry way following the Australian/Victorian coast line west of Melbourne towards Adelaide via the great ocean road. At the moment we are at Torquay and are having some great weather for ... read more
Torquay Heads
Jan Duc Beach
Bells Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria April 23rd 2014

As a world challenge student, we learn a lot about how to survive long waits, especially when online it tells us how long till we fly. At the present moment, it is only 218 days, which is 31 weeks, in other words 7 months. In hindsight, it really isn't that long. This time last year we were told about this trip, then it was 436 days! Yes, its been a long wait. As a ripe old traveller, you get this ach in the pit of our stomachs when we haven't flown for a while, and this trip will get rid of the pain. So far we have been told nothing. Just that we are going to Cambodia, and all around. Thats it. Nothing. But yet the butterflies in my stomach are going ape shit. I am ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Hastings April 22nd 2014

It's now been six weeks since we returned from our wonderful 6 month experience in the UK and we, the car and the caravan are ready to go. We have been attending St James Anglican Church in Traralgon which is lead by Cannon Jeff Richardson. The services have been traditional from the prayer and hymn book and the sermons have been very thought provoking. We have provided Cannon Jeff with a write up of who we are, what we have been doing and where God is sending us, well as much as we understand at the moment and we have added Cannon Jeff to our Blog updates. On Tuesday 15th April we hooked up the caravan and headed off to Hastings to share Holy week with our family, friends and congregation. Once again Rosie and Greg ... read more
Easter Dawn at Hastings
Easter Dawn over the water at Hastings
Hastings after the Dawn

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD April 10th 2014

Today we returned to the US from our vacation in Australia. It is sad that the adventure is concluding as there are lots of other things to see in Australia, but we are ready to come home. We had a shuttle transfer arranged at 7:45 to get us to the airport for our flight, so we got up about 6:00 to get cleaned up and packed in plenty of time. However in his zeal to get everything into the suitcases with a weight distribution which would satisfy the airlines, David kept packing things which were still needed. So there were several rounds of unpacking and repacking, only to be done all over again when something else was needed (by that time he couldn’t remember which bag had what things inside). At last we were ready and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne April 10th 2014

It's been already two weeks since we arrived Down Under, but keeping our blog up to date while driving around and camping has proven to be a real challenge. The biggest problem with that is that our laptop has quite a lousy battery-life, so normally it's out of power after few days on the road, otherwise it would be easy to write the blog during our evenings in the tent. We recently bought a car charger too, but unfortunately we can only use it to charge our phones and cameras. Up to now we have been around the most southern parts of this vast country, starting with three days in Melbourne. We loved Melbourne, it seemed like a city with lots of culture and art, and in some parts reminded us of London, especially the St ... read more
Melbourne - walking in the city
little blue penguins spotted in Melbourne, they say red light doesnt bother them
white kakadus on our first Aussie campsite


Oceania » Australia » Victoria April 7th 2014

Last night before we head off to the hotel.Very excited!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Philip Island April 7th 2014

Today we are still in Melbourne. The excursion today is to visit a popular destination called Phillip Island. The pickup time is not until about Noon, so we have the morning to ourselves. That meant firstly that we slept in. Then David walked over to the nearest Westpac Bank to replenish our Australian cash. Then we went down to the hotel brunch and had a very big meal about 10:00. This included bacon & eggs, waffles, hashed browns, fruit, pastry, porridge, juice, tea, and probably a few more things. It filled us up like on a cruise ship, so we were set for quite a while. Back in the room, we packed clothes in preparation for checking out the next morning. We will be leaving the hotel and going on ... read more
Sheep Steering
Sheepskin "rug"
Kangaroo in Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road » Torquay April 7th 2014

First – we do not know why the past couple of blog postings have lost their paragraph formatting – hopefully this will work better. This morning (Sunday) we have another first experience – we are going on a 2-day excursion. Fortunately Daylight Savings Time ended last night and we got an extra hour’s sleep this morning. Despite that we had to be in the lobby at 8:00 so we could not dawdle. We did get to check our e-mail and have message from Kathy saying that Janet’s brother Mike had a big gall stone removed and everything went well. We also got a note from Elizabeth confirming our flights and that she was going to pick us up at the airport. We also saw a message from David’s sister Janel that she is starting a 13 ... read more
Kangaroo near Golf COurse
Memorial Arch
Split Point Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Brunswick April 7th 2014

Well it is the night before my big adventure starts. Today was supposed to be a bit of fun with repacking, checking a few details and sending a copy of all my docs off to Kal, Ry and Jane. I even had planned to have a massage! Ummmmm.....really should stop planning as I keep getting disappointed when it all goes skewif! I didn't have a massage...(guess that was pretty obvious), spent nearly all day on the computer trying to get my phone restored after getting it replace by Apple on Saturday. Conversations with the travel agent about accommodation weren't doing anything for my stress levels and as I type this, I still haven't got them confirmed in Lima. My printer didn't want to print; I can't get the shuttle to my hotel in Miami as I ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road » Torquay April 7th 2014

Today is the return portion of our trip along the Great Ocean Road and also the last real day of our vacation, so we are going to try to enjoy it as much as possible. But there is a lot happening today, so read all about it! Sunrise crept in our villa window and was very pretty. We got up and repacked our stuff to be ready to leave the hotel at 7:40. That gave us a little time to clean up a few of the pictures and work on the overdue blog entries. Since we have no internet service here, everything had to wait until we got back to Melbourne tonight. When we took our stuff out the van, Urs came out and said they had a visitor outside their balcony. We all went in ... read more
Part of 12 Apostles
Janet & David
"Mounts" along the coast

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