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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Shepparton May 29th 2014

Brent took the day off work to see us off. That might have been a mistake as Barry spent half the morning giving him instructions on what to do while we’re away and I made sure he could feed himself OK. Bet he breathed a sigh of relief when we finally left around 1pm – much later than we’d intended. We had a good run until we started to get peckish and stopped at a roadside fuel place for some lunch. Surprisingly they had a home-made chicken and vegetable soup which was really thick, packed full of fresh veg and delicious – filling, too. We had hoped to get up into NSW but the sun was already getting low by 4.30pm so we decided we should find somewhere for the night. Soon after we saw a ... read more
Calder-Goulburn Memorial Park Rest Area
Calder-Goulburn Memorial Park Rest Area

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mansfield May 24th 2014

We had decided that we would go up to Mt. Buller today which is about 60 km from Mansfield. The road is tar-sealed all the way as we passed through rich, pastoral grazing land which, is very dry at the moment as there has been no rain for the last few months so, everything is looking very dry and brown but, good rain over the last couple of days, should help green things up somewhat. It only took us about an hour to get there, arriving around 11-30am and, as we wound our way around and up the mountain and, the further and higher we went, the more dense the cloud, mist and fog became until, once right at the top, it was a complete whiteout with a stiff, cold breeze blowing and you could see ... read more
Ski sculpture, Mt. Buller Village
Mt. Buller Village clocktower
Our barbecue

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mansfield May 22nd 2014

We were staying in a very historical region of Victoria, not only for moviemakers but, also because this was bushranger country in the old days of the late 1800’s. (A bushranger was an outlaw) Victoria has many historical townships and sites and, here we were, right in the middle of some of the most historically famous of all, surrounding us in all directions. The magnificent mountain scenery around Mansfield hit the international stage worldwide when the movie, “The Man From Snowy River” was released back in 1982 with the sequel, “The Man From Snowy River II, following 6 years later, in 1988. The story is based on the poem of the same name written by one of Australia’s greatest poets, Andrew (Banjo) Patterson. Some 130 years earlier, this area and the towns of Mansfield, Glenrowan, Beechworth, ... read more
Mock-up of the siege at Glenrowan
Mt. Buller in the summertime
The Kelly Tree at Stringybark Creek

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mallacoota May 22nd 2014

After another great week of sunny weather Saturday 17th Maywas no different. Maureen gave us a call at 6.30am so that we could see a magnificent sunrise and also witness the fishing boats head out to the upper and lower lakes for the start of the Mallacoota fishing competition. The fishing competition is held over two days and boats headed past our vantage point travelling at 8klm per hour in a snake like formation with all lights on. Unfortunately pictures would not do the sunrise or the boats justice. Those fishing register at the jetty before heading out and fish until 2.00pm. They then head back to the jetty with their catch ?????? Where bags are checked and weighed and prizes awarded. It was a great spectacle. Sunday 18th May saw us head to St Peters ... read more
Soccer Roos ?????
Skie &n Brandy
Fishing competition

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mansfield May 19th 2014

It’s an all-day drive from Sydney to Victoria. An early start to the day by being up at 4am, we had planned to be on the road at 5 but, having those few last-minute things to do, meant that we didn’t actually get away until 5-20am. My brother Glenn and sister-in-law Bonny from country Dubbo in NSW joined us on this trip and, had offered the use of their car to drive us all down to Victoria as theirs is a bit bigger than ours so, would accommodate the 4 of us more comfortably as well as all of our gear. Ted drove us out of Sydney and, at that time of the morning, traffic was light on the M7 and the Hume. We had wanted to get on the road as early as possible so, ... read more
HMAS OTWAY at Holbrook
Bonny Glenn and Ted beside HMAS Otway


Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mallacoota May 16th 2014

Saturday 10th Maypresented us with a magnificent sunrise and a great opportunity to enjoy breakfast in the annex enjoying the water views. After breakfast we packed a lunch and thermos and headed off on a 25 klm walk. The walks were listed as the 'Mallacoota Lakeside Shared Pathway' (probably the most scenic lakeside walk in Australia), 'The Narrows' & 'Buckland's Jetty to Captain Creek', all followed the outline of the Mallacoota Inlet. The first part of the walk was a constructed walking/bike path with several areas of board walk over small creeks. We past many jetties and saw lots of bird life that allowed Evelyn to update her Australian Bird Book. The constructed walking path that started just outside the caravan park ended at the Karbeethong Jetty where fishing and house boats are moored. The second ... read more
Sunrise over the Mallacoota Inlet
Full moon over the Mallacoota Inlet
Bird Life at Mallacoota

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Tullamarine May 14th 2014

So begins another journey, all alone in the Q lounge in Melb waiting for Neil Perry to show up and cook lunch. 4 hours till we board for Singapore, devices charged, maps of France installed on the phone and we are ready to roll.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mallacoota May 9th 2014

Msalato Porridge Fee- As mentioned in our Blog page of July 3rd 2013 we, Holy Trinity congregation and friends and colleagues in the IT industry raised the necessary US$1,600.00 to fund the next 12 months 'Porridge Fee' at Msalato kindergarten in Dodoma, Tanzania. This fee provided 45 children with a hot meal of porridge every day while attending kindergarten. Also as mentioned in subsequent Blogs, on Jess's retirement from C Smart, Paul Lemaire C Smart MD & Matt Holani C Smart Executive Director, generously offered to fund the 'Porridge Fee' through C Smart in subsequent years. We just wanted to let everyone know that the donation for the 'Porridge Fee' 2014/2015 year has been received by Holy Trinity from C Smart and Holy Trinity will arrange payment to Msalato in Tanzania. Thank you so much to ... read more
Welcoming Sign
Kangaroos in the paddock
Caravan Park View

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Preston May 7th 2014

So, its all finally happened: I am unemployed (resigned), the car has been sold, the leaving party has happened, the trip starts tomorrow and the packing has been done (all apart from toiletries which are required tomorrow morning). With the realisation that has happened over the past few days come a few surprises. I experienced elation, excitement, concern, worry, hope, comfort and another million other emotions which has culminated in enjoying a glass of bubbly with our 'last' supper in Melbourne for a while and a surprising calm. We seem to be just going through the last minute motions of any holiday where we can be sat quietly one minute and the next one of us has run upstairs having just remembered one last item of clothing we want to pack or the decision to swap ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Portland May 5th 2014

Hi blog followers. As normal, we have now moved on and spent a couple of days at Warrnambool before now spending a couple of more days at Portland. I must admit we didn't get to see a lot at Warrnambool as the weather was atrocious. I.e. It was blowing a gale and bucketing down rain. It definitely got the van rocking and after two days we decided enough was enough and headed for Portland. By the time we arrived and set up camp, the weather was in total contrast with blue skies, the sun shining and "no wind". We are becoming experts at working out what direction the van needs to be set up to get the early sun and avoid the winds etc. We stopped in at Port Fairy on the way and have marked ... read more
Cape Bridgewater and the seals at play
The Petrified Forest
Cape Nelson Lighthouse

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