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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Hastings March 7th 2014

On Monday 25th Februarywe were invited to attend a meeting of East Shropshire Progressive Christianity (ESPC) which is part of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain (PCNB). These progressive groups meet to discuss all aspects of religion and the bible. They are not for everyone and it was interesting to sit and listen and understand that there are people with different and differing views from ours. Most of the people who attended are members of different Anglican congregations over the Shropshire area and some travel up to 40 miles to attend the monthly meetings at St Marys church centre. Our final week in the UK is one that sees us as busy as ever. Sunday 2nd March started off with something a bit different when we saw some sheep just outside the cottage, Bob does not have ... read more
Our Cottage
St Chads
St Mary's

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Daylesford March 7th 2014

Hi everyone, So... last week we visited a beautiful little town called Daylesford. We spent two days here exploring and relaxing in a spa before heading to the Great Ocean Road :-) Driving along the Great Ocean Road is by far the highlight of my whole trip so far! Nothing has beat it yet! We spent two days along the Great Ocean Road and were lucky with the weather on the first day - beautiful sunshine and clear skies to view the coastline and 12 Apostles, however, the second day we had torrential rain and thunder storms... It added to the excitement of the trip I suppose! It was nice to view the same sights in two different lights and it did make the driving slightly hairy/ interesting on the way back! The photos I have ... read more
Lake Daylesford
The Memorial Arch
The Memorial Arch

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands March 6th 2014

If you’ve just about reached the end of the line, if you’ve crossed the line bordering genuine sightseeing and desperate boredom, if you absolutely have nothing better to do with your day, then try glow in the dark mini golf. It at least sounds fun right? I caught the free sightseeing tram (which I’d been using as legitimate commuter transport for about a fortnight) and rode it almost full circuit round to Harbour Town, a fairly new-built shopping/eating complex which is pretty useless unless you have money to burn. Seeing as I was in Melbourne to try to find a job, suffice it to say that I was not on the lookout for expensive boutiques and eateries. Anyhoo, I’d seen a flyer for this mini golf place, and seeing as I never got to play it ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Healesville March 4th 2014

‘Healesville seems like an alright place’ During 2011-12, I was a WWOOFer. It means Willing Workers on Organic Farms and basically you throw yourself at the mercy of your ‘host’ who puts you to work and they feed you and give you a roof over your head. Well, most of the time. The whole wwoofing situation pretty much goes against everything you’ve been taught growing up i.e. speaking to strangers and getting in their car. But I suppose it’s a chance you take when you sign up for the programme. If I’m honest, my first impression of my host didn’t do much to assuage this feeling. He was fairly tall, with long hair underneath a bandana, well-built and wearing beige work clothes. He sounds quite intimidating right? But on closer inspection I could see that he ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Philip Island March 3rd 2014

Monday 3rd March, 2014. Pelican Feeding at St Remo & Philp Island Coastal Walk Before breakfast D went down to talk to the YH Warden about various trip options, bike hire, car hire etc in order to establish what we could do on our day on Philip Island. We discussed the options over breakfast. There weren't very many! A car was too costly, two bikes would cost the same as a car and pretty much everything was too far to walk. This is the only place where we really felt we had blown it completely. The YH was the most expensive one we had stayed at, we had paid two coach fares to get here from Melbourne (and travelled half a day) only to find that we couldn't do much! However the warden had told D ... read more
4. Pelican Feeding, St Remo, Victoria
11. There is a Ray Fish Honest.  St Remo, Victoria
12. M on the Beach at Philip Island


Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Philip Island March 2nd 2014

Sunday 2nd March 2014. Melbourne and Travel to Philip Island, Victoria, Australia We woke up early as Ian was coming to meet us for breakfast. It was a lovely day so D went up to the YH terrace to take some pictures of the Melbourne skyline before going down to Glen's cafe to meet Ian. M joined them about 5 minutes later. It was great to see Ian again and M had got the laptop this time so was able to enter more information into the family tree (courtesy of Ian of course). The time went all too quickly and Ian had to leave to go to work. We said our goodbyes and then we checked out of our room at 10.00 am and went to the cafe. D guarded the stuff while M went to ... read more
8. M and D Waiting to Depart
18. The San Remo Hotel
1. Melbourne from the YH Terrace

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 1st 2014

Saturday 1st March 2014. The Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton Gardens and Melbourne Museum, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Well now it is March and officially autumn here in Oz. After breakfast at Glen's cafe we caught two trams over to Carlton Gardens which is home to the Royal Exhibition Building. Even though it is now autumn the weather was lovely. We strolled around the Carlton Gardens which are integral to the Royal Exhibition Builing's (REB) appeal. The gardens retain the same layout and many of the original features from their inception including trees, lakes and fountains We walked along a wide pedestrian boulivard lined with trees and decorative flower beds until we reached the magnificent REB. We walked to the right through the Carlton gardens until we came to the Stawell Stone Pillar. This pillar of stone was ... read more
5.  Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
8.  M in Carlton Gardens with Royal Exhibition Building Behind
20.The Wild Gallery

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Hastings March 1st 2014

We are now at the start of spring here in Albrighton, the days are getting longer and the weather has changed, well on some days, we now get longer spells of sunshine and less blasts of cold wind. The spring flowers are starting to bloom with lots of daffodils, snow drops and crocuses appearing along the road side as we continue our walking. We are also getting ready for a change as our time here comes to an end. It's a sad time because we have to leave but also a time of anticipation and excitement as we not only wait to see how God uses us next but we get to return to our family and friends in Australia who we know have missed us as we have missed all of them. It will be ... read more
Wild Snow Drops
Dornier 17
Dornier 17

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Ballarat February 28th 2014

Friday 28th February 2014. Wonderland, Grampians NP and Ballarat, Victoria, Australia After breakfast we set off to find the Wonderland car par which is the starting point for a number of walks which had been recommended to us by the Halls Gap YH warden. These walks are in part of the Grampians NP known as the Wonderland Area. We drove the 10 minutes or so out of Halls Gap and found the car park easily. There were a number of walks signposted and we opted for the Grand Canyon walk loop Walk. This is a short (900m) circuit track is billed as "one of the most interesting walks in Victoria". It follows rock platforms formed by the river, up some steps and above the ravine which runs down to the creek. Despite the handrails strategically placed ... read more
15. Silent Street, Grampians NP
17. D at the Pinnacle, Grampians NP
30. Her Majesty's Theatre, 17 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » St Kilda February 28th 2014

Dear Grace and Mag, The first thing I will say as I'm sure you know is that I still really miss him... so much. We talk and skype all the time but I would just love to see him. Anyway, when I left Cairns I drove down to Sydney (really long way, would normally be a 3 hour flight) with Michelle. She's someone from work who happened to be leaving the same day as me so as I hate flying it was a good way to avoid it would be more fun. And it was a lot of fun. We stopped in Ayr for a night to see Michelle's old farming buddies and we stopped in Noosa and Brisbane to see my friend Polly who I stayed with the first time round in Brisey. Then ... read more

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