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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 15th 2014

Awoke to a beautiful morning, so after breakfast off to Uluru. All of us completed the climb, with Lily, Poppy ad Harry taking the lead and showing Sal and I how fit we really are!!! (Might have something to do with those afternoon sippers). From the moment we stepped onto the rock it was amazing with views to match. It was a lot steeper than they had expected with Sal worried about the kids falling off the rock, however did not seem as concerned about me. After the two hour climb, with the calves burning and a quick rest I thought it would be a good idea to complete the walk around the rock before lunch. 10.6kms and 3 hours later we arrived back at the car. Some may say dad was not in the good ... read more
Made it to the chain
The Grubba's on top of the world (or Uluru)
Nearly Lost Them

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mallacoota June 13th 2014

'PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL' Over the past 6 weeks we have included in this Blog details of tasks that we have been undertaking at St. Peters in Mallacoota. We would just like to say that we do this not to brag or pat ourselves on the back but, hopefully, to encourage others to help out at either there local Church or any Church where an opportunity presents itself. There are always things that they need help with including Fellowship. God will use whatever talents He has provided us with and will always bring out those talents that we are not aware that we have. Week 6 started off on Saturday 7th June with a fine and sunny morning so it was a short walk from the Manse to the main street of Mallacoota and a ... read more
Pebbly Beach
Pebbly Beach
Pebbly Beach

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 12th 2014

Early rise at Pimba and we hit the road for Coober Pedy. Sal driving the Grubba Road Train for this stint. Long straight highway with not much excitement other than a family of emus running across in front of us. Arrived in Coober Pedy and spent the afternoon looking around this town that looks like something out of a Mad Max movie. Quite a bizarre town where most of the locals and shops are underground, some very interesting people live here. The kids got a couple of opal pieces and thought they were awesome. Had a quiet beverage in the Underground Pub and then settled in for the evening. The next day we went to The Old Timers Mine which was an interesting place full of underground tunnels and even an underground house that was used ... read more
We're Here
The Town (Sal's artistic take)

Oceania » Australia » Victoria June 11th 2014

As part of my court-ordered community service (no regrets, that penguin had it coming), I'm writing a sequel to Maya's adoption blog for her soon-to-be sibling. Abandon hope (of entertainment), all ye who enter...... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 10th 2014

Leaving Wilpena Pound today and heading south to Port Augusta for lunch and supplies and then north onto the Stuart Highway for an overnight stay at Pimba. Harry has 1 question that keeps repeating this trip and that is when we get there can we have a kick of the footy? The Buddy Ball he got for his birthday won't make it to Darwin, falling apart at a great rate. Arrived at Spud's Roadhouse in Pimba (I don't think there is anything else here) and set up camp. Camp here involves pulling up anywhere you want and go from there, don't even bother unhitching the van from the car. A lot of grey nomads had already set up camp in the primo spots so we took what was left which was still pretty good. Went into ... read more
The campground
Quiet beer in Spud's
Kids having a game of soccer


Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 10th 2014

After a lazy morning off for another hike. This time a 3km uphill rocky path to the Arkaroo Rock which has Aboriginal paintings. Sal packed the lunch and off we went. After seeing the paintings we stopped for our lunch. As the food was unpacked we realised that the girl's lunch had been left back at the caravan and we only had the boys sandwiches. The girls didn't want to share our food so me and H had a lovely lunch. Back to camp for some footy and a fire.... read more
The paintings
The boys enjoying lunch
A bit of footy

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura June 8th 2014

Day 1 and we hit the road heading for Merbein on the Murray. Made the long trip without incident until we hit Merbein. We had planned to stay overnight at Horseshoe Bend which is a free camp spot. You would think this would be an easy place to find. We drove around Merbein for awhile keeping calm at all times!!! We eventually parked in front of a Winery entrance and rang the local tourist information. They told us to drive approx. 5km to "Old Wentworth Road." As we drove along that road a farmer sensed we were not in the right place. He told us there are 3 Old Wentworth Roads in Merbein and we were on the wrong one. After following him back to where we were, he told us to take the first gate ... read more
Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 8th 2014

Day 2 and after having a fish by the Murray and catching nothing we pack up and head for the Burra River Gorge. On the way we stop at the Monash Adventure Playground, where back in 1991 when Guns n Roses and flat tops where cool it was a playground made entirely of steel. Due to numerous injuries (thanks Frenchy) it has now been replaced with safety play equipment, kids are soft these days. After the playground Sal takes the wheel, and I'm left in charge of the kids, this is not going to end well. Crossed into South Australia and arrived at the Burra Creek Gorge. This was a great spot, however on arrival we had no firewood. Took Lily for a drive to find some wood and landed flat on my back like a ... read more
Monash AdventurePlayground
By the Fire

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 8th 2014

Before packing up we go for walk looking for the Burra waterfalls. We have been told to stay out of the water due to leeches. We come to a small river crossing involving half a dozen stepping stones that are loose in the water. I head off first and stop half way to assist the wife and children. Harry across dry, Lily across dry, Poppy across dry, dad across wet, foot straight into the water, should be good for the hike. Sal across dry. Once again the dad the butt of everyone's jokes. Found the waterfall see attached photo. Packed up and drove thru Burra which is a beautiful old town. Long drive to Wilpena Pound where we set up in the caravan park and decided on our hike for tomorrow. Quiet night by the fire. ... read more
The BIG Waterfall
The Camp

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Frankston June 8th 2014

Day 4 living the dream. Awoke to a beautiful morning in Wilpena Pound. Went for a 8km walk to the Wangara Lookout via the Hills Homestead. The homestead had an interesting story and the climb to the lookout was worth the effort. After lunch went for an off road adventure into the ranges and went to the Appealinna Ruins. The kids counted over 100 kangaroos on the road into the ruins. Poppy was a bit concerned about the kangaroo's and took some convincing to get out of the car. Very impressed no Sparky Griswald's incidents today along the 4wd track in my 2wd drive car!... read more
Lily on the way to the lookout
The Grubba's at Wangarra Lookout
Where's Lily?

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