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Litchfield National Park This is a very significant park, both in size and proximity to Darwin. In fact, we were surprised at the number of coach tours we ran into within the park, despite this now being the off season. We drove north from Katherine and stopped at a free camp for lunch, but since the day was running well we pushed on to Bachelor. The helpful lady at the info centre provided us with some local info and suggested that we would find a camp spot at Wangi Falls as there had been little traffic. So we pushed on, and sure enough, there were several camp spaces available, and we chose the longest so we didn't have to take off the trailer when we parked. Wangi falls is about 50ks into the park, in fact ... read more
Termite penthouse
Tall cathedral mound
Magnetic Termite's mound

Today we went to Florence Falls. Florence Falls are two water falls that look quiet good. We went swimming as there were no crocodiles. I didn't swim all the way to the falls as it is very very very very deep. There were lots of big fish in the pools. Then we went back to the campsite and played mini golf and went for a swim and I got an ice cream. After that we went back to the tent and had dinner. The next day we drove from Litchfield to Gregory, it was a big drive. I saw too many Boab trees. We got invaded by ants again in Gregory.... read more

Stayed in Litchfield for 4 days, a new swimming hole each day. May get rid of the GPS now that I can distinguish North just by looking at a termite hill (then checking GPS). Andi ran into some old Coleraine friends (Cathy O'Connor and Glen Rigby) at one on the falls.... read more
Buley Pools 1

Took a trip into Litchfield National Park via a small town called Batchelor all in all around trip of 300ks Some stunning waterfalls and rock pools as well as other natural attractions. We drove past the Magnetic termite mounds having seen them on our previous trip.Our first stop was Buley Rockhole a series of small waterfalls and rockholes, by the time we arrived they were well populated great place.We moved on to Florence Falls a spectacular double waterfall.From here we went to Tolmer falls again magnificent but no public access to the bottom of the falls as this is home to some rare bats. Our next stop was the lost city so called because the rock formations are reminiscent of a lost civilization, accessible only by 4x4 along a 10k track, spectacular is the only way ... read more

We reluctantly left Lake Argyle and headed back into Kununurra to pick up my phone, but first we visited the Minjira National Park, a.k.a the “mini Bungles”, a consolation prize for the real thing still being inaccessible by road. It was a short hot walk, the rock formations were very cool indeed, and after a quick visit to the police station to collect my phone (which smelled like beer but was otherwise still working), we were soon on our way. We decided to spend the night at the Gregory National park, and were relieved to find the campsites at a reasonable distance from the water (we could hear it but not see it) and there was one other couple there who reassured us we were (reasonably) safe from the crocs. The night was clear and moonless, ... read more
Mud fun
Wangi Falls bird


19th November, 2012. It was a warm morning and we were keen to see the rest of Litchfield National Park. Daniel was a little disappointed that the 4WD track to Surprise Creek was closed. Nonetheless, we experience little bit of four wheel driving which was fun. We continued on and arrived at Tolmer Falls, which was an amazing sight. We couldn't swim here as it was a protected area. Next stop was The Lost City (more dirt roads), which consists of many natural rock formations which resembled a small city. Sasha took many photos as the shapes and features of the rocks were very interesting. Our next stop was Buley's Rockhole, which is a small river of flowing fresh water over a rocky bed. The rocks were very slippery but once in the water, it was ... read more
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

18th November, 2012. After breaky, we checked out of the Hidden Valley Tourist Park and went to Woollies to restock our supplies. Our first stop was Wangi Fall, Litchfield National Park. The view was magical and the sound of the water crashing into the pool was very pleasant. There were warning signs for crocodiles and one could be seen under the water near the viewing platform. It was a fresh water croc about 1.5 metres long and it didn't move the entire time we were watching. This didn't deter us (or anybody else) from having a dip in this clear, freshing pool. Daniel and the girls even swam all the way to the waterfall and back. We decided to camp here for the night and besides the annoying insects, it was a pleasant evening. Falling asleep ... read more
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

Green Ant Creek, Tolmer Falls and Wangi Falls... read more
Green Ant Creek
View from above

Edith Falls had served us well but it was now time to hit the track and explore more of the NT. Most of the day was spent driving towards our next destination, Litchfield National Park. By mid-afternoon we had arrived and found a campsite for the night near Florence Falls. With so much to see we parked the van, grabbed our gear and started walking towards the Falls. If first impressions are accurate then Litchfield is going to show us some incredible landscape. The walk down was fantastic as tropical trees lined the path and with the thick canopy overhead the warm sun was blocked out. The Falls were great and seemed to be a popular tourist spot with plenty of people down there for an afternoon swim or to admire nature at its best. It ... read more

Florence Falls in Litchfield National Park... read more
Tropical surroundings
The view overhead

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