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Packed up the Kakadu campsite and left the National Park with a heavy heart. One more swim in the Cooinda pool cooled us down before the long drive ahead. The road out of Kakadu is a long one since the park covers more than 20000 square kilometres. We drove through beautiful flood plains, over the alligator river in many spots, through groves of different trees and termite mounds and grey rocks. We drove nearly into Darwin and then back out again and down to Litchfield National Park. We have heard such good things about this place and cant wait to get there. We drive into the park and around to Wangi Falls, a superb spot, only to be told that we cant really stay there as ‘they’ will be demolishing the facilities soon. So we dip ... read more
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crocodile warning
litchfield entry

Anne-Marie and I went on a tour to Litchfield Park today which included a Jumping Croc Cruise. We did the croc cruise first on the Adelaide River, the staff on the boat dangle maet over the side of the boat on a long stick and the crocodiles come up and jump to catch the food. We saw lots of crocs and some of them jumped really high for the meat, it was amazing. It was a bit strange though and they teased the crocodiles quite a bit, they never fed the crocodile on the first jump so that everyone got a good photo and if they didn't think the crocodile was trying hard enough they'd do everything they could to try to get it to jump higher. Poor things. I did get some great photos though! ... read more
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

We arrived at Litchfield NP and decided to stay at the Park campsite at Wangi Falls instead of the Caravan Park. We spent the entire afternoon swimming in the pool at the base of the falls. The next morning we explored, Tolmer and Florence falls before making our way to Katherine. We got up very early the next day to board a breakfast cruise along Katherine(Nitmiluk) Gorge, it was a beautiful morning and the sunrise over the gorge made for some jawdropping scenery. We had a huge buffet brekkie as we cruised the first 2 of the 13 gorges. We then packed up the Watergate and made our way West. We stayed overnight at Big Horse Creek on the bank of the Victoria river about 10km west from Timber Creek, we tried once again to catch ... read more
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Big Termites
maybe we should paddle.....No bad idea....

We continued our adventures to Litchfield national park. Here one of the main places we visited was Walkers Creek which was a lovely quiet bushwalk of 3.5km. Again with it being so hot, it was nice and refreshing to cool down with a dip in the springwater river. It was really relaxing with no one else around. After this we stopped at Wangi Falls which is a beautiful spot for swimming and walking and had lots of bats in the surrounding trees. We also visited Tolmer Falls, Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole which were also lovely spots but were too busy at that time with tourists. We stopped in Berry Springs on our last night as we made our way back to Darwin. Here we went for a swim in one of the pools in the ... read more
Termite Mounds
Screwdriver tree

Monday July 21st We went downtown today to try and lodge our tax returns first off. This was unsuccessful because it was just over our heads and we didn’t want to mess something out and lose out on money. Mike went for a haircut so Katja and I walked around the town. Once Mike was done we met up we went to the local Travellers Auto Barn to top up on power steering fluid, talk about an oil change and towing fee. Next was Charles Darwin University for photos. Anything I could find that had Charles Darwin’s name in it I tried to take photos of in town! We stopped by the ocean after this for lunch for our final ocean swim of the trip and also to say we had swam in the Indian Ocean. ... read more


Saw the Magnetic Termite Mounds. The termites build these mounds flat, facing East and West and the skinny sides North/South. These mounds are built in the flood areas and get warmth from the morning sun, wait out the heat of the day in the middle of the mound and in the evening go to the West face to keep warm. Amazing smart termites. Florence Falls 4WD camp was full. Went back to Buley Rockhole and got the last camp site. Went and had a swim in the rockholes. One had a cascade that pelted onto your back and it was like a massage. Cooked thinly sliced potatoes on the BBQ plate, much nicer that the gas BBQ. More like chips. Had another swim early in the morning and saw a snake on the path as we ... read more
Termite Mound
Alex & Kate
Buley Rockhole

We left Darwin on Saturday to go to Litchfield National Park. We camped at Buley Rockhole. It was nice down at the Rockhole. We went under the waterfall. There were about 12 rockholes that you could go in. Saw a snake about 1m long on the bank at the rockholes as we were leaving. Just looked at Florence Falls, but got to swim at Wangi Falls. There was a warm pool in the side of the rocks, next to the waterfall. It was like a bath. Headed down the 4WD track and crossed 3 creeks on the way to Surprise Creek Falls. It was deep in the plunge pool. There were some guys jumping in from the top, which was about 8m above the water. Would you do that? Headed off to Katherine to get some ... read more
Buley Rockhole
Surprise Creek Falls
Edith Falls

In Litchfield National Park, on our way to a campsite, we stopped and saw Magnetic Termite Mounds. The termites build them very skinny and pointy at the top, like a mohair hairdo. They face East for the morning sun to warm the inside, and face West to keep the mound warm overnight. We got to Buley Rockhole and set up camp. The water was very cold and very deep and places. We found a rock with a log and swam over to it and got on it. Then we swam to the waterfall and sat on the rocks where the water couldn’t push you away as much as floating in the water beneath the waterfall. When we were leaving we saw a snake go across the path. We saw a girl touch it and when it ... read more
Magnetic Termite Mound - 1
Buley Rockhole
Buley Rockhole

day 6 ended up beautifully. We were in a beautiful spot over looking the yarra and downtown melbourne and the mcg/arena/lexas centre. We had a large group of people, and were surrounded by other park go-ers. The weather was a delight. Sunny, moderate temperature. cold beer, huge barbie of chicken, snags and burgers. the best salad i've ever tasted. We spent about 7 hrs on that river bank. We ended up walking back through federation square. There was a huge thai festival going on. The aroma's were painfully heavenly. We settle down on to the lower wharf docs. none of this was developed 3 years ago, and now just looked simply stunning. We all grabbed a beer and nestled into one of the veranda's overlooking the river and st kilda bridge. The air was festive. The ... read more

I just got back from a 5 day camping trip in Litchfield, Nitmiluk & Kakadu National Parks. It was an absolute blast. We traversed 3 major parks over the course of 5 days. The group consisted of 5 Ozzies, 1 Dutch & 1 English. This probably doubled the amount of Australians I've met throughout this trip. I'm going to break it up into each National Park just for the sake of pictures. Litchfield was the first stop on the tour and it is about 150km from Darwin. The tour was an active tour but because of the heat and humidity this activity would be limited to a few kilometers a day of hiking. It was just way too hot to go any farther, mainly because we couldn't carry enough water. This entire area of the Top ... read more
Upper Sandy Falls
Sandy Falls
Tolma Falls

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