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North America » United States » Florida » Clermont July 23rd 2014

Before I start Wednesdays post - I've just noticed that I am being made to look pretty illiterate due to a combination of no proofreading and autocorrect on my phone or iPad just being ridiculous. I am, on the whole, someone with a slight grasp on the English language, despite evidence to the contrary. Sorry for all the jibberish! So... Wednesday. Plans really got changed around and Patty and I ended up having a very relaxing laid back kind of a day. We had a good float around in the pool... Until thunder in the distance convinced us to head indoors and do productive things. It didn't actually rain at all.. I guess it was just natures way of us get on With our day! Unfortunately for my bank account and baggage weight limits.. The productive ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont July 22nd 2014

Tuesday morning and my first thought was my car. Getting to Alamo at Orlando airport would be hours of a job and there were no closer locations. As the car is brand new patty suggested that I take it to the local dealer and see if it's something really simple that can just be fixed. I got into my car, started the engine and there was no engine warning light... Nothing. I decided to drive a little way to see if it came back on and if it did take it to the garage... If I went without the light on they'd just think I was some crazy English! As I drove the light sort of flickered on and off and as I was low on fuel, I nipped into a petrol station. As I was ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont April 19th 2014

Hi everyone, I realize I was supposed to write this weeks ago, but we have been soooo busy. So much to do. March in Clermont was really nice. We did get to visit with our friends, Val & Dwight. They took us on their boat and through the canals - I love it, it is always enjoyable and so pretty! We also got to visit with our friends Cory and Sandy - we met them at Brimfield and used to enjoy seeing them there - but they are no longer setting up there. They are 'snowbirds' also and luckily, they are not too far from us when we stay in Clermont. The weather in Clermont, in March, was mostly around 70 degrees. We were able to 'set up' at a flea-market, in Webster Fl, not too ... read more
Webster1  3-10-14
Webster2   3-10-14
Webster3   3-10-14

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont January 25th 2014

Blog Florida 2014 The winter escape adventure started in a snow storm, well as it was blowing out. As happened last year, there was a snow storm the night before my departure that dumped about 4” on us. I was able to head out about 11:30 am and as I traveled west on 80 there were snow squalls to reinforce the need to get out of this cold and into the sun and warmth. I stayed with my son Dave and his wife Lisa in their home in Laurel, MD. It was great to have a visit before leaving the north for 2 months and I was able to see my granddaughter’s new apartment. Because it was a Sunday I drove around DC with little effort and was on my way south on 95. Put on ... read more
covered with salt
after our bath
FL snow

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 23rd 2013

The One About Campers Really are Great People! Growl. The ants are back, or they never left, and a new group has hatched. Not as bad as previously, but they keep showing their ugly little selves. One night they were all over my dinette table and Winston’s water bowl. The next afternoon they were in/on/around the garbage can. I keep spraying with my borax water, which really does work and kill those it comes in contact with immediately, but a few must escape and move on to a new place they haven’t been before. The stove is next to the garbage can, so I sprayed in/around/under it today maybe to head them off. When the borax water dries it leaves a fine white borax grit, and the ants won’t go near it, or if they do ... read more


North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 21st 2013

The One About Catching up AGAIN!! Gosh how time flies! I can’t believe my 2 weeks here is almost up. The days have settled into a pleasant routine which includes walking Winston, eating, cleaning the RV, eating, riding my bike, eating, you get the idea. Despite all the eating breaks, I have not gained any weight. My pants still fit the same as they did when I started the trip, which is NOT good, I need to lose weight before I go back to the MD in May. Lots of random thoughts and events will follow. Garbage is an issue here at TT Orlando. There is a green dumpster positioned in front of each rest room where campers deposit their own trash. The dumpsters are emptied twice a week. The dumpster in my area is often ... read more
My view in the morning
Lots of Orca pics from Seaworld
The one in the back is Tilikum

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 21st 2013

It was another Sea World day today. Kat and I decided to do another day at Sea World since there was more to see and our pass gets us in for free. When we got into the park I wanted my picture taken by the light house so we were lining up the shot so Kat could take it when this wonderful man came along and asked if he could take both of us. How could we refuse.. It turned out that he was a photographer who was employed by Sea World to sell pictures. Well he did a fine job with my instant camera and we got a picture of both of us. Our plan was to head to the dolphin show at 10am then get over to the Shamu theater for the 12 noon ... read more
dolphin show
souring birds

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 20th 2013

Happy Birthday Lisa! I left the shade up on the big back window last night and watched the stars before falling asleep. Then during the night I looked out and there was the moon, with Jupiter? Near it. I grabbed the camera and wanted to catch the moon, stars and the naked cypress trees but it didn’t happen. It was a beautiful sight and in my mind’s eye. When dawn did come it was bright and red but then the clouds gathered and it rained a little. I wanted to launch my kayak today so Oscar and I walked down to the lake and it was very windy. So I postponed a little. Then at 11 I just had to do it wind or not. So I inflated the boat and put it in the car ... read more
the dock
the scenery
cow egrets

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 18th 2013

Blog 02-18-13 Boy, was it cold last night! I was toasty warm inside with my electric heater and half way through the night Oscar came in under the covers so I was Really warm. First picture of the day is the picnic table covered with frost, it was 35 degrees. The sun came up and was brilliant, so it warmed up everything really fast. By 11 am it was 73 degrees, the air so bright and clear it made you feel all new and alive. It was going to be cleaning day. The camper is not much to clean but it sure gets dirty fast. I got the laundry ready to go and headed off to the Laundromat just a 2 min walk up the street. Got 2 loads going, my sheets included, and sat outside ... read more
goodyear blimp flyby
flower on a bush loaded with bees
inflatable kayak

North America » United States » Florida » Clermont February 18th 2013

The One About Freeze Warnings and Watches One Son reads the blog, Valentine card$ received and money spent already. It got so cold Saturday night/early Sunday morning. When I got up it was 40 degrees outside and frost on the ground. It was a beautiful morning, crystal clear, no breeze, just COLD! Has my blood thinned???? Am I becoming a frail southern girl? My electric heater worked all night long, keeping the interior temp at 58. Brrrr. Despite the early morning chill, Moya heats up nicely. I have an unobstructed exposure to the sun all day long, so as soon as it comes up, the inside temperature goes up to 70 despite what the outside is. No need for heat. Breaking camp with Ginnie was sad, but, by golly, between the 3 of us we got ... read more
When the Frost is on the Pumpkin

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