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Whereas 2012 was the year for Europe, 2013 was the year for America. I rediscovered the beauty of my home country and I am gaining a deeper appreciation that grows with every passing week. I spent the first three months of this year in Chicago, the following four months back in my hometown in Southern California, and I'm finishing off the year here in Washington, DC. In between moves, I had the greatest fortune and pleasure in snatching glimpses of other parts of the country in Southeast Texas, Northern Oregon, and New England. Following tradition, I should be celebrating the New Year back in California. Southern California marked a chapter this year of endless sunshine, a restoration of peace and balance to a spirit admittedly depleted from a few years of cold, stress and work. When ... read more
My all-time favorite Chicago roommates
Campus at dead of winter
Harper Memorial in between gray

Sept 20: Fly: Heathrow – Washington DC Sept 21-22 Washington DC Sept 23 Train: Washington DC – New York – Southampton, Long Island Sept 24-27 Southampton, Long Island Sept 28 Train: Southampton, Long Island – New York Cruise: Board, New York Sept 29: Cruise: At Sea Sept 30: Cruise: Haifax Oct 01: Cruise: St Johns, Bay of Fundy Oct 02: Cruise: Bar Harbour, Maine Oct 03: Cruise: Boston Oct 04: Cruise: Newport Oct 05: Cruise: Disembark, New York Oct 06-07: New York Oct 08: Train New York – Boston Pick-up Hire Car Drive to Rockport Oct 09-10: Rockport Oct 11: Drive Rockport - North Conway, White Mountains Oct 12-13: North Conway, White Mountains Oct 14 Drive to ?????? Oct 15: Drive ??????? to Boston Airport Fly Boston - Heathrow Oct 16: Land Heathrow... read more

Kia Ora from Washington DC! Last day in DC today, fly to LAX this afternoon then back to NZ to join the cold :) Day 8: - White House - Lincoln Memorial - Washington Memorial - United States Holocaust Museum - National Air and Space Smithsonian Museum - US Capitol - Agora Restaurant: just another Greek pozzy :) Day 9: - Inside of US Capitol - Shopping in Georgetown - Lunch at a stunning little French bakery in Georgetown - Walked across thr bridge to Virginia state Day 10: - Slightly late start - Late breaky - Wee stroll to find the Church of the Epiphany - Fly Washington - LAX - AKL This concludes our blog updates for this trip, until next time..... Love G & G xx... read more
National Geographic HQ
Obamas 'Secret Service' Entrance
Lincoln Memorial

Time to have finally visited the capital of the United States of America. First things first, I woke up as the bus was driving through Virginia. I actually seemed to have had a good sleep this time. I wasn't too tired. Virginia was beautiful. Once again, orange, red, yellow and green-leaved trees along the highway. We were approaching Richmond, our one change before Washington DC. I got there two and a half hours later, and found my way to the hostel easily. It was slightly chilly here, but not enough to need a jumper. I settled into me new place, where I met my roommate, who was Aussie, and had a story. He's been travelling a lot, like myself, and has been working in South Africa. After our little chat, I headed out to buy some ... read more

Since I last wrote many things have changed 1) The House of Representatives has a new majority with the GOP. Whether this will bring increased cooperation between the two parties as historically shown or become a self-fulfilling prophecy of stagnated decisions, only time will tell. Being in the nation’s capital where all these changes will take place is such a strange feeling as I know so many things will change in DC. 2) My halloween costume from two years ago became an embodiment of a little less known Christine O'Donnell event. I wore the costume proudly. 2) I have a new place to live. I am still in Chinatown but about four blocks close to the heart of the action. I have two great roommates, Jeff and Lynne, and I occupy the sunroom. The room ... read more


Right? It’s always funny how much time goes by between writing blog posts. It’s the classic phenomena of feeling like it was a short yet long amount of time between events. So since I last wrote, it has felt like months and hours. The main things I’ve been focused on are my internships, working at the hostel, looking for other jobs and places to live, and making friends. My internship has also been paradoxical, busy and yet not. We accomplish a lot of work but it feels very slow and I don’t necessarily feel like I’m doing a good job. I have two main projects. One is working on researching and writing a proposal about the role of religious groups on post-conflict development/reconstruction and their interaction with political parties. Apparently this issue hasn’t been studied very ... read more

We pulled out of the Hononagah Forest Preserve on Tuesday, September 17, 2010 with an element of mixed emotion. On the one hand, we got a lot of elective work done on the Pilgrim to make it more livable and had several routine maintenance tasks performed to keep her “land worthy” for the next segment of “The Great Adventure.” On the other hand, there were numerous family members and friends we didn’t get to see for a variety of reasons. Without question, we were looking forward to our Washington DC visit. Some time back, I had requested a tour of the White House through our Silver City born and raised US Senator Jeff Bingaman and, while in Rockford, had received word that our request had been approved for Friday, September 17. Also, Senator Bingaman’s aide had ... read more
No Diagonal Parking Here
Can't See This From The Interstate
Getting Around In DC

I have been learning so much during my 2 weeks here. It’s election time which has been very enlightening on the political situation of DC. Apparently there are no representatives with voting power in the House or Senate which creates a unique situation for our government capital. Other things I’ve learnt about DC are the different neighborhoods and people inhabiting the district. Although normally not a runner, I have been really into running around the magnificent places in DC. I recently expanded my run from Union Station, the Capitol Building and Washington Monument to include the Whitehouse, Lincoln, WWII, and Korean War memorials. Running has become a metaphor for my transition in DC- a completely different mental and physical state than I’m used to. I’ve realized that each of us has hidden capacity to accomplish things ... read more

Whoa whoa whoa whatta week! I can’t believe that only seven days ago I was in Seattle with my family saying goodbye. It has felt like I have been living in DC for year. Maybe it is because my first week in DC has been really enjoyable or that a vast amount of learning about DC, my internship and my new job has occurred. Or maybe it’s because a week ago I had no internship or job and not even a place to live. How much has changed. I started my journey at 8:30 am on Saturday the 4th. My parents dropped me off at the airport and after waving goodbye to them at security I waited for my plane to come. The ride was very bumpy and upset my delicate stomach reactors that hate motion ... read more

Nearly three months after returning to the United States from my internship in Brussels, Belgium, after applying for nearly 85 different jobs, I have found and accepted a position in Washington D.C.! Though I had never been to D.C. before this summer, for years I have wanted nothing more than to end up in D.C. On August 3rd I will start a position as the Press Assistant for former Vice President Al Gore's non-profit The Alliance for Climate Protection and I could not be more excited. - July 23, 2009 It's now been over a year since I started writing this post that I, until now, had not been able to find the time to complete. That in and of itself is very indicative of what my life was like in D.C. From the moment I ... read more
My Roomie and I
The White House
Kansas Sunset

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