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I normally wouldn’t write a TravelBlog entry for a domestic trip, but this is about my 40th birthday celebration extravaganza, and it has been a while... I felt a kitschy vibe coming on as my 40th birthday approached... a sort of Frank-Constanza-Elvis-in-the-70’s-Rhinestone-Vegas-Jumpsuit-White-Patent-Leather-Shoes-1982-Lincoln-Town-Car-With-Leather-Seats-Paul-Newman-Color-of-Money kind of feel. As the 40th approached I felt like embracing the inevitability of the impending over the hill, golden year, silver fox lifestyle that, although still on the distant horizon, is closer at 40 than it ever has been before. Wait... I don't have any hair on my head at 40, so would that make it an impending bald fox lifestyle rather than an impending silver fox lifestyle? Deep thoughts... by Drew Labbo... I have enjoyed Vegas ***and have left quite a lot that has stayed in Vegas*... read more
Clear Creek Harley

North America » United States » Colorado » Black Hawk June 26th 2010

Yesterday was great, getting to see the Garden of the Gods and going to the top of Pikes Peak by way of train......just awesome. We woke up in Colorado Springs this morning to a beautiful but chilly sunrise. I swear I just love this weather up here and from what I hear, I would much rather spend my Summer out here than back at home. Kayla told me last night that it was so hot back at home that it didn't even feel good to get in the pool. She said they had to go inside just to get that's Georgia hot for ya ! Speaking of hot, as I was blow drying my hair his morning, I realized it was blowing out cold air and evidently the hot air thingy was broken. I very ... read more
The Broadmoor Hotel
A small town we went through called Golden, CO
Black Hawk, CO the town on top of the mountain where we found the casinos !!

North America » United States » Colorado » Black Hawk June 8th 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010: Today we headed to Idaho Springs near Black Hawk/Center City, CO to ride the rapids. This was the first white-water rafting experience for all four of us and apparently we picked a really fun day to be on the water. All the guides and the owners of AVA (Arkansas Valley Adventures) said the waters were so high that it was going to be a thrilling day to be on Clear Creek. They were so right! We opted for the beginner's "float", but the waters gave us a really good ride with class 2 and 3 rapids throughout the 6-7 mile, 2.5 hour journey. There were several bridges along the route and we literally had to get down in the boat squashed together to avoid hitting our heads on them. We were all ... read more

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