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North America » United States » California » San Francisco » North Beach September 26th 2008

Georgia was in her element because she saw plenty of squirrels, chipmunks and deer, we didn't see any bears which would have been nice at a distance. After two nights at Yosemite we drove to Monterey, it was beautiful next to the see, we saw sea lions on all of the rocks around the jetty and a sea otter swimming around fishermans wharf when we were waiting for dinner, we ate at Bubba Gumps ( the big dude from the Forrest Gump movie who started his own shrimping business!) and we received our first parking ticket. I will pay this after I get off from here. The next day we drove to San Francisco, wow these streets are certainly straight up and down, we returned the car to the rental people, with no dents no scratches ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » North Beach September 5th 2008

A Busy Day... Another beautiful day in San Francisco! Our morning started with a lengthy stroll along the wharf with a haunting view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge in the distance. After we checked out of the Hostel, we perused some local art galleries and even became part of the art scene when an "artist" sketched us! (Ok, it was more like a bad caricature, but fun none the less.) Hopping aboard the faithful transit system, we ended up back at the Golden Gate park, this time hair decked with flowers! There, we visited the flower conservatory and met more interesting floks (one of which tried rapping to us about being " A fly mamasita with flowers in her hair." Yeah. Hope he doesn't quit his day job... We rode all over San Fran ... read more
Our View From The Glass Elevator
Drummer Man

Today we went to Muir woods, one of the last places where the giant redwoods can be seen. They were wonderful and the place was peaceful and the trees majestic. The highest is over 250ft tall. You can see scars where the trees survived a fire over 100 years ago. Then on to Sausalito. A very expensive yachting port where the houses are over 2 million dollars and upwards. We then went on a harbour cruise. As we approached the golden gate bridge, the fog cleared and we had wonderful views of the bridge and back towards Alctraz.... read more
Redwood burn mark
Golden Gate

Great, a day when we did not have to get up very early to get on a coach. The hotel does not do proper breakfast, so started wlking down to the business district. Found a great diner and had breakfast there. Walked on exploring the city. There are more homeless here than 3 years ago and your heart goes out to them. Finally reached pier 1 by the Pacific ocean and walked towards pier 39. Found the bakery again, and had fabulous clam chowder whilst looking out over the sea towards Alcatraz and sipping perfectly chilled sparkling wine. Then a long walk up hill along Lombard (the famous zigzag street used in films). Then back to the hotel. 5.30 and the hotel wine tasting, then off to China town for an evening meal. A walk then ... read more
Alcatraz from pier 39
Lombard Street
View from top of Lombard Street

What a day it has been. An early start 8am from our hotel then on to Sacramento. A brief stop for a tour photo outside the governors house (arnie was not there) before continuing on to old Sacremento. As it was over 100 years ago. Whatched a bridge rise to let a paddle steamer past. Then it was on to San Francisco. A city tour wherethe fog ust lifted enough for us to finally see the Golden Gate bridge, Then the fog rolled back in. From our hotel we can hear the lonely sound of the fog horn across the bay to the Pacific beyond Was 88% this morning, 60 %F here now. ... read more
Sacramento river
Sacremento old town
San Francisco view


Waking-up in San Francisco you could feel the difference, how to describe it?. I searched for a single word, I found effervescent.. - Adjective 1. effervescing; bubbling. 2. vivacious; gay*; lively; sparkling. No, San Francisco Bay is not filled with soda water. It's more that there's a tingle in the air from the omnipresent mist that rolls in. It mixes with the culture of this place. LA is sterile, San Francisco (SF) is alive. We got off the plane late at night after a short flight up the coast with Alaskan Air. The tatty sensation of LAX was smartly replaced by the warm, hospitality of the crew aboard. As we flew into SF we caught a glimpse of some of the incredibly long bridges that go over the bay. The airport was stylish and modern but ... read more
Cablecar hill

First outing with our little S. Traveling with a baby is not as easy as I'd thought. If I remember to take a million things, its possible to forget a zillion! However, we had the need. The need for travel. In all these years, somehow we'd successfully managed to miss going to Fort Point(The amateur photographer in me always wanted to get the angle of Golden Gate from there). A sunny weather in south bay forced a huge fog into SF. The day was pleasant, the weather awesome & the place-need you ask? To master SF's roads, you need to probably visit a couple hundred times. Every time I think I know part of it, I get lost in some other part Fort Point is this small(actually very huge from the inside) ruin-like structure just below ... read more
simple rooms
Fort Point & Golden Gate
picture perfect

Hi all, Last thursday night we had dinner with friends we had met on the islands and met some of their friends too. We ended up sharing their room as our hostel was so disgusting! The next two days (friday and saturday) were spent lazing around the pool in the sun, topping up our tan! Just before we left for the airport we had dinner with 'the suncream natzi' Jane, then shared a taxi along some VERY bumpy roads! This was the beginnning of a very long day, as we would be living it twice! Apart from the medical emergency... our flight was pretty dull! At LA airport the immigration queue was so long that we thought we might miss our flight, however after running the 20minute walk to check-in, we were told our flight was ... read more

Got up this mornin and helped our self 2 the hearty breakfast which the hostel provided. We then made our way 2 pier 33 to catch the boat across to Alcatraz. Now here is the catch; its free to actually get into Alcatraz but the only way to get there is by boat, which costs $25. I don't know how they actually get away with callin it free. What do they expect us to do. Freakin swim!! If people are sceptical that Clint Eastwood couldn't make it then we definatly couldn't! Alcatraz was pretty cool and had a lot of history other than being a prison. It used to be a military base and then a military prison and it also staged as a protesting zone for native americans and is currenlt as well as been ... read more

Hello again. After our marathon 20 hours travelling we've spent 4 days here at San Francisco. It's supposed to be the city that everyone wants to live in and we can see why. The weather is great. Clear blue skies with a really cool breeze from the bay. It's such a friendly city as well. The main pier area is Fishermans Wharf. It's got loads of nice restaurants and bars. We've seen loads of funny stuff including a man chaining himself to a tree for some reason and a gypo and another man having a slap fight in a crowded park. The police had to come and sort it out! We've been on loads of scenic walks. Golden Gate Bridge is unbelievable. 2 miles long with dolphins, seals, sharks and whales swimming underneath it. The tour ... read more
Devil's Island
On the tracks

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