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North America » United States » California » Sacramento December 21st 2013

After a long hiatus, it is finally time for another instalment of James’ World Travels™! I can’t believe that it has been almost 2 years since my last overseas holiday. That is simply scandalous. Life is not meant to be spent in one country - however awesome that country may be. Alright well this trip didn’t get off to the most auspicious start. My flight was supposed to leave at 7:35pm on the Sunday, and after relaxing in the sunshine at the beach for a few hours, I came home at 2pm to find a message saying the flight had been delayed until the following day! In the end the flight was delayed by 22 hours but didn’t cause too many problems. One of the main reasons I was nervous about the delay was I had ... read more
Alcatraz #1
Pier 39 #1
Pier 39 #2

North America » United States » California » Sacramento June 30th 2013

Today's destination is Sacramento, but first, we chose to take advantage of the good weather and ride around Lake Tahoe this morning. We left early with plans to have breakfast along the way in Incline Village. The lake is breathtakingly beautiful with each new corner offering changing vistas, none anything less than spectacular. I didn't expect to see so much development along the perimeter of the lake, so much so that there are small towns, restaurants, beaches, boat rentals and marinas filling in most of the waterfront land. It was an exhilarating technical ride, with tight steep switchbacks, no barriers on the cliffs, and curves and more curves. The highlight was having to stop on an empty corner while a mother bear and her young dark brown cub crossed the road in front of us. Hold ... read more
My hero Wayde!
No more broken engine guard!
No more useless kickstand!

North America » United States » California » Sacramento December 21st 2012

Today, My best friend and I are traveling to Nicaragua. We will be taking a bus from Sacramento, CA. to San Francisco, CA. where we will meet our friend, Dave, and get on our plane to Central America.... read more

North America » United States » California » Sacramento August 27th 2012

We left the Sacramento Yacht Club and headed up the river to Old Sacramento. We were told that the city had some nice new docks just past the historic Tower Bridge in downtown. Since it was a weekend, we figured we better get up there pretty early to beat the day-trippers to the docks. The SYC port captain told us that we shouldn't dock under the bridge as it is a favorite nesting place for pigeons that tend to leave small mementos on boats parked below. You can't beat local knowledge! We tied up behind the Delta King Riverboat which is now permanently docked and serves as a floating hotel, restaurant and theater. This sternwheeler was built in Scotland in 1924 and shipped in pieces to California where it operated regular overnight passenger service between San ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sacramento August 23rd 2012

Sunday 19th August It took a few hours to drive to Sacramento from San Francisco, and then down to Elk Grove where Susan and Howie live. It was dark by the time we got there. Howie and Susan’s house is also occupied by their Mum and three dogs who greeted us for sometime when we arrived. It’s a pretty spectacular house with a pool and Winnebago in the back yard, the latter also being the guesthouse where we were to stay for the next three nights. We were so impressed by the size of the fridge that I took a photo of Glyn next to it, it had double doors!! I’m pretty sure that most Americans wouldn’t find this unusual as I’ve noticed that in the USA most of their electrical appliances are larger than ours ... read more
Old Sacramento
Learning to pan for gold
Going gold panning


Had to say goodbye to Audra this AM – sad but at least we will be seeing her next week when we go back through southern Utah and she will come down. Got off around 10 and, after a stop for bagels at Einstein’s (the best bagels I have ever had!) we headed off to Ophir, UT to see a ghost town in an old silver mining town – and I say “town” very loosely! Perhaps a couple dozen people live there now! The entrance to the mine was cool and it was neat to see the buildings. Unfortunately, the only tours are held on Saturdays so we were unable to hear any stories about the town.We could look through the windows of the houses and buildings to see the time period and how they lived. ... read more
Silver Mine
Mining car
Old mining cars

North America » United States » California » Sacramento June 26th 2012

Today is the first day of our amazing trip - heading East to attend Steve and Brie's wedding. 12 of us are fortunate to be able to make the trip and share in their big day. Eileen forged off our her own and took the red-eye out of Sacramento early this morning. Grandma Borba, Rich, Ann, Katherine, David, Paige, and Joe departed from Sac Airport at 8:30am. We have the best friends in the world! Maria Parish offered to take this whole mottly crew in her surburban to the airport (at our house at 5:40am). It seriously felt like a scene from Home Alone... we thought for sure we were going to forget someone. :) Trip through Philidelphia and on into LaGuardia was uneventful. Landed in NY at 6:30pm. We were of course greeted at the ... read more

Packing This blogging platform doesn't come with much instruction, so here goes... Today marks the end of a two weeks of shopping to add to my camera equipment coming up to my May 8 departure. I now have my new lenses, carry-on bag, memory redundancy, and portable hard drive, and I still need to find my tripod. In addition to this, I've been working on scheduling all kinds of friends and colleagues to come by my place to care and socialize for my cat, "Lote". I'm devoting much of today to laundry, packing, and then eventually cleaning up my home. On Monday, I will depart Sacramento via the Amtrak Capital Corridor, transfer to BART in Richmond, bound for South San Francisco, where I will spend the night at my cousin Susan's house before my 7 a.m. ... read more

SACRAMENTO RIVER VALLEY, CALIFORNIA Down along the banks of the Sacramento River were some of the largest Birch Trees I have ever seen. We spent an exciting day exploring the vineyards, wineries and farm communities that stretch along the river as it winds it's way toward San Francisco. We did a wine tasting at an old coverted Sugar Mill that now houses eight family owned wineries. Not as well known as Napa and Sonoma, this area still has some excellent wines and there were no crowds and the pace was friendly and unhurried. A serendipitous bonus was that we were able to have lunch at an out-of-the-way pizza place with an old friend. I called my long-time friend and college fraternity brother Ken Davies and he just happened to be playing in a tennis tournament in ... read more
Old Sugar Mill Tasting
Old Sacramento Boomtown
Underground Bistro

Hello friends. I'm heading off on a (life) long awaited trip to Italy this next week. On past trips I've regretted not keeping up with a journal, and so this time I'm giving this electronic platform a try. Please feel free to check it out over the course of the next month; Il Mio Mese in Italia! After dreaming of visiting my Grandfather (Frank Luporini)'s homeland all of my life, I'm finally bound to set my feet on Italian soil this spring. Thanks to family living in the area, a surplus of frequent flyer miles and paid leave at work, I'm spending a full month in Italy. I chose this duration as a balance between my wanting to feel like I'm "living" there, and not pissing off my boss at work! I'm heading to Frank's home ... read more

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