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Lynn Beebe

I was a primary teacher in a K-12 alternative school. In 2006, I took a leave for four months, travelling through Central America. I visited schools and studied Spanish along with being a tourist. My class followed my travels through this blog. I have continued to use this blog to keep friends, family and my students connected to my travels, recently in Mexico and now Kenya!

I am now retired and my husband and I hope to do even more traveling! I am volunteering in an after-school program on the Indian reservation where we live and at the local art museum along with gardening, kayaking, biking, and cooking....We spent a month in Argentina in the winter of 2009.

Fall 2009
We are now ready to depart on a trip to Italy. We hope to spend a month or so seeing Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and the area around Naples.

Fall 2010
We are going back to Italy this fall, hoping to see more of the smaller towns and villages.

Winter 2010-2011
We spent three weeks in the Yucatan, and then took a road trip to California and back.

Fall/Winter 2011-2012
A trip to Japan to see my brother and do some biking...a road trip through the Southwest...and a visit to the Mexican state of Oaxaca!

2013 took us to Spain, Morocco, and Hawaii....

We began our 2014 travels with a trip to the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit.

My step-father Ned drove us to Lynn, Massachusetts on Saturday, where we picked up my eldest "little brother" (a year younger than me) from the sheltered living situation where he resides due to mental illness. He was in the military and is eligible for this great program due to his service. We all had lunch at a nearby waterfront restaurant, where we were joined by David, one of my step-brothers. Later that afternoon, we traveled north-west to Rockport, Massachusetts on Cape Ann, to spent a few days with an old friend from my Paris days, Susan. Those of you followed the recent Mexico blogs, might remember that we got together for the first time in 35 years in Puerto Vallarta this winter. Susan's family has a long history in the area, and her two daughters now ... read more
Boston skyline from Lynn, MA
Bill and Craig
Lunch with Craig

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic June 6th 2014

Bill and I left after breakfast, with me driving Ned and Mom's new Prius, for trip to Giants Neck Beach and Rocky Neck State Park. I grew up at Giants Neck: playing on the beaches and rocky coasts, swimming every day I could, skating on the duck pond in the winter, watching hurricanes blast through, hanging out with the summer kids from Memorial Day til Labor Day... We hiked the beach to the park Pavilion, built in 1935 by the WPA, and then back down the beach to Giants Neck to visit my childhood home and the beaches where I played and swam. "The Ellie Mitchell Pavilion is a Rustic-style building completed in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration, a Depression-era relief program. Designed by Russell F. Barker and othe... read more
Giants Neck Beach where I grew up viewed fro Rocky Neck State Park
Giants Neck
WPA-built pavilion at Rocky Neck State Park

North America » United States » Connecticut » Niantic June 4th 2014

Bill and I have flown to New England to visit my mother and step-father for a week. We will also travel to Rockport, Massachusetts on the weekend to see friends and have lunch with my eldest brother and one of my step-brothers. We arrived on Tuesday morning via the red-eye, drove an hour south to my mother and step-father's home in East Lyme (very near the place of origin of dreaded Lyme disease), took a nap and headed out for Gillette Castle, along the Connecticut River. I have visited here many times, starting as a young child. It was been renovated recently and you can no longer go up into the tower... The castle was built in by William Gillette, an actor and playwright best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. He added the hat ... read more
Approaching the castle
Gillette Castle
All stone...

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Lo de Marcos March 8th 2014

I never really appreciated the aptness of the snow bird term used to describe those who head south from the snowy and cold northern states and provinces until now... the Canadians here are beginning to become agitated and restless...a few are breaking away early and heading north this week...many more to follow. These little towns will be deserted soon... We took the bus to San Pancho on Wednesday. It is a very sweet little town about 20 minutes south of here. In the 1970's, a former President of Mexico tried to make it into a model village, building a hospital and schools, planting many trees. Sadly, his corruption caught up with him and he had to escape the country, taking his money (well, the Mexican peoples' money) with the town is not the self-sufficient ... read more
Beach:  San Pancho
Breakfast San Pancho
Campground at San Pancho

North America » Mexico » Nayarit » Lo de Marcos March 2nd 2014

We had to leave PV a day early, since they mistakenly told us we had a room for Saturday night at our We packed, did some shopping, said goodbye to Susan, and found a cab willing to drive us to Lo de Marcos for $50 (an hour and a half drive)...the cabbie we hired had never been this far north before...! Our camera died that morning too, so I am using the Nexus for photos, which is hard because the camera is on the screen side with no view finder, so I have to guess what I'm photographing... We found our hotel (our second choice, since we had not heard not heard from our first, the Caracol). We were checked in by a meth addict-looking young man, and our room, while full of sunlight (you ... read more
Bill in taxi
Trying out the Nexus as camera..
With French-Canadians at the fiesta

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta February 27th 2014

Our six hour bus ride here passed quickly..lots of room on the bus....only $40 for the two of us in first class... We arrived right in the old part of PV, where our hotel is located, and found the place quickly, after asking for directions once. It's part of a very large hotel complex, but the Dona Susana is small and older, and on a dead-end street.... An old friend from my Paris days is staying here too. We have been traveling to the same places for years, but never at exactly the same we are spending time together for the first time in over 35 years! PV can only be described as over-the-top....crowds everywhere, with a mix of young/old, gay/straight...and everything in between. Few Mexicans....It's a big city, but the only interesting part is ... read more
Hotel iguana
Mazanillo bus station
Ready to ride...for 6 hours...

North America » Mexico » Colima » Manzanillo February 25th 2014

We had a pleasant taxi ride to Manzanillo from's very close geographically, but there is no direct road along the coast. You have go south, inland and then north again. Our hotel is full of Canadians, which is no surprise...they've locked up this area! The beach is white sand, and the water quite undertow, so you can swim as far as you like. But when I ran on the beach this am, there was a wide band of trash at the hightide line and more in the water. However, I didn't see any body parts, medical waste, or poop, so I decided I would still go swimming this afternoon. Surprisingly, the beach was almost completely clean, and the water clear too! We are right on the entrance to Mexico's biggest port, and there is ... read more
New view
Bill looking menacing
View from breakfast

North America » Mexico » Colima February 24th 2014

We are leaving here today, and have really enjoyed our stay here. When we arrived, the bombed out look of the outskirts of town, the disrepair of the hotel, and the shacks (seafood stands) crowding the beach made us think we'd made a mistake... But the quiet charm of the place quickly grew on us, and it was great fun being in the middle of Mexican weekenders....lots of families, no bad behavior (including the quietest Harley guys we've ever not heard...). We spent all of Sunday under the umbrellas on the beach, having things brought to us (freshly made tapioca pudding, beers, guacamole, hats, jewelry, hammocks, pistachios) but no pushy vendors... Lots of playing the surf, watching the life guards rescue guys who went past the breakers, and card playing. The Mexican families rented small swimming ... read more
Bill working hard on booking the next hotel!
Beer with shark viagra....

North America » Mexico » Colima February 21st 2014

We've decide to stay here longer, since we're getting into the rhythm of days here: a run on the beach, breakfast and on-line time (since it takes an hour to get breakfast here), some sort of sightseeing, swimming, beers and quesadillas on the beach, more swimming, showers, card playing on the patio, nap, and dinner... Today we visited the Salt Museum (no one there, not even running the gift shop, but everything open...) and took a boat tour of the estuary by the turtle center. Since the walk back yesterday was not one we wanted to repeat, we had planned to take a taxi there, and get the driver's phone number so we could call from the turtle center when we wanted to return. However, we couldn't find a taxi. I asked a collective driver whose ... read more
Old salt warehouse
Mules along the railroad
Entrance/Exit to Cuyutlan

North America » Mexico » Colima February 20th 2014

Wednesday was a travel day...bus from Mazamitla to Colima...bus from Colima to Tecoman, bus from Tecoman to Armaria, taxi from Armeria to our hotel in Cuyutlan....about 6 hours altogether. We rode through the mountains, into lush valleys, and back up into the mountains. Outside of Colima, we began to descend to the ocean, and caught sight of the active Colima volcano. Unfortunately, the top was hidden by clouds... We passed through miles of coco palm plantations, and arrived in this small, somewhat deserted beach town, Cuyutlan. Many of the buildings look abandoned or at least closed up. Our hotel reopened under new management only three weeks ago, and is trying is nearly full it seems, perhaps because there are few other options on the beach. This hotel is on the malecon (beach promenade) and beyond ... read more
Waiting for the bus to Colima
Up in the mountains

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