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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 16th 2010

Sunday 16.5.2010 day 214 Niagara Falls We work up and watched Mark Webber win the F1 in Monaco it was very cool as we where there driving on those streets only a few weeks ago. After watching the race we went and had a look at the whirlpool just up the river from the falls then we went back and had another look at the falls we sat in a park close by and just watched the water fall over it is mesmerising. That night we went out for dinner in the main street and had another look at the falls at night with the lights. ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 15th 2010

Saturday 15.5.2010 day 213 Out of our resort and the long drive to Niagara Falls We has so much fun in Niagara Falls when we went last time that we have decided to go back and spend another two nights there. We checked out of our resort at 9:30 and then had breakfast at their restaurant before doing the 6 hour drive to Niagara Falls. ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 13th 2010

Hi!! Im Kyle Mitchell and just the other day my class and I went to Niagra Falls for a day to see the forces of erosion and tourism at work. Despite the somewhat grey weather the trip was an overall success in my eyes. We had alot of fun hanging around outside attractions and riding on the world famous maid of the mist, we even got to keep the coat they gave us after we went under the falls! We really got a feel for the ruggid terrain while we were there ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls May 12th 2010

Today on May 12th 2010 my Natural Disasters class and I took a trip to Niagara Falls in a school bus, the comute was approximately two hours long. As soon as we got there we went to board the Maid of the Mist. It is North Americas oldest tourist attaraction, a riveting 30 minute fairy ride traveling incredibly close to the American and Horseshoe Falls. Because the boat travels so closely to the waterfalls we were given recyclable ponchoes to keep our clothing dry. You can ride the Maid of the Mist on either the American or Canadian side from the months April to October, depending on the weather. After we were done with out adventures on the water we had free time to do what ever we wanted. My two friends and I spent ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls April 6th 2010

We had quite a nice day today tho the weather was crap. We woke up to rain... by the time we got ready to go out it had stopped so we went to our little diner in Chipawee and had breakfast. Then we went for a drive around and followed the 'Waterfront Trail' which takes you around Lake Ontario. We drove some of the way and then walked a bit it was very nice and pretty. We got back around lunchtime and as it was still fine we took our walk over Rainbow Bridge to the US, half way along it started raining. We got to the other side and what a difference it is over there, no tacky rubbish... a big National Park that you can walk around and see the falls from that side. ... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls March 25th 2010

After a brilliant week in Thunder Bay I was totally refreshed and ready to tackle the busy few days ahead. I left Pauline's house will a full packed lunch (to see me through the flight) and despite the flight being delayed, when we eventually took off the journey was smooth and I landed into a rainy Toronto International Airport at 5pm. It was an odd, long and thin plane but there were free drinks and tv onboard which was a bonus. I had a wait in the airport before meeting Crystal and Chris who I was staying with for my two nights in Toronto. After a confusing search to find each other, we eventually met up and made our way out the airport and back to their house. Toronto is huge. The drive out to Scarborough ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls December 27th 2009

Just left Niagara Falls. We absolutely were amazed with the Falls. We stayed at the Travel Lodge right on Clifton Hills. The town is full of tourist things to do, like wax museums and haunted houses. We took the train and bus from Toronto and ended in Niagara Falls on Saturday afternoon. The temperature was about 3 degrees celcius. It wasn't too bad, for the dead of winter! Heading out today for Montreal by Rail Canada. It started to snow a bit but it's not sticking. Enjoying the trip.... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls December 16th 2009

The former rancher town of Calgary is riding that bucking bronco all the way to a prosperous future. There are vast reserves of oil shale in Alberta and the province is booming, while dealing with the associated problems of rapid population growth. Since ancient times, however, man has chased the dream of making a personal fortune, and the oil game is no different to any other. Calgary was the host of the 1988 Winter Olympics, and still respects it’s cowboy traditions which culminates in the raucous Calgary Stampede every summer. Cowtown's annual 10-day Stampede is the greatest outdoor celebration in the world, and it would be great to come and visit during the festival. But on this occasion winter's in full swing, as I rode the Greyhound from Banff to Calgary for two action packed days ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls November 29th 2009

Have a nice day? Another thing that strikes the first time European visitor across the Atlantic is just how amazing the customer service is. We were expecting this: a plastic smile from a have-a-nice-day automat that you see in the movies. But actually I thought that Canadian version of this was that they really gave the impression that they really cared. It didn't seem plastic at all. I'm sure some of this has something to do with the tipping: 15-20 per cent in restaurants is standard; at bars you leave a dollar a drink. At one bar in Montreal we forgot ourselves and without leaving a penny we ordered a second round of beers. Shame! We were politely but firmly ordered that we'd better pay the pourboire this time or we weren't getting anything! But just ... read more
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North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls November 9th 2009

This trip was very exciting. At first I thought my family and my friends were just going to go Cherry picking, but we pushed our trip a little farther. We were on our way driving to the cherry fields, as we saw some interesting buildings such as the CN tower, the hershy factory, etc. We finally arrived there, and there was alot of cherry trees. We all picked as much as we wanted, some of us jumped up to catch some. After the cherry picking we left for another place. We ate our cherries along the way until we arrived at an interesting landmark, the giant clock fountain. We stopped by the fountain and there were some goldfish swimming in the fountain, but i didnt pay much attension to them, I was talking to my friends ... read more

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