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Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 8th 2008

I accidentally posted the last post prematurely while attempting to save it. So if you're just now reading this, the first half of my story can be found underneath this post. Anywhos. So I set out from Niva's apartment and headed towards Jaffa, a city that is roughly 3,000 years old and has been incorporated into the expanding borders of Tel-Aviv. It was during this walk that I began to fall in love with this city. It was slow and gradual, but the more I saw of the city, its diversity, varying architectural styles, and the attitude of the locals, the more I was reminded of the first time I walked through New Orleans. I started out on Rothschild street, a tree-lined boulevard with a large sidewalk running along the median, dotted with cafes, people on ... read more
View from Jaffa
Park in Tel-Aviv

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv October 1st 2008

This is my last post as I return to dear old blighty later on today. Not much to report here, just swimming and sunbathing for me - its such a chore - trying to avoid getting sunburnt. Had a great night out last night went to the obligatory Irish bar - Molly Blooms and then carried on to Mikes's place to watch the football with my new chum Kev. Spent most of the night with a young Jewish punk called Darya she was originally from Russia, there are lots of Russians here in Israel (including Ernest) also with us was Stan the drunken South African (I've never seen him sober) and Craig who's the captain of a 30 million pound ship (so he kept telling us) that was held up in port so he was having ... read more
More sunset
Bauhaus building

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv September 30th 2008

Another atrocious nights sleep one of the new occupants snored like a giant anteater with bronchial pneumonia. We kept chucking stuff at him during the night but he wouldn't wake up, thankfully wouldn't have to put up with that again as I headed off to Tel Aviv. With my huge backpack I waddled off to Damascus gate to get the bus to the trrain station, was then told that I should head off to Jaffa gate (the Israelis call it yafo). From there you need to walk up Jaffa road to the bus stop. On arriving at the central bus station, it is huge, apparently Egged the main bus company in Israel is the largest in the world. The bus station has 7 floors, with all kinds of modern shops and outlets. Immediately got on a ... read more
The beach
The old port of Jaffa
The flea market at Jaffa

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv September 8th 2008

Vi har forflyttet oss vestover igjen, og er tilbake ved Middelhavet og i en annen verden, føles det som. Vi er i Tel Aviv. Men først må jeg fortelle litt om Petra. Jeg skrev at Petra skulle få sitt eget blogginnlegg, men det må jeg legge fra meg. Petra er en 2000 år gammel by bygget av nabateerne i fjellet. Denne byen ble oppdaget av en nederlender for omlag 200 år siden, og er den dag i dag godt bevart. Petra er uten tvil det flotteste Jordan har å vise tilreisende. Og turistene kommer i hopetall for å se bygningene som er bygget inn i det røde fjellet, klatre opp på fjelltoppene og få imponerende utsikt, ri på esler og hester og lukte på fersk kamelbæsj. Vi brukte en hel dag på dette, tok massevis av ... read more
Petras skattekammer
Why not?
Farger i fjellet

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv August 6th 2008

In Haifa, we got a great hotel up on the hill and had a great view of the whole city including the Baha'i Gardens. We all went out for supper in Haifa that night and afterwards Jarin decided to crash early because he wanted to be rested for scuba diving the next day. Dad and I hit the Irish house which was packed and had live Irish music: great time. We obviously had to rub it into Jarin's face the next morning especially since the scuba diving was unfortunately cancelled because of weatehr conditions. The next day we visited Caesarea and again saw another great archeological site. This was the main port of Herod the Great and the Romans for about 200 years. We were disapointed that we could not scuba dive and see the ... read more
Kevin at Caesarea
Parents at Caesarea
View from Tel Aviv hotel


Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv July 15th 2008

So I have had no time for the past several weeks to update my blog and add the photos from the trip. The rest of Italy is up on facebook. Israel was wonderful. Saw a lot of friends, and relaxed quite a bit as well. Writting this from the train station in Berlin. Quick rundown of what I did in Israel: July 8- Haggai picked me up at the airport on Tuseday night. Met a lot of his family. Went out for a little and spent the night at his home. July 9- Spent the after noon at Haggais house. Watched cartoons with his nephew. Eat lunch with his folks. Around 3pm got on the bus to Ashkalon. Arrived in the earlz evening. Went out with Galia. July 10- Spent the day and night in Ashkalon ... read more
arriving at Ben Gorian
the beach

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv July 1st 2008

Shalom friends from Israel!!!!! We made it just fine, just got back from making a quick bus trip down to Jaffa, we couldn't find anything worth reporting so had a quick bite in a shwarma shop and took the taxi back to the hostel. We are turning in soon to get some really needed sleep!! Tomorrow we head out to Jerusalem to meet Bridgette and get aquainted with our new nighbourhood. Nite and Shalom!... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 26th 2008

My best friend from school, Meg, came to visit me after her semester in London ended. We went to the beach, wandered around Jerusalem and Yafo, and she went to the Dead Sea and Masada. When she called and asked if she could come visit, Hilary and I had already booked our hotel and flight to Cairo, so Meg came with us. We left late Thursday night after checking out of the dorms and moving all of my stuff to my friends Jono and Jeremy's place in south Tel Aviv. They gave Meg a rough time in security (she looked pretty shady with her huge backpack and big blue eyes) and ended up thoroughly searching all of her bags at least twice. We got into Cairo around 3 am and somehow got to our hotel and ... read more
A Sphinx-dog
In Giza
Meg, Hilary, and me overlooking Cairo

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 25th 2008

I got my kibbutz placement. I will be going to Kibbutz Baram on Monday. I should have been tipped off to the somewhat bum operation when I walked into the building where the kibbutz volunteer office is located. I walked up to the receptionist, conveniently located behind bullet proof glass, and asked brightly where I might find the volunteer office. Based upon her reaction one may have thought I was asking where I could find the slaughtered pig and milk factory. I received a terse, "Not here" and a backward flick of her head towards what I could only assume was the kibbutz volunteer office. Located on the lower level, the windowless office is staffed by two women, one morbidly obese and the other rail thin. There was one additional room with "Manager" written across the ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv District » Tel Aviv May 22nd 2008

There are a few things people don't tell you about Israel that, as an American, I find a bit strange. First, people don't keep their dogs on a leash. Not in cities - not anywhere. As someone who lives in New York, where the average dog is 75% pit, I have simply grown cautious when it comes to strange dogs. And I love dogs, pits included. I live with a darling New York rescue mutt and he's sweet as can be. But when I'm walking down the street in a foreign city and I see a German Shepard trotting freely towards me, I'm bound to get a little bit nervous. On Traffic: People ride their bicycles on the sidewalks. I asked around to see if this is in fact legal and at best, got a shrug. ... read more

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