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Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona June 8th 2009

So far everything has worked to plan which means that Monday evening we are sat on a ferry from Ancona to Greece. Looking back we have been amazingly lucky with the weather, we missed the storms in Northern Italy, saw some in the distance, and caught a torrent of rain when sat in a bar in Pontremoli. So all in all, a few spots of rain and some nasty spray in the UK, and a few spots on the last leg yesterday, south from Bologna to Cattolica. Today the short hop from Cattolica to Ancona was uneventful, beyond anything one might encounter on an Italian highway. I think Italian car drivers think everything on two wheels requires no more space than a Vespa carving through the traffic of Milan. (Hilary says that the Italians do not ... read more
The ferry we are on

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 25th 2009

Ok I finally got my computer hooked up to internet so I can upload some pics of my nice camera. Enjoy!... read more
Host family's house
Italian toaster
toto in Italy?

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 25th 2009

ok so i can only upload 21 pics at a time. so here are some more. ... read more
more coloseum
some cool arch

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 21st 2009

ooooh, the bunks on the boat weren't half bad. johnny says he slept like a rock, i wasn't so fortunate, but not bad. i got up probably about 7:30 and wandered around the ship a bit barefoot, i thought i had left my flip-flops at fotis' house in athens and was not happy about that... i went downstairs to the lounge area and was quiet on account of all the people sleeping in random places. i wasn't prepared for the number of people who were simply foot passengers and were sleeping on benches, chairs, or the floor since they hadn't bought air seats or couchettes (bunks). if i was traveling alone i'd probably do the same, but since we had the eurail pass and the bunks were free (only having to pay 7 euros each for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 20th 2009

finally some pictures of the baptism feast! I only had time to upload some of them. You can click on a photo and it will open in a new window. Then, you can click through the slideshow on the top of the window. Enjoy!... read more
clams, mussels, etc
Escargot anyone??


Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 16th 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates. Our internet is down at the moment, I am at an internet cafe today. Hopefully I will be writing you from Florence very soon...... Michelle... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 13th 2009

Not much to report today....Not as hot as it has been today which is nice. I went with Velia to run some errands and we stopped and got "ice cream" in a little village. It was just as good as I expected. We had to stop and get Arex, the dog, some different dog food because he wasnt eating what they normally feed him. Its so weird what they feed dogs here in italy. You get big bags of pasta - i think its the scraps of the pasta factories because it is misc pieces of regular pasta mixed with spinach pasta and carrot pasta. then you cook it and give it to the dog. so strange. Sorry for the lack of pictures. HOpefully within the next week I will get some up. I have been ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 12th 2009

Another beautiful day in the Marche (pron mar-KAY) region of Italy. I got fried by the sun. Oops! Didnt do much today. Velia makes a lot of homemade marmalades and jams so I had them on croissants today for breakfast with tea. Lunch was pasta of course. I think thats kind of like a starter for every meal. Then we had tomatoes with olive oil, really good canned tuna, shaved mortadella (kind of like bologna), and bread of course. they have salad but only with olive oil. so i never eat it. i want to say where are the croutons and ranch dressing???? hahaha. I watched the Italian version of deal or no deal with Giulia tonight. Its super cheesy and in some of the boxes, they have a crocodile, melon, and something else. i forget. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 11th 2009

Funny thing.....My host mother is a democrat and she is actually the democratic canidadate for mayor for her village of about 2000 people. Everytime she introduces someone to me she says that I am her Michelle Obama. So weird but funny. Hot again today, around 85 in the sun. but its breezy so in the shade it is very nice. Just laying out in the sun today. Velia said "we must get you some sun cream. You are very pale and it could be dangerous." HAAAA!!!!! Yes, I know I am white as a ghost. Ciao!... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 11th 2009

I forgot to mention that Vilia got the girl being baptised a diamond. just a plain .25k diamond so she can get it made into a ring/necklace/etc when she is older. crazy. and umberto, my host father, got the baby a blvgari chain thing. im sure it was a couple hundred dollars and he also got her a burberry sundress!!!! unbelievable!!!! pretty sure i didnt get that when i was baptised..... ... read more

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