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Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbino August 23rd 2013

We drove along the coast road rather than the freeway and stopped numerous times to check out the beach. Other than the colour of the umbrellas it didn't change much. The seaside towns we vdry quaint though. We ate our gourmet picnic (last nights leftovers) down by the water and it tasted pretty good the day after. We decided that we were not going to find anywhere to stay on the coast so we turned inland towards Urbino and decided that the first place we found after we turned off the freeway would do. As we drove into to Urbino we saw a sign for Casa Dolce Casa (home sweet home) and headed there. It was another rare gem. Right on the side of a hill, looking over the valley toward the walled town of Urbino, ... read more
Our gourmet picnic by the Adriatic Sea

Europe » Italy » Marche August 2nd 2013

Gretchen was up early and out to get her sunrise pictures.It was another magnificent day with a cloudless sky and prospect of temperatures into the 30's again. We are starting to enjoy the breakfast provided with the room rate and it will be hard going back to having just our muesli and yogurt with toast and coffee.Breakfast was varied again as were our fellows in the breakfast room with a range of accents although none were English. The road from Obern took us down into the valley in which Innsbruck is located and we joined the highway towards the city.We did not feel a need to go into the city as we had passed through there 4 years ago and could recall that finding a car park had been a nightmare. With the first of what ... read more
The view from our hotel balcony
Gretchen imitates......Julie Andrews in the Austrian Alps above Innsbruck
The way to the Brenner Pass,Austria/Italy

Europe » Italy » Marche » Falconara Marittima July 1st 2013

Ok ok, so we have now found some pretty places in Italy. Yesterday, we travelled down the Amalfi Coast within the height of tourism on a Sunday! And today, we travelled over to the east coast of Italy and found a sweet paradise without the crowds in Falconara Marittima, near Ancona.Unfortunately, even though we drove through the popular villages of Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi, there was no way we were able to get a park... but there were a few unknown towns in between the major three that had just the same beauty without the heavy traffic. We found a place called Praiano which was just delightful.... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbino May 21st 2013

Our holiday in Suzy is coming to a close with a just over a week to go. Suzy got her itchy feet on again and we moved from our campsite at San Marino back into the Marche area to the city of Urbino. OUr plan was to find the Sosta, park up and catch the bus into the centre. Plans don't always work out and for a start the sosta wasnt that easy to find despite having the co-ordinates. The other problem was the bus. We knew it ran hourly but had no idea at what time. So off we went in search of the sosta. Eventually we did find it and it was empty so there was plenty of room for Suzy. We walked to the end of the road and spied the bus stop ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Gradara May 18th 2013

Suzy moved on down the road to the tiny village of Gradara. We have planned to stop at a car park called the Cypresses but found it firmly shut when we arrived. The gates were locked and although there was a car park next to it there was no space for Suzy or any motorhome of any length. We thought we might have to miss Gradara and its pretty castle but luckily found another car park a little way down the town and this one catered for motorhomes and was empty. The rain was falling and I got a touch wet walking over to the machine to pay my 5 euros to park. For the 3 euros we could stay until midnight. Not that we intended to do that as our next destination was the small ... read more


Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbania June 14th 2012

Thursday 14th June, 2012 - Urbania Today is our last full day in Urbania. The last two weeks have been a great experience. We have enjoyed mostly great weather, seen some wonderful sights, enjoyed some delicious meals and met some great people – from Gail’s teachers and fellow students to the shop assistants, restaurateurs and wait-staff, to tourist bureau staff, bus drivers, taxi drivers and our landlord and his family. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming – and accepting of people who can’t speak the language all that well or in Steve’s case – not at all! We leave Urbania with a diploma in Italian language which feels barely earned, but will look great on the wall! Thank you to all Urbanese – you are wonderful. We leave for the ride back to Arezzo tomorrow ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Numana June 13th 2012

Numana to Misano Adriatico 4th June to 11th June 2012 Monday 4th June 2012 Head off in nice weather but the further north we go the worse it gets so decided to go inland to Urbino rather than the beaches. Find the only campsite just out of town – ‘Camping Pineta’. Bloody hell - €38 a night and only 4amps – that won’t even run the oil heater and Tom has packed up the doona way down into the bowels of the camper. So I’m cold and not happy. It now has started to rain very lightly, so on with wet weather gear, and on the scooter into town. What a beautiful place. We find the tourist information office and get map and info on Duomo. Off to see Rapphael’s ... read more
4 and 5.6.12 Urbino - Ducale Palace
4 and 5.6.12 Urbino - Ducale Palace
5.6.12 - Urbino - Panoramic view of Piazza Duca Federico

Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbania June 12th 2012

Tuesday 12th June 201210:30am The thunderstorms that have been predicted for the past 3 days have finally arrived. Lots of thunder and rain. It's not cold - about 20C, just very wet and noisy! Very dark too - need the lights on inside! Not outdoor activity today :( Gail's at school, Steve's doing some chores at the unit, cataloguing photos and updating the blogs! I've disconnected power to the computer and am running on battery power in case of power surges, so will keep this one short. Tuesday 12th June 2012 1:00pm The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's about 22C - amazing change from this morning.... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Urbania June 9th 2012

Saturday 9th June, 2012 - Urbania After Gail finished two hours of school this morning, we visited The Church of the Dead, - a most unusual tourist “attraction” in Urbania. Back in the 1500s, when Urbania was still called Caste Durante, people who couldn't afford a proper burial were buried under one of the churches. In about 1804, some of these bodies were discovered in a perfectly mummified condition. This was due to a certain mushroom that dehydrated the bodies, slowing decomposition. About 15 of these bodies are on display at the church. It was a weird feeling being in a room with these mummified corpses, which are all in a room behind the altar of the church. Our guide explained in Italian/English, how the bodies were discovered, how the mummification process with the mushrooms works, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Numana June 6th 2012

Vieste to Numana 29th May to 3rd June 2012 Tuesday 29th May 2012. So we say farewell to the coast and head inland. We stopped for lunch somewhere under the expressway in the shade by a river. Then off again. The end of the trip was the same as the start – winding and hilly at start, mountains at the end. We found the campsite ‘Panoramica’ – sort of open. They are getting ready for the summer holiday makers. We are in a parking bay for the chalets which is good as outside toilets and there is no one else around . They have 3 dogs – they are huge white sheep dogs, and almost as big as... read more
1.6.12 - Scanno
1.6.12 - Scanno - Gates of the Cross
1.6.12 - Scanno

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