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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 18th 2013

The second day at Rosa Maria and Richard's place in Prada Lunga, we got a close up look at a herd of sheep being moved from their summer grazing fields in the mountain down to the valley. They will graze partially on public ground and partially on land where owners allow them to graze in order to get a free mowing of their land. When I got home I went directly to our cabin up in the hills above Oroville, WA where Art and his brother hunt. Great way to decompress from travel!... read more
Modern Accommodations
Sheep commandeering the roadway

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 7th 2013

As you can see from the photos, we are not in the city! I can't get the camera chip to work from Rosa Maria's computer, so be sure to look at the blog in a few days for photos from here. We encountered a shepherd moving his sheep from up in the hills down to the valley and passing through Prada Lungo where we are right now. He had a couple mules with him with saddle bags that contained some new born sheep that needed to hitchhike with the mule during the long march from one place to another. When he went out on the road, the dogs got a work out keeping them all together. Anyway, be sure to check back. It was quite a show! Rosa Maria asked him a lot of questions, which ... read more
Look West

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo October 6th 2013

We made it to Bergamo. Rosa Maria met us at the train station, took us on the funicula up to the ancient walled city, showed us around, and then took us to a great restaurant. We walked back down in a drizzling rain. She brought us out to her home outside Bergamo. After our big lunch, we had a simple, but VERY delicious, spinach soup, cheese, and bread. They are forecasting 100% chance of rain, so it may be a pretty laid-back day.... read more
Church in the Ancient Town
Old Mechanism
 Real Live Organ Music

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 22nd 2012

We are visiting my old friend Rosamaria and her husband Richard Stern (brother of Mike and Dan Stern in Seattle.) Tomorrow we go to Firenze and I will do a proper entry. We are too busy to stop for the computer. So many years to catch up on and so many questions for them about the culture and history of Italy.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo June 30th 2011

After a hot and very weary day yesterday the tour committee agreed to a quiet day today and prepare for the next stage of our adventure. Tomorrow marks the halfway point in our trip and we look forward to the second part which starts with a train journey on the world famous Glacier Express. So blob we must today. While the room was serviced we went for a quiet drive to Bergamo. Last night we had our first rain for over a fortnight. As a result the murky atmosphere that had been around for the past two days had temporarily disappeared and the temperature had become more bearable. During our exploration around Bergamo we took the citté alta route to the top of the hill overlooking the rest of the city. While looking for a post ... read more
Duomo, Bergamo


Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo June 10th 2010

Well, of all the thousands of potentially interesting things that have happened to me and around me since I last wrote a blog, I can't seem to think of any when it actually comes down to writing it down.... though I suppose I will have to do my best. Labor day weekend my friends threw me a surprise going away party, It was a bit premature, but there wasn't any other time I wasn't busy. I didn't expect it in the least despite what now seem to be pretty obvious hints. I gather it was organized for the most part by my second host sister Giulia, and was all outside in the olive orchard about my second host house. There was a BBQ Italian style, so very good sausages, and all of the friends and ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo May 25th 2010

Hummmm, where to start? I suppose I will go in cronoglogical order and recount some of the excitement of this weekend... There was no school on Friday or Saturday on account of the Alpini. Who are the Alpini? And why would we get school off? Well, the Alpini are an important branch of the Italian military who really have more of a historical importance nowadays. There is lots more information on Wikipedia if you are interested (and it is rather interesting their role in the world wars) and if your not, I won't bore you with details. So, the weekend of the Alpini comes to a different city every year, and this year happened to be the year for Bergamo. This means that 400,000 old men in awesome little green hats invaded the city for ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 30th 2010

As usual I have committed the grave error of procrastination. I put off writing this very blog because of how impossible it seems to write about my incredible week. I had two amazing trips back to back, each one more than enough to fill a blog by itself, so I have little Idea how to put them both in one, but I will do my best, and hope the pictures help. The first trip was a short one to Milan with my host mom to the 'Fiera'. My host mother is an architect, but when I say architect I mean she does everything in the designing of a house, from the blueprints to the furniture. Every year there is what I guess I would call a sort of furniture convention in Milan for brands from all ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo April 1st 2010

Blog: This blog will follow the general form of all my blogs in the sense that it won't really have a for. If any of you find this annoying, please tell me and I will do my best to remedy it. I just find that the things I have to say rarely have a common thread with which I can sew them together. The risk of snow has left us for the certainty of rain. Tuesday evening brought the sort of spectacular storm that we just don't have in Mendocino. The abruptness and violence with which it came and left reminded me strongly of Georgia. I was enthralled by the deep, loud bangs of thunder and the bright blue flashes that preceded them. Looking out the large windows of the house I thought it looked as ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Bergamo March 17th 2010

Blog: As of three days ago, I am living with a new family. Sunday morning found me packing my things with not a little sadness, I really loved living with the Guerra’s. It was a warm social atmosphere and I got used to the almost constant companionship that comes with sharing a room with someone, I even liked it. I was very lucky with my first change because while I absolutely loved and still love my first family, the Eynards, the Guerra house already felt like a second home. I would go there almost everyday before I changed families to go running with Giulia and so on, so my moving in seemed natural. I am also lucky with this second change in the sense that I’m now neighbor to the Eynards and my host mom is ... read more

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