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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 30th 2012

Wednesday morning May 30 - I got up early and quietly dressed as my roommates were still sleeping. I had tea and toast for breakfast. The tea here is pretty good and they have a good continental breakfast although I wouldn’t mind if they had a boiled egg to go with it. I really am enjoying my stay in Galway and really wouldn’t mind staying a few more days, especially as the hostel is so agreeable to me. But I have reservations in Doolin, Ennis, and Cork so I guess I will head south. There is an expression that goes “wherever you go , there you are”. It pretty much holds up for me. Whether here or at home the first thing I always do is drink my tea and think things over. And that has ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 29th 2012

Monday evening - I am writing this Tuesday morning - I woke up early and all my roommates were all still sleeping so rather than make a bunch of noise and wake everyone up I just slipped on some deodorant, a T-shirt, jeans, and slip on shoes and went to the breakfast room for some Tea. I figure I can do my blog while everyone else is sleeping and then go back to the room and clean up. They have a bunch of lockers by the reception so I got my computer out of there. They have plugs for charging laptops, etc in the lockers but some of the tables in the dining area have plugs as well so I just use them while I use the laptop and it charges my laptop. All I need ... read more
Lynch's Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 29th 2012

May 29 Tuesday - Today I got up early and gathered up some stuff and went to the lunchroom to log on and catch up with my blog and things while eating breakfast. They have a free continental style breakfast here. I always just have tea and their cups were the largest I have seen since I got to Ireland. This Irish tea is quite good and much better than any I have had in the states. After breakfasting and finishing my computer work I went back to my room and the rest of the guys were gone so I cleaned up and got dressed and sorted out things a bit. It is so difficult not to accumulate stuff as the accumulation bug is ground into Americans but I have to try and keep it down ... read more
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Galway bus tour

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 28th 2012

Monday May 28, 2012 Today I caught the #20 bus to Galway and checked into the Kinlay Hostel. It’s a lively place now at 7:pm. I took some pictures earlier when I checked in. About 30 French school kids have checked in and are playing music so it’s a lot livelier now. One of them is playing the piano and he is exceptionally good. I seem to be the only “mature” gentleman here. I walked around the town a bit earlier and after several inquiries found a place that had Dillisk, which is a type of seaweed that my mother likes as a snack. She grew up in this part of Ireland and likes to eat Dillisk. She said it is very healthy and I have no doubt of it. I also bought some cheese and ... read more
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Europe » Ireland » County Galway May 27th 2012

I was back in Ballinasloe for the weekend. I pretty much hung around the house and scanned family pictures and visited with family. I put all the pictures I scanned on an SD card which I will leave here. Friday was wash day and I went out to the bog with the cousins to check on the turf. They have bought 8 rows of turf which has been cut and is drying. So that it dries correctly they have to go out this week and turn the turf, and then back later and stack it, and then in a couple of weeks they will load it up in a trailer and bring it home to store it. Quite a bit of work. Of course it can be ordered dried and delivered but it cost more. I ... read more
Brian enjoying the Springlike weather
Supper Friday was fish
Turf cut and laid out to dry


Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 24th 2012

Thursday May 24 Back to Galway - Today I went back to Galway again. The weather was perfect and even warmed up so much I had to take off my coat and shirt and wore my black T-shirt. I finished up visiting the exhibits at the Galway City Museum and walked up to Salmon Weir and back then back to Eyre Square to relax a bit. Another nice day.... read more
Buses at Galway Station
cabs at Galway station
Map of Galway City

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway May 23rd 2012

Wednesday May 23 Ballinasloe to Galway and return - I took the #20 bus from Ballinasloe. It was scheduled for 10:10 but got there at 10:40. It was a beautiful day and I had really enjoyed the Spring like weather. The bus and train station in Galway is the same building. It is right off of Eyre Square. The bus takes a roundabout route which takes it through some other towns it picks up in. The ride takes about an hour. Eyre Square is a great place to relax and people watch. And the weather was so nice and cool. Really excellent and the air was so fresh and the grass so green. After enjoying Erye Square a good while I did a little homework on some of the hostels available near Eyre Square and then ... read more
Countryside Ballinasloe to Galway
Countryside Balinasloe to Galway
Bus and train station Galway

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe May 20th 2012

Sunday May 20 - Today took a good exploratory walk around Ballinasloe and then walked to the Tesco and bought a Printer/scanner. Since I had a scanner and some other stuff, I had to have Noel pick me up at the Tesco and give me a ride home instead of walking. I invested most of the rest of the day in setting up the scanner and scanning family pictures Christy gave me to scan. I had been planning on catching the #20 bus on Dunlo street to Athlone and have a look around tomorrow (Monday), and get lined up on a tour from there to Clonmacnoise for Tuesday. However my cousin Noel came by and said we could all go to Clonmacnoise with him in his car tomorrow. So that sounds like a good deal. I ... read more
AN Tain pub
The Lazy wall
The square and St Michaels Church

Europe » Ireland » County Galway May 19th 2012

Rebekah Pierce here.....By now we all are aware that the Irish are extremely nice people but we never thought that a single Irish tour bus driver would make us all fall in love with Ireland even more. Paul was our bus driver for the day and he was a storyteller for the books. Teaching all of us more than we could have ever learned on our own and not only teaching us but also intriguing us with the heritage of this beautiful place. When we got on the bus we asked Paul if he liked horses his response was positive saying that it is the Celtic Irish belief that the spirits of their greatest ancestors live on in the Nobel horse. Before we started our trek to Galway from Dublin we were told that over the ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Ballinasloe May 19th 2012

Saturday May 19 - Today pretty much just drove back to Ballinasloe taking a roundabout route via Enniskillen because on the map the road showed to be hugging a lake but in reality it wasn’t and most of the trip all you could see was hedges and some fields. Picturesque enough but not a lake views as we had hoped. When we got back to Ballinasloe I invested most of the evening in trying to get caught up on my blogs and doing my wash.... read more
Irish Rooster Potatoes
Irish chicken

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