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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin April 7th 2014

Ah Dublin….Dublin…..what to say about Dublin? If asked to describe it in one word? Dave says alive Merry Jo says joyful. One may or may not come to Dublin to pub crawl—not that there’s anything wrong with that…….. We have found however to properly immerse yourself into local culture you’ll end up in a few pubs. Our intent was to listen to some good Irish music and indeed that goal has been accomplished. Our goal may have been enhanced by a few pints of the local brew. And so our story unfolds…… Before our arrival— And so the conversation began like this…..where do we want to go this spring? Several countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East were in contention originally, but since our wedding anniversary would fall during the trip, we realized that ... read more
St. Patrick's Cathedral
The River Liffey
Well preserved

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin April 4th 2014

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin February 22nd 2014

The thing about Ireland is that it’s green. And whilst I had previously been under the impression that this was due to hordes of leprechauns emerging at night with watering cans, it turns out that the reality is that it’s because the clouds love Ireland. Andwho can blame them? It’s a lovely place, filled with colorful people, colorful houses, and a colorful history. Even if the primary colors you are going to experience are green and grey. Ireland is a fairytale. A fairytale you can only experience there. Remember all those castles you saw in Disney movies growing up? Well, in Ireland those magical moments become alive… magical! How much did I pay for this experience? See below… Flight: $ 484.30 (Delta Airlines- Non Stop) – Hotels/Car Rental: 350 per person – Food/Activi... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 29th 2014

Our last hours in Dublin were dedicated to visiting the Guinness Storehouse. As someone who has never really been fond of beer I wasn't expecting much out of the experience, but Michael wanted to go and he had been extremely patient with my itinerary up until that point. I'm glad that he suggested it, because it turned out to be one of the best things that we did. Compared to Dublin's other main attractions, the storehouse is a little out of the way but definitely worth the bus ride and short walk. It's in a gorgeous red brick building, and though getting in is a little pricey (€14.50 for adults and €13 for students over 18) it comes with a coupon for a free pint or a free soda at the GRAVITY Bar. If you pay ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 29th 2014

After a 18 hour flight with an unexpected layover due to weather I have finally touched down in Dublin's airport. Whew, when I say that that was the worst/scariest flight I have ever experienced, I'm telling you the truth. Oh well, I'm in Dublin now, who needs to complain? This is my first time out of the states, and me being ecstatic is an understatement. After I meet up with my friend, Bailey we head to catch the bus outside. It's about 4 o'clock now, and the airport is buzzing due to the time and all the layovers that were rerouted. So we walk outside and can you say freezing rain? Holy moly, I really have never felt this type of weather before being from the great humid state of Louisiana. But what the in ... read more
Fish and Chips and Guinness
Christ Church


Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 25th 2014

As much as I love Dublin, I don't have many enthusiastic things to say about Trinity College. It's supposed to be Dublin's #1 attraction, and the Book of Kells is gorgeous, but it's not worth the €8 entry fee unless you're really into illuminated manuscripts. The Book of Kells is the oldest of its kind, so it's understandable that they would be very careful to maintain it, but "very careful" isn't the correct phrase in this case. Rabid would be a better word. I've been plenty of places that won't allow pictures with flash and a few that wouldn't allow pictures at all, and I understand that. What neither Michael nor I understood was the fact that we couldn't even take pictures of the pictures. Before you even reach the Book, there's a room with huge ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 22nd 2014

In March my wonderful, beautiful, indescribably magnificent friend Michael came to visit me from the States. We met in Dublin at Doyle's, the pub beneath his hostel. I had adjusted quite well to my new life, but seeing a familiar face from home was a precious experience. We screamed like a pair of little girls, and don't let him tell you otherwise. Even though it was late, we decided to explore a bit before calling it a night. We walked along the Liffey, admiring the blue lights in the trees and the lights of the Samuel Beckett Bridge. My personal favorite was Ha'Penny Bridge, but I couldn't deny that the Samuel Beckett was striking. We strolled through the Temple Bar area, an amazingly vibrant part of Dublin that is mostly pubs and kebab shops. I reveled ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin January 22nd 2014

If you feel that your bucket list is lacking something, add "Dublin on St. Patrick's Day," and I promise you won't regret it. Warning: Do NOT call it St. Patty's day, especially around the Irish. It's St. Patrick's, or Paddy's Day. The second option is based off of the Gaelic version of St. Patrick's name, Padraig. I know it's a hard habit to break, especially for Americans, but you'll save yourself a lot of pub brawls that way. In order to properly blend in with the locals, the first thing you have to do is procure a ridiculous hat. The more preposterous, the better. I could literally fill an entire photo album with just pictures of the silly hats that we saw. Michael chose an obnoxiously large leprechaun hat and I found a jaunty little version ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin December 30th 2013

We are officially off the plane and boarded at The Avalon House in Dublin! We are so excited to walk around downtown and pop into pubs. This is my first hostel experience so I hope everything goes smoothly and without problems. A sweet old lady warned both Jess and I separately on the way in to watch our bags around here...yikes. Either way, we are way too excited to let it bring down the mood for the evening. Maybe we can absorb some of that famous Irish luck. Here's to our first pint abroad! Cheers, Daryl for Jeryl P.S. We'll post pics very soon!... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin December 23rd 2013

Yesterday I left the lovely little town of Killarney. It was a three hour train ride to Dublin and I slept for just a small portion of that. During the last half of the ride an older man and his daughter sat across from me and engaged me in conversation. Now when you think of a stereotypical older Irishman, you are most likely picturing this man. He had a tweed cap, woollen sweater over a plaid shirt, was missing most of his bottom teeth, and had an accent so thick I could hardly understand him. As he spoke to me he would often give me a wry smile and a wink. Timothy and Jillian (this man and his daughter) were incredibly friendly (as is nearly every Irish person I've met so far) and were eager to ... read more

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