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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh October 26th 2013

WE LOVE IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!! so awsome here, feels a bit like home! I forgot to add in the last message that we did the Carrick-a-Rede bridge and the Giants Causeway, also sorry about the spelling mistakes i just read back through, was in a hurry at the hostel, ad to line up for the blimmin computer. First night in a proper bed last night was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Put a love lock on the bridge in dublin and threw the keys into the wiffy liffy :) ahhhhh. We are now with the Irish Whanau. We are staying at Sharon and Gavins beautiful house, we love the pony (toby) and molly and jude are awsome, he blew me a kiss good bye this morning!. Molly had a pj party last night and she wore a leopard print onesie super ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge October 24th 2013

Hey guys, We came over to ireland and did a Shamrocker bus tour whichw as awsome, we were lucky and got the last two seats on the bus. There were 50 of us mostly ausis as usual!. We Started and finsihed in Dublin, first we went to Killarney and kissed the Blarney stone at Blarney castle to get the gift of the gab. After Killarney we carried on seeing some awsome scenery to Ennis and left a piece of our souls at the beach or so they say and if you want them back you have to come back to Ireland :). Then we headed off to Galway and saw the cliffs of Moher which were really pretty!. The next day we ditched the bus and took a ferry over to Arans Islands where the locals ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin October 24th 2013

Wonders will never cease! We have another fine and dry day in Dublin and it looks like we will get to complete our walking tour of the city without raincoats. The sights to see today on the northern side of the Liffey look to be a little closer together so our walk shouldn’t take as long as we were out for yesterday. And at the end of the walk we will visit the Guinness Storehouse for a self guided tour of the place which will bring the BBA V2 to a satisfying conclusion.....other than the flights home. We got ourselves organised and caught the bus at the same time as yesterday. This time though the front seats upstairs were already taken so we had to sit back a couple of rows where the ‘upstairs sensation’ of ... read more
The Parnell Monument on O'Connell Street,Dublin
The Garden of Remembrance,Dublin
Walking up to the Guinness Storehouse,Dublin

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin October 23rd 2013

Our prayers have been answered, the sun is shining in Dublin and the forecast for the day is for dry conditions! So we should get to experience our planned walk around the sights on the southern side of the Liffey without raincoats. The Liffey by the way is the river that runs through the centre of the city. Although we are our near the airport and about 10km from the city centre there is a very good public bus service from Swords every 15 minutes and a bus stop just across the way from the Travelodge. With the plan to be out for 4 or 5 hours today we left heading into the city until late morning. We have ridden a double decker bus once already on the BBA V2 (this is a bit of a ... read more
Trinity College,Dublin
'Molly Malone',Dublin
The statues on Grafton Street mall

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Swords October 22nd 2013

With a relatively short drive of just over 140km to Dublin today we enjoyed a restful lie in deciding not to look at what the weather had in store for us given how wet yesterday was which put a damper on our coastal drive from Cork. Having switched the east coast we are noticing the daylight is coming a bit earlier than earlier in our short stay in Ireland when we spent time in the west and south west. And this morning when we pulled back the curtains that was a weak sun in the sky and the fresh breeze of yesterday had died away. With the temperature still warm for this time of the year at 15C the leaves on the trees are taking their time to change colour en masse and we haven’t seen ... read more
The cemetery at St Machains Well,from a distance becaue of an electric fence
The golf course at Wicklow Head,Wicklow
Time to hand back the 'diesel miser' Vanessa the VW


Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge October 22nd 2013

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dalkey October 19th 2013

When we arrived in Dublin we dropped the car off and got a bus to the airport then grabbed another bus to the Fitzpatrick Castle it's a beautiful hotel on the coast with nice people and good food. We spent two nights there. The first day we walked around the town of Dalkey to a park with some statues and paths. We found out that a dog was missing so we looked around the park and town for a bit. I hope the owners found it. Once we got hungry, Dad and I went back to the hotel and got supper. The next day we went to Trinity College in Dublin and saw the exhibit on the Book of Kells which was cool. The book is a 9th century gospel manuscript famous throughout the world. The ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin October 4th 2013

Travel blogging in a solitary existence. Writing is a solo endeavour and so is my usual travel style. It is rare to meet any number of travel bloggers in one place for travelling usually involves meeting many local people, a varying number of tourists, and the occasional travel blogger. However, travel bloggers can and do congregate in numbers. The world’s largest gathering related to travel blogging is held by Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX). I was honoured and excited to be chosen as a speaker of the prestigious TBEX Europe which would attract more than 600 people. The very professional way the speaker invitation process was handled (such as submitting biographies and receiving conference information) gave me confidence about the success of the event. Being a speaker meant that I attended the Speaker’s Night at the url= ... read more
TBEX Opening NIght music at the Guinness Storehouse - Dublin, Ireland
Natalie and I enjoy light banter just prior to our presentation at TBEX - Dublin, Ireland
TBEX Marketplace - Dublin, Ireland

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin October 2nd 2013

Arrived and Debe was waiting at the gate so no dramas there. We decided to take the bus into city centre and got accosted by a beggar for money! we are at the hotel - wynns - looks good so far. Debe has jet-lag, but of course I don't,... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Skerries September 26th 2013

Greetings! Haven't done this for a while as I've been a bit under the weather and haven't had the oomph to get off my bum to write. Lyn tells me I am a typical man as when the least thing goes wrong I fold. I protest but enough of that. Frankfurt to Dublin with Aer Lingus. A two hour flight with a landing that was a bit rocky and rolly coming into Dublin. Nothing too bad so we were bemused when the passengers applauded after the wheels hit the ground. We looked at each smugly as any Kiwis would who've landed at our airports in a bit of a blow. Laura and three and a half year old Clodagh, were there to meet us. Immediate rapport even though we'd only met fairly briefly a year and ... read more
Skerries playground
Clodagh and Rhys

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