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Europe » France » Alsace » Barr June 22nd 2013

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 20th 2013

The nostalgia of revisiting Strasbourg Strasbourg, 10-26 May Seeing Strasbourg again over six years since I first arrived in 2007 was an intensely emotional and nostalgic experience. We stayed with JB’s parents in Colmar for a few days after Paris and by then I was itching to see Strasbourg again. The second we dropped our bags at JB’s sister’s place in Neudorf, just north of Strasbourg, we were out the door ready to see the city. It was only about a 30 minute walk, and despite having a tram stop directly downstairs I wanted to experience walking back into the centre the way I always used to. I was excited because I couldn’t wait to see my old place, to walk down those familiar streets, to revisit bars and cafes where I spent my time in ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 21st 2012

We spent one night in Strasbourg, and there happened to be a very colourful and loud parade of some sort going on through the streets. We watched them as they danced their way through the streets. Soon we lost interest and found ourselves browsing through the many cuckoo clock shops...we couldn't resist and some old French lady that couldn't speak a word of English somehow convinced us that we we absolutely NEEDED a Cuckoo clock, all wrapped and packed we proudly carried our new purchase around:) After that intense French/English Cuckoo purchase we were quite hungry and started a long search for a restaurant that offered a menu that we could understand... We finaly found one that offered "some" English descriptions... I decided to have a Cheeseburger, wow, adventurous you might think,,but it was the safest ... read more
Gothic Architecture, Cathedral
Romanesque Architecture

Europe » France » Alsace » Riquewihr September 25th 2012

Riquewihr, 25. – 26. September 2012 Vom Hochwarzwald bis nach Riquewihr waren es nur gut 100 km. Die Distanz hatten wir schnell abgespult. In Riquewihr mussten wir dann leider über eine Stunde vor der Campingschranke warten, da die Platzwartin bis um 14.30 Uhr Mittagspause hatte. Wir nutzten die Zeit für Mittagessen und einen Gang über den Platz, bei der Gelegenheit suchten wir uns schon mal einen freien Platz aus. Die Altstadt ist vom Campingplatz aus in etwa 30 Minuten zu Fuss zu erreichen. Leider begleitete uns beim ersten Bummel durch die wunderschöne Altstadt von Riquewihr ein leichter Nieselregen. Ein Glas Federweissen und ein Bierchen konnten wir aber trotzdem im Freien unter einem Sonnen/Regenschirm geniessen. Auf dem Rückweg zum Campingplatz begann es dann wie aus Kübeln zu schütten. Gut waren wir mit einem Regenschirm und unseren Regenjacken ... read more
Fuchs du hast den Wein gestohlen......

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 22nd 2012

Bonjour from Strasbourg, This is our second visit to Strasbourg. We were here in 2010 for the Christmas Festival; Strasbourg’s Christmas Festival is one of the oldest in Europe and the first one to open. When we were here last it was snowing and raining ice and so cold that in the cathedral – Notre Dame – Our Lady, we could see ourselves breathe. We found Strasbourg to be charming on 2010 and we have not been disappointed this visit. As Strasbourg is a small regional town, it is a little more relaxed than Paris. One of the sad things about Paris was the warnings we received from the hotel staff about the beggars; we found ourselves to be very much more wary than we would like to be in a city as beautiful as Paris. ... read more
Tourist boat entering the lock - 2
Tourist boat entering the lock -3
OUr hotel - the entrance


Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg August 10th 2012

The morning of our departure from Paris was fairly frantic. We had arranged to meet our apartment hosts' representative at 9 am to exchange keys...our train for Strasbourg left at 11:30 from Gare de l'est...we knew that we could take the Metro there but not really sure about how long it would take...and cleaning/packing just seems to never end. She showed up at 9:15 and wanted to be able to leave right away because she had an appointment at 9:30...!?! Okedoke, we gave her the keys, thumped gigantor suitcase down the stairway and hung out in our favorite coffee shop for the next half hour, drinking awesome cafe au lait and filling Fifi up on CROGGHERS. We made our way to the gare with ease and found ourselves, of course, with plenty of time to spare. ... read more
Loving the bolognese at Cafe Michel
Mmmm glace with marshmallow!
In front of Notre Dame du Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 29th 2012

JULY 29 Before leaving our special hotel, we had an amazing German breakfast that kept us well fed for our drive to Strasbourg. It took a few attempts to arrive at our hotel with all of the one-way and pedestrian-only streets, but we dropped our bags and were off for a day of exploring. We visited the phenomenal Notre Dame Cathedral, all of Petite France (including L'Academie de Bier), enjoyed some cappucinos and food outside, and walked until we could no longer. We had a phenomenal dinner of different kinds of spaetzle in Petite France on the river to finish off a wonderful day in a beautiful city.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar July 23rd 2012

Well, we're back in France as promised. Left Switzerland just as the skies were beginiing to clear and arrived in the beautiful Alsace region of France Sunday afternoon. After a pleasant stroll and a great lunch we did our laundry while we waited for the owners of our pension to return from their vineyards. Monday we went to a great museum with some Martin Schongauer works and the world famous Isheim alterpeice. We also rode bikes around town and Lizzie did some clothes shopping. The whole town is just so quaint and picturesque, and our pension is just like the rest of the town - not a square corner, a straight street or a non-sagging roof anywhere!... read more
courtyard below our balcony
That's me working on the blog!
another view right from our balcony

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse July 15th 2012

And so the exciting, busy and intensive week of Bouge Ta Ville began - to explain simply, it's a week where about 200 young people get together every two years to transform and manifest the glory of God to their city. The concept began in Mulhouse, the city where I was doing it last week and is beginning to spread to other cities across France which is VERY exciting.... It all kicked off on Saturday afternoon at a huge church of around 2000 people in Mulhouse. I was relieved and excited to hear other English speakers when we arrived at the welcome part (I had been worried that I'd be the only English speaker and that I might not understand or be able to participate in everything.) I had put my name down to work with ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Mulhouse July 14th 2012

Up pretty early and picked up the electronics from the office. All charged up and ready to go. The owners were also Tandem Cyclists and were very interested in the trike, thus before we headed out we offered them a spin. They returned with smiling faces! Weather - very windy and threatening rain as leaving Neuf-Brisach. Sprinkled on and off throughout the day. Lost several times, really poorly marked trails, especially any time we were near a town. Everything was closed due to the holiday but fortunately we had food to picnic on and found the lovely historical area to eat in. There is a large church in every town so it is easy to find these spots. We managed to find our way through the large city of Mulhouse & get to a fairly nice ... read more

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