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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 21st 2012

5am start this am! Living in Edinburgh is sliiightly more time consuming travel wise! But totally worth it! :) So we were up bright and early and taxied (thanks kpmg) to the airport to fly to London, had a 4 hour stopover in London to hang out at Stanstead - woop woop! So we smelt of every perfume and cologne under the sun, ben bought a gorgeous fossil watch and we explored every nook and cranny of each shop! Can safely say wev done stanstead! Anywho we passed the time well and then jumped on our ryan air flight to Malmo. Arrived in Sweden after an hour 15 flight and found a bus to copenhagen. Within 45 mins we were in the centre of copenhagen, Absolutely gorgeous day so we were a bit gutted that wed ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 28th 2012

Obsession with food. Why? I think it's because its one of the simplest pleasures in life where we can use all of our senses. We taste, we admire by sight, we touch to bring that morsel of food to our mouth, we smell delight or disgust. We also hear; whether it be silence to allow our other senses take pleasure, or to appreciate our company in conversation over a meal. When I was given the opportunity to dine at Noma in Denmark, I was truly excited!! I googled and found out that Noma was considered the top World restaurant for 2011. Wow, and little me had an opportunity to go !!! Sight was definately the sense that had priority at this establishment in Noma; it was more like masterpieces of scaled-down art. Whether it be from ... read more
So much thought....
yes, there are only 2 pieces

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 19th 2012

My bags are packed... (and my suitcase isn't even half full) We leave today! I can't believe it. You think it sounds a little dramatic for a two-week family vacation to Thailand? It's not. This is the first vacation in the history of my parents' marriage (16 years) that the whole family is going somewhere outside of Scandinavia. Me and my brother, my three sisters, and my parents. Ten days in Phuket, four in Bangkok. Very exciting! And to top it off, my two youngest sisters haven't even been on a plane before - about time, right? I LOVE flying! I hope they will too. It's a 14 hour flight - ugh - but hey, then the next entry will have pictures of me in a bikini, looking at the beautiful light blue ocean that Thailand ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 10th 2012

I am writing this blog a day late, because the most eventful things that happened yesterday happened late at night....So it all began with Katrine cooking dinner for Mie and myself --Krebinetter--with potatoes and bernaise good. After dinnner we listened to music and pre-gamed it at Katrine's apartment, because downtown Copenhagen bars are super expensive, and almost everyone gets drunk at their houses and then goes after card games (fuck the dealer danish version) and drunk twister I believe we were hammered enough to go downtown. The bars in Copenhagen don't close until 6 in the morning! so its normal to not go out until midnight...Katrine didn't think I would make it that late (as it turns out I was up until 6.30!) After an eventful bike ride to downtown we ended up at ... read more
Katrine Cooking Dinner
Chopping Veggies

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 10th 2012

Needless to say if you go out all night you are going to feel like shit the next day. So yeah all I did today was nurse my hangover, Katrine was great in bringing me coffee, and food. They party hard in Denmark. So yeah I started to feel better around 6 so we made pizza!! With bacon and mushrooms, man it was good. Tonight is my last night in Denmark and I'm sad, but all the bad past experiences I had with Denmark before this trip have now been replaced by good ones. I recommend visiting Katrine in Denmark, she is a great host. I am super happy I spent my spring break (my last one ever) in Copenhagen. Next time I visit Denmark I hope the weather is warmer (I can not believe I ... read more
yum yum yum
mushrooms and bacon!


Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 8th 2012

Today I went with to school at CBS with Katrine. Today was her American Culture Studies class, so I felt like maybe today it would be more interesting than the Danish-English Law Translation class. First things first her teacher is super hot. After the class Mie, Katrine and myself went to a park in Copenhagen that shares a boarder with the zoo! It had a couple old buildings, some grand, some not so grand...but a beautiful skyline of Copenhagen from the top of the park. Afterwards we went shopping in a mall I had not been to yet. Surprise surprise another H&M, those things are everywhere around here. In the mall there was the store, Fotex, Mie got groceries, Katrine facial tissue (poor thing has the sniffles!) and I just got a chocolate bar with daim, ... read more
eating in class!
Mie and Katrine
Tall ceilings!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 7th 2012

This morning bright and early I went running on the streets of Copenhagen. Its similar to Asheville, if Asheville was cold, busy, and you need to watch out more for bikes than cars...but I propably ran 2.5 miles without Katrine and I didn't get lost. I even found a only occured to me halfway through my run to bring my camera which would have been nice because I found some beautiful streets, even a bridge (and yes mom I crossed it with only the slightest anxiety!) If I do a run again I will bring my wasn't all that eventful for me, just hanging around with Katrine in her apartment. She went to school alone today, she didn't think I would enjoy Danish-English Law translation...which is true. After Katrine got home we cooked dinner, ... read more
Watching a bit of guilty pleasure t.v.
I can cook!?!?!
Katrine Taste Testing her sauce

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 6th 2012

Today Katrine went to school, and I went along with her. We packed a lunch of sandwiches and fruit. The bike ride usually takes her about 15-20 minutes, but we left early because of me. It took us about 25 minutes, less than what Katrine predicted it would take me!!! The campus was really neat, lots of bikes, nobody actually lives on campus, so everyone commuted. The building her class was in was kinda confusing the classrooms are like 1S.14....Katrine seemed to understand so I just followed her, which has become the norm for me. Like 95% of the boys I saw at her school were damn fine. Seriously sexy. WOWZA! Unfortuntely her class was cancelled, but I did get to meet Mie, one half of her study group. Mie, Katrine, and I then decided to ... read more
Katrine's not as excited as me...
@ Sunset with Mie
Beetlejuice Pants

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 5th 2012

Today Katrine and I biked around Copenhagen, I suck at biking and I hope to get better. Katrine did a great job leading me around, and I didn't fall off, or get hit by a car, or hit any thats good. But its definitly going to take some getting used to before I am good again. We went sightseeing by the bay, then stopped and warmed up with 2 very expensive cups of coffee in a super hip joint called "the living room." Downtown we saw parking for electric only cars, with plugs and everything outside, a true advancement in alternative engery. After Katrine took me to her favorite english bookstore, and we window shopped a bit. On the way home we stopped by the mall near her apartment. Inside they had an H&M, other ... read more
Statue in front of Christiansborg
the bay

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen March 3rd 2012

Today I landed in Denmark. The airplane food on Scandinavian Air was super delicious and I even managed to get a couple hours of sleep. I curled up in a ball on the plane, I think I might have snored loudly but if I did nobody said anything. FINALLY I was in Denmark, unfortunately I had to wait like 30 minutes for my stupid luggage before leaving the terminal and meeting KATRINE! YAY REUNION! we traveled by train to her apartment, which is really nice by the way, gave her her presents and just caught up. Later we walked to the grocery store "fakta" which is alot like aldi, so that was weird. We brought fruit, bread, pesto, Katrine got yogurt for school and I bought potato chips, they are yummy. We got home and I ... read more
me blogging!
Katrine's Street
Me on Katrine's Street

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