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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 19th 2014

Copenhagen Denmark - 16-19 July 2014 After leaving Odense, we travelled over the Great Belt's Bridge to Zealand, another section of Denmark. This bridge is extraordinary (called Storebaelts Forbindlesen by locals) as it covers 18km which is even longer than the Oresunds Fixed Link to Sweden. The bridge has 2 spans and in the middle is a manmade island, plus a tunnel. It was finished in 1998. Taller and three times longer than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge is a landmark engineering achievement and a vital link for people traversing Denmark. The Great Belt Bridge has about 200 employees to ensure the daily operation. The toll for the bridge is about $35 AUD. Again, Kerrie's Danish friend, Tea, had asked her friends if they would be interested in meeting us and many ... read more
Great Belt's Bridge or Storebaelts Forbindlesen between Funen and Zealand  (2)
Tom enjoying a beer in Nyhavn area in Copenhagen (1)
The Little Mermaid (2)

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 9th 2014

It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to Switzerland! We have had some wonderful times and met some amazing people that we could call friends! And of course our little prince was born in beautiful Luzern. It will always be a big part of our lives. Our first stop on the trip was in Copenhagen to see our good friends, Sara and Adonis whom we met in Japan 3 years ago. We had some amazing travels together in Vietnam back then. They are about to get married so we stopped by to wish them well and to remind them to include a little trip to New Zealand in the next two years or so. Sara just got a job as a Reverend in the countryside of Denmark, and Adonis will also start his ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 4th 2014

Over the last year we’ve been making our way around various European cities and Copenhagen was next on the list! Although it is not as well known as Rome or Paris, it often appears on top 10 lists of alternative European cities to visit and it’s only 1 hour 40 minutes away from the UK so we thought we’d head there next. I booked our flights earlier in the year with Easyjet flying from London Stansted for £68.98 each return departing at 7am on Saturday 28th June. I used my usual to book our hotel. I looked over several days at the different options and gave up each time due to the prices, which are comparable to London. I eventually settled on Cabinn Hotel, which is a couple of streets south of the central train ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 25th 2014

I am struck by a kind of melancholy as we prepare to leave Copenhagen. Our CPH card runs out tomorrow at 2PM and by then we are likely to be on our way to the airport for a 5:05 flight to Bergen. I LOVE our hotel as it's become such a home to us, with its comfortable couch for hanging out on, cushy beds, friendly staff, amazing breakfast. I love Copenhagen and the ease of getting around, the balance of green space to city space, the number of pedestrian-only streets. I'm afraid we won't like Bergen, or Balestrand. I'm confident we'll love Iceland, but by then the trip will be nearly over. Part of me is also wondering if I might be homesick. I'm worried I'm making all the wrong choices and I don't know how ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 24th 2014

Yesterday, we visited Hamlet's Castle, Elsinore, or Kronberg. It was a long train ride out, particularly because we had to switch trains at Klampenborg. It appeared to be a temporary situation, although I couldn't read the signs (all in Danish), I could see that it was one of those transportation change notification signs we have on our own MBTA. Overall, I have to say I love having access to Google Maps, because it's directions forewarned me of the situation, instructing me to get off at Klampenborg and board a different train for Helsingor. When we arrived, it was pouring down rain unexpectedly - no rain had been forecast for Copenhagen. (Having learned this lesson about weather, I have since added Roskilde to my Yahoo Weather, and we are not going today, as it will rain at ... read more


Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 24th 2014

Because we woke up relatively late, and rain was forecast for Roskilde and sun for Copenhagen, we changed our plans. We made today all about Copenhagen. First, we headed to the National Museum, but learned it was free so decided to save it for Thursday when our CPH Card expires. From there, we grabbed a bus to the Danish Design museum. Over half the museum was currently dedicated to Hans Wegman and his famous chairs. I am a fan, so I enjoyed the museum, but I was the only one. We then started the walk back to Nyhavn, but on the way, we serendipitously ran into the changing of the guard at Amalienborg. The guards were walking by in formation, so we followed them into the palacial courtyard, and watched them change guards for a while. ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 24th 2014

We spent a good chunk of change on the Copenhagen Card, and I'm here to explain why it's worth it. The biggest savings is on transportation. It takes you from the airport and back (except for us, as we're staying for 6 days and had a 5 day card). It can take you as far as Roskilde, Lejre and Helsingor. Within the city, you won't think twice about jumping on a bus or a metro to get around, saving your feet a long walk. It's especially a great deal with kids, since up to two kids can join the adults for free, and kids especially don't tolerate as much walking. This, I know from experience. After all, they have to move their legs twice as fast to keep up with us. Then it gets you the ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 23rd 2014

It was a long day. We woke up early because of the jet lag, and decided to go to a playground. Because we had our Copenhagen card, we elected not to repeat our mistake yesterday of walking everywhere, and grabbed a bus to Rosenborg Slot, where we went into the gardens. Kai and I had a nice run along the long avenues of trees, and discovered the quiet natural "dragon" playground, mostly constructed of wood, with two large wooden dragons. I immediately looked at it and thought that without slides, swings, or climbing structures, Kai would be bored, but it actually set his imagination alight. He decided he would have to ride two dragons (like two planes) to go to the North Pole, and led me on a journey that consisted on riding on the two ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen June 12th 2014

Not much more to add about amsterdam other than the hostel I was staying in (the one where i had a dorm room to myself on the first night) ended up overbooked and we had 3 French girls end up sleeping on the floor! Oh and there was a kitten who attacked my feet each morning when going down for breakfast! I was very tempted to put it in my bag and take it with me! But I've already packed too much. The next stop was hamburg. The train stopped just before the German border to allow everyone to get off and have a smoke which I thought was very European! The city itself seemed busy and after a nice bowl of pasta and a beer we walked around the red light district and bars. After ... read more

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 10th 2014

Friday morning I woke to clear blue skies and the realisation that this was it, this was the day that I trusted my adventures to a 1958 British made and designed motorcycle, and to be fair, one that wasn't exactly revered in its day, let alone 56 years later with so I'm told, 'better options'.I admire those that take to the roads on a new modern, hyper reliable machine, but to me, where exactly is the excitement? I mean, for most, the biggest challenge is to throw your leg over the 36" high seat and then all that is left to do is press a button and you get taken along as a passenger and all you're required to do is stop every so often to re-quench the machine. I know, I'm really putting my neck ... read more

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