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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 10th 2013

Good day people! Bosnia & Herzegovina is an almost landlocked country, with just 20km of coast around a city called Neum. I guess most people would immediately think about the war when they hear the name Bosnia & Herzegovina. Most people probably don't know much more about the place (some even think there is still a war, lol). During the Yugoslav War between 1992 and 1996, Bosnia & Herzegovina was the country that suffered the most. Serbs wanted to take control of the whole country and large parts of Croatia to annex it to Serbia, which would become the "Big Serbia". During my visit I spoke to three or four different people about the war, mostly younger people because the older generation doesn't speak English. It was interesting to hear from different people how they and ... read more
Mostar; Stari Most (old bridge)
View of Neum
Bosnia & Herzegovina numberplate

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 25th 2013

The JAT Airways turboprop from Belgrade to Sarajevo took only forty minutes, even if it did sound like a Lancaster bomber. The first thing we did when we stepped into the arrivals hall of Sarajevo Airport was to change some British pounds into the local currency, the convertible mark. Then we caught a cheap taxi to our hotel. From the taxi, we noticed how hilly Sarajevo was. It was on these hills that snipers hid during the Bosnian War. We also noticed the abundance of mosques. Minarets were everywhere, a distinct difference from the Orthodox Christianity of Serbia. "Look," said Michael, pointing at a dilapidated building we were driving past. It was pockmarked with bullet holes. The driver noticed us looking. "From war," he said. The Siege of Sarajevo lasted for almost four years. It occurred ... read more
View From holiday Inn
The Balkan Odyssey
Central Square

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 28th 2013

Greetings fellow travelers! I slept well tonight at Lejlas though I must admit that I was a bit cold. I got a bit concerned though when Lejlas daughter woke up while I was in the bathroom since all my electronics was out in the open in the living room and her daughter sometimes go for them but Lejla and the helper handled it all with flying colors. After breakfast and some more honey tea (Lejla makes a good tea) for my throat I said goodbye to Lejla as she dropped me by the American Embassy and I set off for the bus station to pick up some tickets to Zagreb. There was however no toilet on the bus and since I have a touch of diarrhea I decided against the bus this time and went to ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo August 27th 2013

Alright, so this morning I woke up in Sarajevo. Unfortunately the bus from Podgorica doesn't drop you at the central bus station but at a small eastern one about five kilometres outside of Sarajevo. I knew this and had checked up on a taxi company prior to this. There was however a couple of young German girls that hadn't done so and who felt very lost being out in the middle of nowhere. I had already ordered the taxi and invited them to share it. So there we are waiting for a taxi that never seem to come. I call them again but now they say there's no taxis. I figure screw it and we decide to take one of the taxis by the station, knowing it will be more expensive, but at least we're three ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 21st 2013

Today was another long day but was well worth it. Here is the day in a nutshell... Got pulled over about 5 miles north of Sarajevo for speeding. Maybe the big red van is a bit noticeable. Anyway, after getting lectured by the female policija in a language I have a tough time understanding and then getting chewed out in the policija car by her partner, he finally asked me where we were going. When I told him Srebrenica, he slammed his ticket book down and told me to slow down. He assumed I was going to Belgrade. After that, we arrived in a small town called Han Pijesak where officer #2 stopped us. This time he said the road ahead was closeD and we could either wait 3 hours or try a detour...of the many ... read more


Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 12th 2013

Amazing, amazing day today. The only time I enjoy tours are when they are based in culture/history and/or take you out of the city - the Total Siege Tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours delivered on both accounts. And yes, best name ever for a company. With the best guides, ever. Skender and his Dad. This truly was one of the most informative tours I have ever gone on: Skender knows his stuff and it's not just from a book - he gave us the information, but also told us personal stories from when he was a child during the siege (hiding in the basement, the lunch packets from the UN, craving chocolate lol) and also about his Dad who fought to protect the city. It's something else hearing them describe that chapter of their lives - ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 11th 2013

Very lazy morning - I headed out to Old Town to wander more of the tiny streets. I also found myself in the middle of a flock (?) of pigeons... oh God they are everywhere here, and I just keeping thinking of the Animaniacs and their pigeon skits. (Ah, childhood.) Time for lunch already? Don't mind if I do! I opted for "burek" today - meat pie like things that are served with yogurt and are simply delish. Plateful for about $2... yeah can't go wrong with that!! After lunch I went in search of the other museum I wanted to see... imagine my face when I realized it was only 2 blocks down from the closed one I ventured out to yesterday. Oops..! Haha, ah well, it was a nice walk again. Once I found ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 10th 2013

Lovely day today! Caught an early train from Mostar to Sarajevo - ah, trains. I do quite enjoy them, it's a whole different experience and atmosphere than a bus. Unfortunately, here the trains are still all about old men smoking everywhere haha. Not quite an addition to the atmosphere. The view from the train was spectacular though - well - what I saw of it lol. Between the haze of cigarette smoke and the heat, I slept for most of the journey, waking up whenever the train would pull into a station only to doze right back off. I had been dreading trying to find my hostel here in Sarajevo - in Mostar it was on a main street so easy to decipher on a map. This one is in the Old Town... so on a ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 3rd 2013

Arriving in a capital city is never easy. Roads in generally tend to be freeways. I do try to keep away from them where possible. But, it's not always possible. And so, after what was over 20km of non-stop roadworks and single lane traffic it was almost a relief to see that car only sign. Yay! A little bit of space for me and the cars can do as they please without the feeling of guilt getting in the way. And the beauty of travelling in these countries is they don't care if you're on a bicycle on a road meant only for cars. No honking of horns. Nothing. Just maniacal driving. It wasn't long before the cars only stretch of road changed to accommodate all other modes of transportation - buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxis, pedestrians ... read more
Latinska Cuprija Ottoman Bridge
Heading up the Mountain

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo May 13th 2013

We hadn’t intended to stay more than a night in Sarajevo as we had been to the city in 2009 and we thought we had seen all we had wanted to then.However, when we were looking at accommodation between here and our first stop in Montenegro there wasn’t a lot to choose from on the websites and what there was, was too expensive for the BBA V2.So we opted for another night in Sarajevo to break the journey. As it turned out there were other things and places for us to see and do and basically fill the day in. The weather was still grey and overcast this morning but at least there was no rain. We dressed for a daytime high of 10C which at home would have meant thick jerseys and hats if you ... read more
Bullet and shrapnel holes in the plaster walls of the house
Gretchen putting her fears behind her and entering the Tunnel of Life
The short stretch of The Tunnel of Life

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