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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 25th 2012

To get to Sarajevo from Belgrade a 7 hour 6am bus trip was in order. I had gone far too long without an early start in my entire holiday, and the several 6am-ish starts i have had in the last few days have more than made up for this. The bus was very Balkan, with stops an unannoying every half hour or so. Then a ride on the public trolley bus to get to our Pension. Luckily the weather has been very mild in Bosnia & Herzegovina, a chilly 30 degrees most days, getting down to a freezing 15 degrees at night sometimes. Almost enough to get my cardigan back out! Sarajevo is a stunning city to drive into, with houses perched on hills surrounding a city in the bottom. A bit reminiscent of Hobart, except ... read more
More countryside
Siege map

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo » Ilidža June 20th 2012

I met Dimitri in Amsterdam and it was raining and freezing which was a little shock to the system after being in 30 degree weather in Turkey. Regardless it was so great to see Dimitri!! We only spend two days in Amsterdam but we still manage to experience and enjoy all that this clean and peaceful place has to offer!! We rode bikes around the town which was good fun!! We then caught a flight to Athens, when we landed people clapped which was cool. Athens is a nice city, but at the moment there economy are suffering a lot - high rate of unemployment and while we were there there was elections and protests which was interesting to see. I love Greeks. The people are so hilarious. I honestly believe the movie MY Big Fat ... read more
Paradise Beach
Beach Bikes

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo April 29th 2012

Quand je discutais de mon voyage avec certaines personnes avant de partir et que je leur mentionnais que j'allais en Bosnie, j'ai eu droit à certains regards dubitatifs. Ce n'est pas clair pour tout le monde que la guerre qu'il y a eu ici est terminée depuis un peu plus d'une quinzaine d'années. Quand un bosniaque dit à un compatriote qu'il s'en va visiter Québec, se fait-il dire de faire attention sur les plaines d'Abraham car il pourrait se prendre un boulet de canon en pleine gueule? Oui oui j'exagère mais le fait est que Sarajevo n'est aucunement dangereuse de nos jours, en suivant certains principes de base. Ne pas marcher face au canon d'un tank. Ne jamais contrarier un homme tenant un bazooka. Fuir le regard d'un homme avec des grenades attachées autour de la ... read more
Non elle n'est pas tout le temps joyeuse notre petite fille!
Quartier turc.
Quartier turc.

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo January 9th 2012

The people of Sarajevo endured the longest siege in history during the course of the Yugoslav wars from 1992-1995. This is an historically significant European city, and her 300,000 citizens lived a life of hell for four long years under relentless shelling and small arms fire from enemy forces, who occupied strategically important hills surrounding the city. They also had to deal with ever vigilant snipers who wreaked a deadly toll on those brave enough to run the gauntlet of sniper alley. Sarajevo has been the recipient of a massive reconstruction fund since the cessation of hostilities in 1995, however it's painfully obvious with thousands of bullet holes violently impacted on building facades that the city was shot up all to hell in the war. As a result of being besieged during those bleak years the ... read more
Sarajevo cemetery
Building in Mostar's Old Town
Old Town, Mostar

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo January 9th 2012

Considering that I was travelling through Eastern-Europe in the middle of winter, I should really be quite grateful that it wasn't until I arrived in Sarajevo that I actually had to deal with snow. Luckily the snow on the main streets of Sarajevo wasn't that high and my lack of preparation for winter conditions in the middle of winter, wasn't to catch me out too badly... The two main things that I remember from my trip to Sarajevo are the magical old town and walking accross the bridge where WW1 is said to have been triggered after, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie the Duchess of Hohenberg were assassinated on it. Another city with a few series of books worth of history to read up on - the evidence of its recent bloody ... read more


Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 3rd 2011

Over the years, when thinking of Sarajevo, I somehow always recall the tragic events of the 90’s. My understanding of the events people went through during those years was quite modest, but I always wished I could one day walk in its streets, meet & chat with locals and along the way grasp a bit more knowledge about Sarajevo complex history while discovering the new Sarajevo. Without going back to those years in too many details (many have done it & will do it in much better ways that I would ever be able to), I wish in this blog to share stories & impressions gather during our stay. First impressions…our arrival Reaching Sarajevo after having crossed the tortuous mountain chain that separate Bosnia from Serbia, brought to reality the little understanding I had of the ... read more
One of the numerous old town alley
Art taking over the wounds of the conflict
The Cafe culture

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 2nd 2011

White water rafting might not be the first thing that come to your mind when you think of Bosnia & Hercegovina but the minute we found out that there was indeed great rivers, it didn’t take us much time to make up our mind! Like a gem hidden deep into narrow valleys, rivers sculpt the Bosnian country side, giving him colors & intensity while once on it, it offers one of the most beautiful scenic rafting I got to do so far. Back in the bus – the Sarajevo to Konjic drive Our day trip to Konjic which can be done either from Sarajevo or Mostar (one hour and half drive) took us in bus high up in the mountain along the Neretva river on a brand new narrow & curvy road. Having crossed the day ... read more
Crystal clear ...
Snack time ! yes more meat !
Nico, head first !

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 1st 2011

It was past time to get out of Serbia. Our GPS had only main roads, and the paper map we had wasn't detailed enough to help us that much but we eventually made it to a border crossing, a small one. We decided that the small ones are the way to go – no queue of cars and the guards a tiny bit less sullen, if not actually cheerful. Up until we crossed into Bosnia the scenery had been nice, if not exactly spectacular. Border formalities done with, we continued along the road, soon coming to a tight mountain pass. We drove out from the shadow of the mountains into the bright sunlight and….wow. Spectacular mountain roads, deep gorges, incredible views. A blush of autumn on the surrounding mountainsides (which I must admit just looked like ... read more
Camping Oaza, Sarajevo
Turkish Quarter, Sarajevo
Important sign, Sarajevo

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 26th 2011

I have a confession to make... I have lost faith for a moment. After all, even the stars are going to die. I know your pain is real. I see it through your eyes every time there is a storm. Will the thunder always have this effect on you? It's a vicious circle when you pass by all those broken dreams each day. I see it myself, the city is just plain ruins. You are right when you say it will always need more than a bridge and two shopping streets to grow flowers. We could spend our life in the mosques and pray to all gods, shadows of the past will not die. Plastic flowers never fade. It will be great to see the kids smile at something else that a dive from the old ... read more
old bridge
half the country buildings have this sign
shopping street

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 27th 2011

27 June – Mostar to Sarajevo – almost an hourly bus so got 11am - very crowded and some people standing half the way who got on later. At about 3pm arrived in Sarajevo after getting the tram from rail which is a bit out and taking a stab at where to get off at the Cathedral (it does a loop thru the old city so not that bad to pick). There are so many churches/temples/mosques here it is called the new Jerusalem. Stayed in the Vienna Annex of the Art Hotel – round the corner from the bigger Art and effectively 6 rooms above the Vienna Café. Then went for walk around - spoke to a Bosnian guy now living in Norway (he had been sent away by his parents) with a couple of his ... read more
the Cathedral
no.3 might win
sunny cafe moment

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